Bracket time

When we all have a couple days to guess at teams we’ve never watched play and cannot name a single player on, but we’re about to get passionately involved in their winning and losing.

As good a time as any to confess again that I always have one bracket picking cat mascots. Which is hard this year. Top-seeded Wolverines, Bears, Bulldogs and Illini? No Wildcats or Tigers? But Houston does have the Cougars.

Random social media reference, since I admittedly watched a few of the last episodes and then the Bachelor finale:

“Rachael might not understand what it means to be Black in America. – But Matt, she was a white sorority girl from Georgia, what was your first clue?”

I really want Joe Biden to fire Louis DeJoy by mail. Except then that DeJoy might not know he’d been fired until late Summer.

Jen Psaki “The President’s goal is to vaccinate all Americans, not just those who voted for him.” What a concept.

As a Democrat who’s not a huge Gavin Newsom fan, yes, the French Laundry incident was stupid. But grounds for removal from office? And do people realize that in California they pay decent money for signatures on ballot initiatives & recall petitions?

Anyone but me thinking that one reason #FormerGuy doesn’t want to push vaccine is that he doesn’t like idea of Joe Biden getting credit for saving lives & ending the US COVID-19 crisis?

Why there is no satire: Fox News reporting a former aide told investigators that Andrew Cuomo has a “preoccupation with his hand size.” Anyone remember the Former Guy? Even at a Hurricane Relief shelter in Houston he whined about the gloves. “My hands are too big.”

Republicans are ranting about “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Democrats are giving Americans money to put Greens, Eggs and/or Ham on their tables.

Deb Haaland confirmed as Secretary of the Interior. And another glass ceiling lies in shattered bits on the Senate floor.

Wonder how many of these Fox talking heads who are dissuading Americans from getting their COVID-19 shots have themselves been vaccinated?61550

Ron Johnson says that his comments saying he wasn’t afraid on January 6 because the protestors weren’t BLM or Antifa were not racist. Did Putin tell him to say that?

Today in California, an acquaintance told me doctor had called when they had extra shots, could she come quickly? She brought her whole family.

COVID Vaccines here beginning to feel like high-stakes version of days when friendly store manager would tip you off in advance to delivery of Beanie Babies.

Always hard to get to sleep on the first nights of Daylight Savings Time. But for the first time in four years at least we don’t have to nervously check Twitter one more time “Now WTF did @POTUS tweet?”

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