Houston, we have a problem

The NBA Houston Rockets have now lost 20 in a row. That puts them almost into the Former Guy’s election lawsuits league.

Meanwhile, first game I have seen the University of Houston play. But I would like to thank the Cougars for a gutsy 14-2 run to end the game and for saving my cat bracket.

Oral Roberts is into the Sweet Sixteen, if the Oregon State Beavers join them, it’s going to be quite a week for everyone’s inner salacious 12 year old child on Twitter.

Important to remember even as reported cases spike in Florida. Governor Ron, DeSantis is telling people the virus is harmless if you’re not elderly.So if people get sick they figure they’ll get better and they are NOT going to the doctor or getting tested, unless they end up in hospital.)

Miami Beach Police arrested “at least” 12 people, and fired pepper balls into crowds disobeying new curfew law Saturday night. Despite lies on Parler, we know there were no #BLM folks in the crowd. Otherwise police would have been firing real bullets.

What makes me angriest about Spring Break COVIDiots in Florida right now. Yeah, most of them are young & stupid & will survive- but how many people will they infect when they return to campus? Including lower-income people who do the grunt work that keeps campuses functioning.

So trivial in the grand scheme of things – but sadly thinking we’re not getting Sunday Brunch buffets back maybe ever.

I normally sympathize with libertarians. In fact I am against helmet laws for adults and am okay with the idea of smoking bars if employees agree. But IMHO masks aren’t about YOUR life, it’s about the lives of others. I have a hard time with any anti-masker.

Open note to media covering our President. There is no positive correlation between actually working and tweeting. You’re welcome.

Ivanka Trump being taken seriously at all as a potential leader is more proof that if men find a woman pretty they are convinced she must be reasonable.

If you think a vote is more dangerous than a bullet you might be a Republican.

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  1. JuanJose El Tres @TresJuanJose Says:

    Outstanding. Love Your Work.

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