Midwestern nice?

Sweet Sixteen set for both men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments:

1 Big Ten men’s team left.

4 Big Ten women’s teams left.

Let the midwest women’s bragging begin.

An independent investigation into the Washington Football team is ongoing, stemming “from a series of Washington Post articles detailing sexual harassment allegations in the organization over 15 years by past employees.”

And how has NFL reacted? Wednesday they cleared the way for Dan Snyder to buy out minority owners and take complete control of the team.

If Joe Biden wants a real bipartisan win in Washington, he might try an executive order to get rid of Snyder.

So CNN seriously did a headline story on shrimp tails in Cinnamon Toast Crunch? I guess it beats trying to create fake scandals on Joe Biden.

Seriously Conde Nast Traveler? Headline story in today’s online edition? “The Best Beaches in Miami, From South Beach to Sunny Isles.” Come for the sun stay for the Covid?

As an admitted luddite, still find it charming that many Senators still have as much trouble at times dealing with mute buttons etc as I do.

Hearings on #ForThePeopleAct started today. GOP will come up with a thousand excuses why they don’t want to vote for it. But it really comes down to ONE reason: GOP doesn’t want most Americans to vote.

So when is Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who says in the south “we don’t vote on Sundays” because “we keep the Sabbath holy,” going to introduce a bill to close bars and ban gun sales on Sunday?

Ted Cruz on #ForThePeopleAct, “This bill is the single most dangerous bill this committee has ever considered.” Thinking if you need any more endorsement? Because it seems like a universal truth that a bill that seems dangerous to Cruz is good for democracy.

Could we at least get GOP to agree it should be as difficult to buy a gun as to buy a package of Sudafed?

Still amazed at how many so called “pro-life” GOP Senators think it should be harder to vote than to buy a gun.

Ted Cruz said he will not wear a mask when on television because he’s been vaccinated & then lies by saying CDC guidance states he does not have to. Well, why should a man who lied about the election tell the truth about the CDC.

Ted Cruz also claiming if you’re a child molester Democrats want you to vote. Whereas if you’re a child molester Republicans want you to run for Senate?

Amy Klobuchar is all of us with Ted Cruz.

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