Go girl!

Remember 2018? I LOVE this story. And I’m only 61 and not Catholic. But when I grow up I want to be a fan like Sister Jean. Tourney-bound Sister Jean pegs Loyola for Elite 8


If Democrats bring back the talking filibuster, one rule they need to include – the “talking filibuster” must be done on the Senate Floor. We don’t want any Senators taking off to filibuster from the Ritz Carlton. Or even from Four Seasons landscaping.

Joe Biden is apparently now on board with the “talking filibuster,” like “back in the old days.” Sounds like Ted Cruz better get in shape. He was a younger, fitter man 8 years ago when he did that marathon ‘Green Eggs and Ham” reading against Obamacare.

As Lawrence O’Donnell plays the tape of Ron Johnson saying he wasn’t afraid on January 6 because he knew the rioters “love this country,” have to wonder… how many of those rioters did Ron Johnson know personally?

So if Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki turns Press conferences into a game where each day is something like “30 truths and a lie” will the media cover them in hopes of guessing that one lie?

(This was conceived of as a joke, but it might work.)

Wow. a motion to invoke cloture on nomination of Katherine Tai as U.S Trade Representative passes 98-0? Have been thinking Biden couldn’t get a 98-0 vote if he declared it National Kitten Day.

Dear Dr. Birx. Put a scarf in it. Sincerely, America.

Mitch McConnell says if Democrats get rid of the filibuster – “The Senate would function more like a hundred-car pile-up. Nothing moving.” And the man who piled up hundreds of bills, even bipartisan bills, on his desk says that with a straight face.

Kevin McCarthy is claiming “terrorists” are being caught coming across US southern border. Uh, last time we saw a steady steam of terrorists in this country, they were coming from the Former Guy’s White House rally to the Capitol. #January6th

Senator Amy Klobuchar pointed out today that Republicans across the country after November’s election have introduced over 250 bills to suppress the vote. You don’t do that if you have a winning message. Period.

Suspect taken into custody in today’s mass shootings in Atlanta area that seem to have targeted Asian women. He was arrested unharmed. News flash that isn’t news: He’s a white man.

Eight dead, mostly Asian women tonight in Atlanta. So why isn’t Fox News talking about where THIS terrorist was radicalized?

Former guy finally acknowledges “great vaccine” but “again, we have our freedoms and we have to live by that and I agree with that also.” Cue Janis Joplin singing Kris Kristopherson’s “Me and Bobby McGee “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose….”

(thanks to Jeff Herbst for the correction. Kristopherson wrote the lyric.)

So with #OscarNoms out, how did Rudy Giuliani get overlooked for screenwriting with his “just adjusting my shirt” line?

Finally, sorry, if you’re a GOP politician who’s been following your cult leader in spewing xenophobic misogynistic hate speech you have forfeited all right to call the mass murder in Georgia tonight “tragic.”

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3 Comments on “Go girl!”

  1. jeff herbst Says:

    Hi LCSB, am a huge fan of Janis….but if you are quoting a lyric, credit goes to the writer, Kris Kristopherson…

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