Then there were eight.

So it turns out the first team in NCAA men’s tournament March Madness to make a #Pac12 team look outclassed was… another Pac 12 team. USC over Oregon.

But yeah, three Pac 12 teams in the Elite Eight. And the best remaining team not from the Pac 12, is Washington’s Gonzaga.

Alabama was 11-25 in regulation at the free throw line against UCLA. Now, I’m a long way from being a decent athlete. But like most people, with enough practice & hours in the gym thinking even I could hit more than half my free throws.

So as March Madness continues, who are casual college basketball fans going to root for, now that the game’s most well-known star is gone from the tournament? Talking of course about Sister Jean.

As NFL decided to expand to a 17 game regular season, New Orleans RB Alvin Kamara tweeted “S— dumb… as hell.” So will Roger Goodell respond by docking the Saints another draft pick?

Anyone else watching this ship saga in the the Suez Canal and having the theme from Gilligan’s Island go through your head? “A three-hour cruise…” #EVERGIVEN

Fox News not surprisingly is attacking Kamala Harris regularly. Today “Former VP Mike Pence arguably set precedent for how office should be run under crisis after being in control of White House coronavirus task force.” So Harris isn’t saying “Thank you Mr. President” enough?

GOP: DC Mayor Bowser is victim blaming because she warned people “Auto theft is a crime of opportunity. Follow these steps to reduce the risk of your vehicle becoming a target.”

Also GOP: women who drink can’t claim they were raped.

Apparently the Former Guy crashed a wedding at Mar-A-Lago and gave a short political speech. But seriously, who would think it’s a good idea to get married at Mar-A-Lago? Heck, the place had a COVID-19 outbreak a couple weeks ago.

Fox host Maria Bartiromo just complained to Eric Trump about Biden’s 5th trip home to Delaware. Eric -“I don’t even know where to begin. It’s heartbreaking to us. I saw how much time & effort my father put into the job.” That line is funnier than anything from last night’s SNL.

In all seriousness, a short trip to Delaware, a private home that is easy to guard without much staff… wonder if Joe Biden going home actually saves taxpayers money by meaning White House can go to a skeleton crew on weekends.

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