Separate but unequal?

After much justified criticism over disparities between men’s & women’s basketball tournaments, NCAA has hired law firm to conduct “independent gender-equity review” of its championships.

Uh, they needed a law firm to tell them not to treat women like 2nd-class athletes?

“Damn Yankees” is about a Washington Senators fan who was willing to sell his soul for his team to win the pennant. The 2021 live-action remake is about Washington Senators willing to sell their souls for GOP to win elections.

A week from opening day… where most teams if they have fans at all will require they be socially distanced.

Shouldn’t there be a tribute to the pioneers of social distancing in the stands, the Montreal Expos?

Thought after Biden’s first press conference with way too many potentially clickbait focused questions.

Baseball fans don’t go to games because we want to see the umpires

Americans don’t pick a President because we want to see the media.

It’s now illegal to hand out water or other beverages to people waiting in line to vote in Georgia.

Uh, well it’s a good thing one of the biggest companies in the state doesn’t produce Dasani, Powerade, and yes, Coca Cola

Can we be very clear? GOP DID cheat in 2020 – threw people off voting rolls who hadn’t voted, or w/ small name discrepancies in minority areas & Former Guy trashed USPS. But they didn’t cheat ENOUGH. Biden & democracy won this round. So now GOP wants to tip scales further.

Some right wing media are complaining because Joe Biden used notes for todays Press Conference. Maybe they’re jealous because Joe can read?

Increasingly think some of these GOP Governors know people are going to die as they completely reopen their states. But it will be worth it to them if they keep President Biden from looking too good.

Tonight, Rachel Maddow talks about how RNC has created an “election integrity” committee. Talk about an Oxymoron.

Wonder if Biden could entertain the media for a while by offering them a chance to join the first White House snipe hunt?

Jeez, even CNN – “Biden holds first news conference today amid growing crises.”

As opposed to “Biden has first news conference after jobless claims fall, Americans begin spending stimulus checks, and vaccines in arms exceed expectations.” Sadly, competency isn’t clickbait.

How long until the media figures out an angle to try to blame Biden for that ship stuck in the Suez Canal?

Joe Biden, talking about infrastructure, says 20% of all airline fights in US weren’t on time… Uh, in rare non snarky comment, as a travel agent, I can tell him that number isn’t right. Airlines have lots of excuses to keep delays/cancellations out of those statistics. Real numbers are actually worse.

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4 Comments on “Separate but unequal?”

  1. Augustine Ruiz Says:

    The only inequity in NCAA basketball tournaments between men and women is that men draw more fans and thus ticket sales. Has nothing to do with being treated like second-class athletes. If you want a bigger share of the pie, you have to contribute more to the making of that pie. Just what equity do you propose?

  2. Well, I’m writing snarky one-liners, not op-eds…. But we’ll see what I can do.

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