Baylor lost by 2 to UConn today for a spot in the Women’s FInal Four. On a day when coach Kim Mulkey, often seen maskless even though she’s HAD COVID, said the NCAA should stop COVID-19 testing with Final Four. “Would be a shame if kids test positive & then they don’t get to play in the Final Four. So you need to forget COVID testing and let the teams playing the Final Four battle it out.

So “hey, grandma, I might have brought back a virus that will kill you…in the meantime, look at this cool tournament T-shirt….”

And if you needed a reason to root for Stanford. Tara VanDerveer said weeks ago, the Cardinal would observe all protocols, stay away even from family and friends, remain double masked through the entire tournament. Tara did worry “… I don’t think they have a rule that you can’t wear a mask?”

If Baylor coach Kim Mulkey had talked about getting to Final Four, but being sent home by positive COVID-19 test, we’d all agree w/ her it would be heart breaking. But saying we should stop testing & risk lives so someone can’t play a game, shows us Mulkey doesn’t have a heart.

Is it wrong to feel real affection for a March Madness team you chose a couple weeks ago solely for their mascot? Asking for a sports fan & cat person friend. #Cougars

CBS just reported Michigan only team remaining in March Madness located east of Mississippi River. Might be enough for national media to start paying attention to hockey’s Frozen Four: Minnesota State, in Mankato is west of Missisippi river; St. Cloud State is ON the river. (U Mass & Minn-Duluth are east of it..)

FOX News headline “Trump fires back at ‘self-promoters’ Fauci, Birx.” Some statements really are their own punchlines.

Mitch McConnell today at news conference: “There is no good argument not to get the vaccination. I would encourage all men regardless of party affiliation to get the vaccination.” Mitch, just make the message simple “Get the d*mn shot.” (And #WearAMask.)

Wondering tonight, if it had been a top white advisor to Trump who died of COVID-19 after the Tulsa rally instead of Herman Cain, would his cult take the virus any more seriously?

Some states trying make it illegal to bring food or water for those waiting to vote. Would it help if we applied the same rules onto what people can bring to elected officials who end up in prison for election fraud?

As vaccines get us closer to safety, open question to these COVIDiot governors getting rid of regulations and mask rules. Will you next tell your states’ residents it’s okay not to wear a seatbelt when they’re within five miles of home?

Lindsey Graham “I own an AR-15 If there’s a natural disaster in SC where cops can’t protect my neighborhood, my house will be last one that gang will come to because I can defend myself.” That’s almost as good as Former Guy claiming he’d run in unarmed to face a school shooter.

But seriously, Graham says he can defend himself against a gang? He couldn’t even defend his BFF John McCain against the Former Guy’s nasty words.

Whatever else GOP says about Georgia, two things are true: 1. In the midst of a deadly pandemic,, the state somehow had safe, successful and FAIR elections. 2. Republicans want to make sure that never happens again.

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