December 16, 2019. Turns out to have been the last time I would see Drew Brees play in the Superdome. Actually it currently stands as the last time I saw a sporting event live, period.

Side note: Good for Drew Brees for retiring while his kids are still young enough to want him around.

Kawhi Leonard was not happy after his LA Clippers have lost 5 of 7, including tonight’s rout by the New Orleans Pelicans. “It’s very concerning… If we want to have a chance at anything, you gotta be consistent. You know, that’s what the great teams do, they’re consistent.”

Gosh, if Kawhi had only had a chance to sign with one of the most consistent teams in NBA history. #GoSpursGo

What? Duke opted out of NIT consideration? Were they afraid they wouldn’t win?

On “Who wants To Be a Millionaire” tonight a contestant agonized over trying to figure out if there were four cities in the top 20 in US population that started with “San.” And viewers in California are still knocking our heads into the wall.

Btw again, #GoSpursGo

Jessica McClintock, SF designer of countless prom dreams, dies at 90

RIP, and for women of a certain age, (even those of us who weren’t invited to a prom), who didn’t have a Gunne Sax dress?

San Francisco has now had about 450 COVID-19 deaths. 450. Out of almost 900,000 people. Not that all those deaths weren’t tragic. But it’s amazing what happens when you listen to science and #WearAMask.

Duke University has new “stay-in-place” order due to COVID spike w/ over 180 positive tests. Duke says spike “principally driven by students attending recruitment parties for selective living groups.” Translation – fraternity/sorority rush parties. When will they ever learn?

How long until Fox News blames Joe Biden for losing us an hour of sleep tonight?

So do most of tonight’s Grammy’s viewers even know any more what an actual record or an album is?

CNN reports a brush fire in Lakewood, New Jersey, that began this afternoon so far has burned 160 acres of land and damaged at least 29 homes. And our President hasn’t tweeted at them to rake their leaves or something? The times they indeed are changin’

So with California opening up COVID-19 vaccines to residents with a number of serious health conditions, but without requiring proof, how long until we get some idiots, bragging on social media, with their real names, about lying to get the shot?

(I sure hope it’s at least a misdemeanor.)

Asked if NY Gov Andrew Cuomo should resign, President Joe Biden responded “I think the investigation is underway and we should see what it brings us” Due process, what a concept.

If Media really misses their regular abuse by the #FormerGuy, maybe Joe Biden could send to the White House podium Triumph the Insult Comic Dog?

PBS NewsHour-Marist poll last week showed 47% of 2020 Trump voters said they would not choose to be vaccinated. Seriously how many American lives will be lost because #FormerGuy wouldn’t get his COVID-19 shot on camera?

Police have made over 100 arrests in Miami Beach this Spring Break as college crowds flock there for spring break. But Police are also saying Covid-19 protocols made task of policing crowds twice as hard, because . Florida does not allow local jurisdictions to fine people for violating mask orders.”

Can Florida Governor Ron DeSantis be charged w/ endangering public health? Seriously.

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