If you’re reading this before Friday noon on the East Coast, you only have 9 hours or less left to make random guesses about college basketball teams, with teams and players you’ve never watched play, who you’re also about to get passionately invested in…

Maybe karma doesn’t like the Michigan State Spartans being presented by Rocket Mortgage?

“Buffalo Bills, Mitch Trubisky agree to 1-year deal.”

So my Chicago friends don’t have Mitch to kick around anymore –

The Mets and Yankees will be allowed to start the season at 20% capacity.

Presume they’ll make up for it with concessions. So will beers at Yankee Stadium be offered on a low-interest payment plan?

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy is now saying he never backed the Former Guy’s effort to overturn the election:

“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

Mitch McConnell: “Committing a crime against anyone because of his/her race or national origin is wrong. Asian Americans should not experience discrimination anywhere.” Of course when Former Guy ranted about “China Virus, Mitch defended Elaine Chao about well as Ted Cruz defended HIS wife.

Joe Biden stutters & slips up with words. Today he slipped up & called Kamala “President Harris.”

Watch, media will make a bigger deal of this than fact Biden administration will have 100 million vaccines administered 40 days ahead of schedule.

Why we can’t have nice things.

Since the Former Guy seems to want to run in 2024, it would be trivial to put out a generic statement simply decrying the mass murders in Atlanta. But he doesn’t want to risk offending his base.

Serious question – how did Rand Paul get through med school?

In California and seeing CNN story how many in Oklahoma are resisting COVID-19 because they don’t trust Biden or the government.Can we tell these COVIDiots California government plans to make vaccines airborne this year so they better stay the heck out of our state?

So let me get this straight – half of the Former Guy voters don’t believe the COVID-19 vaccine works. But they’re going give him credit for it anyway?

Kansas GOP Senator Roger Marshall “So many people have said, ‘Why would I go get a vaccine when the President says we have to keep wearing masks until everyone’s vaccinated?’ That’s like saying why stop speeding until everyone wears a seatbelt.

Russia is apparently angry that Biden said Putin is a “killer.” They don’t believe Putin is a killer at all. Vlad just happens to have friends who get clumsy standing around windows.

A few minutes on Google will turn up plenty of massage parlors and day spas in Atlanta area, many in hotels. And the killer just HAPPENED to drive to three that were run staffed by Asian women? Two words – Yeah, right.

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