Inching towards Opening Day.

One week from tomorrow.

But thinking not exactly a lot of people ready to buy some peanuts and Cracker Jack, especially for sharing.

Of all the headines on – the top four for MLB are all about injuries.

Now Oregon State president F. King Alexander, formerly at LSU, has resigned after backlash over sexual misconduct issues when Les Miles was Tigers football coach. Meanwhile, how long until Miles himself, who was recently fired at Kansas, runs for Senate somewhere on GOP ticket?

Once again, simple campaign promise Joe Biden should fulfill is a First Feline.

Cats are cats. It would surely make headlines w/ things like dragging mouse into Oval Office or shedding on some important person’s expensive suit. And cat stories would keep bored media busy.

Such a small detail on an awful day, but media is reporting that the Boulder killer shot an “elderly man” first. The oldest male victim was 61. Not only is 61 not elderly, in California it’s not even old enough to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

On CNN, @PreetBharara responding to Sidney Powell’s defamation defense that “no reasonable person” would believe her election fraud claims. “This is the kind of argument that causes people to hate lawyers, and for good reason.”

I do look at Fox News regularly, because I don’t like to live in an echo chamber. But I’m still waiting for them to report on Sidney Powell’s defamation lawsuit defense that no reasonable person would take her election fraud arguments on behalf of the Former Guy seriously.

Meanwhile, Fox News headline last week “Atlanta shooting suspect attended rehab for sex addiction, felt remorse.” Fox News headline this week, nothing about family members saying Colorado shooter had mental illness, but carefully includes his full Muslim name. Sure it’s just coincidence.

3 thoughts about Joe Manchin. 1. I’m not a fan, but he’s liberal by red WV standards. 2. In most cases, including appointments, he votes w/ Democrats. 3. If he loses, it will NOT be to a progressive, but to a Republican who is far worse. We need more blue Senate seats in 2022.

We don’t know for sure that sensible gun control legislation will stop or even drastically mitigate mass shootings. We do know for sure that “thoughts and prayers” aren’t working.

Only in America can we have regular arguments about the unequal media coverage of two mass shootings IN THE SAME WEEK.

What is wrong with people? Have a client in Florida who says she supports what DeSantis has done as Governor. But she also adds that she’s been fighting COVID-19 for four weeks, and it just lingers on and on

Ted Cruz today “every time there’s a shooting we play this ridiculous theater….” Uh, Senator Cruz, hearing was set before last two mass shootings. And would you like to propose a date when there won’t be a shooting? Because that’s hard to predict & increasingly rare.

Cory Booker, speaking today at Senate Judiciary Hearing on gun violence: “I feel like we live in bizarro world. We are way out of step with every other nation on the planet and somehow we don’t think we have the power to stop this…”

John Kerry spoke eloquently about the Vietnam war, and being “the last man to die for a mistake.” Thinking now about the last man, or woman, who will die for a COVIDiot’s mistake.

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