Then there were four.

Several headlines and stories about how NCAA men’s basketball tournament in “Elite Eight” only had one team east of the Mississippi left in the tournament. Although that team was #1 seed Michigan.

And then there were none…

Only bad thing about UCLA making the Final Four as a First Four team, unless you’re a Michigan fan…. Now just imagine how loudly in 2022 the first team out, ie the 69th best in college basketball, will be whining on “coulda, woulda, shoulda…

Down 12 at halftime to Louisville, Stanford women’s basketball wins by 15 to advance to the Final Four. . It is just possible Tara Vanderveer is a very good coach.

And as Stanford women’s basketball team spends a whole lot of time in San Antonio, how much do I like to dream at SOME point, Tara Vanderveer & Gregg Popovich, two of the smartest, and “woke’ people in sports, can have a long socially distanced conversation over a bottle of wine?

Utah Jazz’s team charter plane made emergency landing shortly after takeoff today after striking a flock of birds, which resulted in an engine issue. No injuries were reported. Well, except for the birds.

For those freaking out over “vaccine passports”- From CDC – “ALL states require children to be vaccinated against certain communicable diseases as a condition for school attendance. In most instances, state school vaccination laws expressly apply to both public & private schools”

And uh, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – did you forget this Florida statute? – “Prior to admittance to or attendance in public or private school, grades kindergarten through 12, or any other initial entrance into Florida school, require each child to have on file w/ immunization registry a certification of immunization…”

Also so if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis thinks a vaccine passport is too much government overreach, how long before he demands we stop demanding driver’s licenses?

If Major Biden is going to nip people from time to time I suppose it would be churlish to suggest Joe Biden invite our nation’s current head mailman Louis DeJoy to the White House for a chat.

Going to be interesting to see if South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem figures out a way to ask President Biden for help at the same time she blames him for the fires near Mount Rushmore.

G. Gordon Liddy, 90, died yesterday. Liddy came up with plot to bug Democratic headquarters at the Watergate complex back in 1972. After the Former Guy, Watergate now seems so quaint.

Can’t stand Governor Ron De Santis. But talk about lucky. Story of DeSantis undercounting COVID numbers begins to go national just as Matt Gaetz swoops in really to steal all the #FloridaMan headlines.

Serious thought for a change: Guessing many women are not surprised by Chauvin’s lawyer trying to put George Floyd on trial. This sort of blame the victim BS has been going on as long as I can remember in rape cases.

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