By the time you read this, March Madness will probably have already started.

Which means millions of Americans will have another way to distract themselves from work instead of the last year’s usual doom scrolling.

Maybe this year the tournament should change their name. Both March 2020 and 2021 look to be cornering the market on “Madness.”

San Antonio Spurs, without DeMar DeRozan following the death of his father, were down 18 points at halftime, 13 points after 3 quarters, and beat the Chicago Bulls by 7. It is just possible that Gregg Popovich is a helluva coach.

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said today that Tiger Woods did not receive special treatment from law enforcement after he crashed his SUV last month in not being blood tested for any drugs or alcohol, but Villanueva also noted some “lessons learned” with the investigation.

Translation: Nothing’s going to change for celebrities in Los Angeles. But we’re going to say the right thing until people forget about it and move on.

Ted Cruz was wearing a green tie for St. Patrick’s day. Turns out his mother was 3/4 Irish. And Canada is going “See, you can’t just blame us for Cruz, eh.”

Gym Jordan was one of the 172 Republicans who voted against the Violence against Women. Well to be fair, Jim didn’t protect male college wrestlers, why would anyone think he’d give a damn about women?

Amy Klobuchar tonight re S1 #ForThePeopleAct

“Usually when people lose election in big way they step back–our party’s done that, their party’s done that–how do we change our politics, reach out? Instead, GOP just doubling down & trying to disenfranchise voters.”

In sports terms, what Senator Klobuchar is saying GOP lost the game, decided not to try to play better, but to try to change the rules for next time,

New Senator Reverend Warnock today in his maiden speech on Senate floor – “A vote is a kind of prayer.”

Yes it is. A prayer to democracy.

Another moment from Reverend Warnock speech today, talking about GOP wanting to make it a crime to bring Grandma water in line to vote, when they made those lines longer.

You did well Georgia, very well indeed.

Meanwhile though, Atlanta:

Young white man allegedly killed 8 people, mostly Asian women, he was arrested unharmed & Sheriff said “he had a bad day.”

Rayshard Brooks was sleeping in his car, grabbed taser & ran away when officer tried to arrest him. Brooks was fatally shot. See the difference?

For all the leaders in this country condemning the Atlanta murders, a notable silence from… the Former Guy. I’m shocked, said, nobody.

Still trying to wrap my head around Sheriff saying of alleged Georgia mass murderer “He was pretty much fed up & kind of at the end of his rope & yesterday was a really bad day for him. And this is what he did.” Uh, eight people had a much worse day. Their LAST day.

So if guns are the answer, anyone know when we’re going to hear Marjorie Taylor Greene saying that spa workers need to be armed? #Sarcasm

Jerome Powell speaking today. What a concept now for the Federal Reserve Chair – to give a speech without worrying about POTUS attacking him by tweet afterwards.

Due to COVID, California suggesting that anyone who goes on roller coasters not scream. Well that ought to give people something to scream about.

Apparently John Kerry didn’t wear his mask on a flight today.

Smart people sometimes do stupid things.

It means Kerry SHOULD apologize.

It doesn’t mean the mask mandate is wrong.

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