Let the madness begin.

And didn’t we all have Oregon State winning the Pac 12 men’s basketball championship? While Georgetown won the Big East? 2021 isn’t ready to concede to 2020 for craziness yet.

So are there t-shirts for sale down in Spring Break cities? “Somebody who loves me went to Florida and all they brought back was a case of COVID-19.”

As much as I want a vaccine, these insane pictures from Florida Spring Break remind us why essential workers & those who deal with public need to have it available first. Because when these mostly young COVIDiots head home, they won’t just be bringing a suntan.

So is there some app where all the COVIDiots eligible for the vaccine who don’t want their shot for whatever conspiracy theory reason, can sign up to give it to those of us impatiently waiting our turn?

Lost in all this “Why does our President head home to spend the weekend in Delaware?” BS, is the fact that his weekends home mean some of the WH staff probably get much needed breaks themselves.

Beginning to think Joe Biden needs a staffer in charge of bright shiny objects to come up with on a daily basis to feed the media’s current addiction. No object too trivial to matter.

Again, we need a White House First Feline. A good cat, preferably female, can keep the dogs in line. And she can create enough drama to entertain a White House Press Corps that is clearly craving that drama.

Positive COVID-19 tests have forced four men’s basketball teams to withdraw from their conference tournaments and are threatening March Madness. And NCAA will allow fans at “up to 25 percent capacity with physical distancing” in Indianapolis. I am sure they have their rea$on$.

What? Now Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez are “working through things”’ deny breakup reports. Sorry men, dream’s over.

Kentucky’s GOP-led Senate passed anti-protester bill making it misdemeanor to taunt or challenge officer w/ words or gestures “that would have direct tendency to provoke violent response from reasonable & prudent person.” So they agree w/ locking up rioters at US Capitol Jan 6?

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