Could be worse.

This CNN headline “”Worst nightmare”‘ for NCAA as game is canceled over Covid concerns.” Uh, canceling a game is disappointing. The “worst nightmare” would be someone dying from COVID because they played in or attended March Madness.

Listening to a March Madness game on the car radio and heard “he knocked that free throw out of the park…” Uh. Yeah, we’re all a little out of sync on the sports seasons.

Abilene Christian Wildcats.. A fine night for anyone who hypothetically picked brackets randomly with cats…. Note that anyone would do that. Uh, also Ohio Bobcats.

You know it’s #MarchMadness when you find yourself completely invested in a team you only picked because of their mascot (And yeah, Rufus the Bobcat)

After the strangest NFL year ever and all the COVID outbreaks and potential rules violations, the league only punished one team with the loss of a draft pick – the New Orleans Saints. So some things with Roger Goodell are business as usual.

My grandparents were part of the Greatest Generation, a generation, where even those who didn’t go to war sacrificed so much for our country. Imagine them alive today and thinking – “Some of you idiots couldn’t even wear a bleeping mask

JFK asked “Ask not what your country can do for you….” Joe Biden is just asking Americans to wear a d*mn mask.

Not sure why but I find this from Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn particularly adorable for a client I recently booked with a dog – “Leashed and well-behaved dogs are allowed at the fire pits, lawn areas, and the Main Pool; however, not in the water.” So no swimming for Fido….

Dog face

I feel for the residents of Miami Beach. The town has had to declare a state of emergency and curfew over out-of-control unmasked spring break crowds. But imagine now what happens when these COVIDiots return to their campuses?

  • Texas Governor. Greg Abbott, who has eliminated COVID regulations including mask mandates, is calling the situation at the border a “humanitarian disaster.” Again, I miss Molly Ivins.

Fox News headline “SWAT team moves in after party people ignore curfew.” Gosh, somehow their headline writer buried the lede – “Gov Ron DeSantis’s banning mask mandates & completely opening Florida turns Miami Beach into a frightening drunken petri dish.”

GOP’s Julia Letlow won special election in Louisiana’s 5th District – seat her late husband Luke won but died of COVID-19 in Dec 2020. Julia said she hopes to bring “her own experience” to DC. Seriously wish her nothing but the best, just hope that includes respecting science.

Once again, if you know anyone who is an anti-vaxxer with COVID-19, ask them – if the vaccine doesn’t work, why are so many rich and privileged people doing everything they can to jump the line.

And a simple question for those who don’t want to take the vaccine – If you don’t believe in science and medicine, then if you get COVID do you plan to die at home?

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