Oops, I forget to hit send.

Apparently there’s still some chance Duke COULD make the men’s basketball March Madness, at least into the play-in round. This sort of equivalency wouldn’t happen in College Football, they would just invoke the “Notre Dame always gets into a bowl” rule.

Heard on CNN yesterday that one in three Americans have reported experiencing anxiety or depression during this year of the pandemic. Which means about two out of three Americans are lying.

When GOP gets done with screaming about Dr. Seuss being canceled how long until they figure out that “Green Eggs and Ham” is really about being open-minded, and that “The Lorax” is about protecting the environment? Then Republicans will be ones trying to cancel the books.

The Former Guy apparently called everybody in Georgia to try to influence the election, and everybody he called apparently recorded the conversation.

And if they hadn’t, he’d have called all the election officials liars and said they were “perfect phone calls.”

So trivial in grand scheme of things, but isn’t it lovely President Biden’s events are more or less on time? When Joe says a press briefing is 5p, it happens just a few minutes after 5p. Not changed to 515p, then 530p, and we’re lucky if it starts by 6p. (Like the #FormerGuy)

Stephen Colbert nails it – if all goes well “Finally we can once again gather on Fourth of July to safely blow our fingers off.” He left out “shoot guns into the air.” But how nice it’ll be to return to regular Darwin awards? As opposed to just being eligible by going outside.

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One Comment on “Oops, I forget to hit send.”

  1. jeff herbst Says:

    this happens quite a bit, all you have to do is include yourself on the list and if you don’t receive it, it did not get sent??????

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