Too much madness.

Eight Big Ten teams out of the NCAA men’s tournament, only Michigan remains.Four Pac 12 teams remains, Only Colorado out.All of a sudden, Stanford’s 10-10 conference record doesn’t look so bad.

In the women’s opening round game between 15th seeded Troy and 2nd seeded Texas A & M, three late questionable calls went against the Troy Trojans, possibly costing them an upset as the Aggies held on to win 84-80. I suppose it’s a twisted bit of equality when the good women’s teams might be getting preference from the refs too.

Yes, Pac 12 now 9-1 in March Madness. And the only loss was Colorado tonight, where I can’t imagine how the team held it together to play. (For those who don’t know, the University of Colorado is in Boulder.)

Former ATF agent Jim Cavanaugh on Rachel Maddow makes an excellent point against open-carry laws: When communities have them and people see someone walk into a store or public space with a gun, there’s no way of knowing if they’re just carrying, or planning to open fire.

Miami Beach Police said more than 1,000 people have been arrested this spring break season, and about 80 guns have been seized. So why aren’t we talking about where these COVIDiots were radicalized?

Just wondering looking at those pictures of COVIDiots in Miami Beach and other sunny locations,, when classes resume after Spring Break, could colleges demand virtual learning only for anyone with a tan?

CNN reporting sad news that Eric Spinato, “the head booker and senior story editor for the Fox Business Network,” died over the weekend from COVID-19. Wonder why Fox News isn’t making this a headline?

Like many 50-64 year olds in California, I have vaccine envy for people in states like Colorado who are vaccinating 50 and up. But chilling thought -did anyone in King Soopers Boulder store today come for a COVID shot and end up fatally shot?

Wonder if it will make any difference at all to Republicans considering voting on modest gun control bills before the Senate that the 10 Boulder victims were probably all white?

On the evening of the second U.S. mass shooting in a week, Mo Brooks announced his run for the Senate at a rally held at a Huntsville, Alabama gun range. These #WhyThereIsNoSatire stories are better when they aren’t disgusting and awful.

Of course sensible gun regulations won’t stop all mass shootings. We don’t even know how today’s shooter got their gun. Traffic laws don’t stop all fatalities on the road either. But they make a difference.

On The Last World, Lawrence O’Donnell reports the mother of one of the suspects accused of attacking Brian Sicknick wants him released on bail because “He’s a good kid.” The suspect is 39 years old.

Glad Amy Klobuchar chairs Rules Committee as Dems try to pass #ForThePeople . I’m not a lawyer but Senate has constitutional power to determine rules of its proceedings. So if filibuster doesn’t apply on votes on to choose judges, why let it apply to bills on votes to choose Senators?

Senator Ron Johnson said Greenland was called that name because at one time it used to be green. Hey, Tommy Tuberville, your title as “Stupidest Man in the Senate” is being challenged.

NRCC sent out fundraising email telling donors “Trump said he’ll run for President if we win back the House!” So if Democrats needed any more motivation to hold and even win more Congressional seats in 2022!

Fox News has paid more attention to the plight of migrant children in the last week than they did in four years of the Former Guy’s administration.

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