Moving on up?

Departing Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott hopes that getting 4 men’s teams in March Madness’s Sweet 16 will bode well for the conference’s future. Maybe almost as much as Scott leaving after this June will bode well for the Pac 12’s future.

So while Georgia Republicans are at it, when are they going to pass a law saying the Atlanta Falcons won that Super Bowl against the Patriots?

MLB players reportedly ready to discuss moving All-Star Game from Georgia in wake of voter-restriction laws

Baseball players are generally the most conservative athletes in major pro-sports. If Georgia has gone too far for them…. …

Not an engineer. But remembering Apollo 13. If we could safely rescue a spaceship 200,000 miles from earth in less than 4 days, why can’t we get a ship unstuck from the Suez Canal?

So how long until Fox News comes up with a way to blame that ship stuck in the Suez Canal on Joe Biden?

If you’re a Republican who is upset about cost of the COVID-19 relief bill but you didn’t say a damn word about tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, then you’ve forfeited all rights to complain about the deficit.

Some in right wing media are upset Joe Biden & his family flew home to Delaware for “4th weekend since taking office.” Gosh, would they have preferred Joe flew to Florida & an expensive resort where he could charge taxpayers hundreds of $$ per night for Secret Service rooms?

Also saw a couple right-wing reporters claim Biden “lost his train of thought sometimes” in an hour long press conference. Now, I’m about 20 years younger than Joe. But I challenge anyone even half my age to say they haven’t lost their train of thought even in a zoom call.

Ted Cruz just led some GOP senators on late night march along Rio Grande River on U.S.-Mexico border “to hunt for migrants.” “Siri, what happens when you cross a stunt with a snipe hunt?”

Meanwhile, as we see Ted Cruz leading his magical thinking mystery tour at the border, once again Molly Ivins nailed it “I think of Texas as the laboratory for bad government.”

RIP Beverly Cleary, 104. There are few things I enjoy as much as reading. And few authors I enjoyed as much as a little kid than the Ramona series.

t’s now illegal to hand out water or other beverages to people waiting in line to vote in Georgia. Good thing one of the biggest companies in the state doesn’t produce Dasani, Powerade, or yes, Coca Cola.

Open note to Democrats who don’t think the ballot box can effect change: If anyone wants to tell you your vote doesn’t matter, just look at how hard GOP is trying to stop you from voting.

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