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Extra innings.

September 30, 2020

Si.Com today on baseball postseason “Depending on your perspective, it’s set to be either gloriously chaotic, or a total mess.”

Uh, couldn’t it be both?

Again, so while we keep getting the top 25 college football polls every week, can we get a top 25 college football COVID-19 list? Today 19 Buffalo football players test positive for virus.

Apparently the 18 Notre Dame football team positive cases were the result of a pre-game meal together a player who threw up on the sidelines. Well, good thing college students don’t eat, drink and throw up at parties.

Amy Klobuchar tweeted today “Donald Trump. Are you a President on the debate stage or a heckler at a ballgame? Our country needs a leader we respect. Not a guy we need to shout over to be heard.”

Uh, I’ve been to about 45 different Major League ballparks, I know good people who work for SF Giants. If any heckler behaved like Donald Trump did tonight and disregarded ushers repeatedly they’d be thrown out of the stadium. Permanently.

Warning for Kamala Harris: Especially after tonight when Donald Trump acted like a petulant bully, Mike Pence will get a boost in VP debate if he simply acts like a civil human being.

Such a small lie in the grand scheme of things but Trump said the evening of Sept 22. “I’m getting very close to having a final decision made. ” And Amy Coney Barrett said in her formal questionnaire to the Senate that Donald offered her the seat on Sept 21!

September 21, in case you remember, was MONDAY, RBG died Friday night.

All anyone who’s never watched Fox and Friends needs to know about the show – today their guest making accusations about Joe Biden’s mental state was…. Rudy Giuliani.

Whatever you think about Chris Wallace, he gave Donald Trump easy chances tonight to act Presidential, to display an understanding of issues facing our country, even to act like a decent human being. And Donald failed on all counts.

In a normal world, it would be bad enough that a US President couldn’t disavow White Supremacists. In a worse abnormal 2020 world, we’ve got a US President who responds by telling Proud Boys to “stand down, stand by.”

Okay, all future debates involving Trump must have a mute button for moderator to use when Donald is not supposed to talk. Either or they need a strong woman capable of b*tch slapping him into submission.

Andrew Yang makes a great point, the people who should be really upset tonight are down ballot Republicans. If only they had remembered they took an oath to our country and not to Donald Trump.

Heckuva strategy for Donald to try to appeal to suburban women by reminding them of their tantrum-throwing children, along with abusive bosses and ex-boyfriends/husbands.

So what excuse will Trump give for skipping the next two debates?

Cup holders.

September 29, 2020

Congrats to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Who won the Stanley Cup after almost two months in the NHL bubble.

The league managed to get through the whole two months without a single COVID-19 case….so credit to all involved for good behavior.

Oh, and a bit of geographic help. The NHL did their entire end of season and post season in CANADA. (Toronto and Edmonton.)

Now of course the really scary part begins for the team…. if any of them are heading back to Florida.

Not saying ice hockey isn’t really Florida’s thing. But have to wonder how it would if folks in the Tampa area were asked if they had seen the Lightning.

Guessing most of them would respond, we didn’t even hear the Thunder.

If only God could send us a sign about playing college football? – ESPN reports “Notre Dame football team announces 18 positive cases in latest round of COVID-19 testing.”

As I watch some of these Big Ten football players opt back into the season, sad realization that for some, heart issues from COVID-19 may kill them years after most of us have forgotten about the pandemic. And their college careers.

Remember, if we vote in Joe Biden and we don’t like the job he’s doing we can vote him out. If we re-elect Donald Trump we may never have another election again.

Really sad when you see people interviewed on local news about the Presidential Debate Tuesday and you already know who they’re supporting for based on whether or not they are wearing a mask.

WTAF? Now The Daily Show reports that Donald’s mini-me Florida Governor Ron De Santis wants to implement a “College Bill of Rights” for Florida students to be able to party with no restrictions and no masks.

Again, GOP motto really is, people are dying to re-elect Trump.

We know Joe Biden will chose a SCOTUS nominee who supports Roe V. Wade. We know Trump’s handlers gave him list of nominees who would overturn it. Not the point. Point is based even on 2016 precedent, nomination is illegitimate. Unless Donald chose Merrick Garland.

I remember bumper stickers “We survived Clinton – you’ll survive Bush, ” & then “We survived Bush – you’ll survive Obama.” Oddly, haven’t seen any of them saying “We survived Trump…” Probably because we haven’t, and over 205,000 Americans (so far) won’t.

If Trump is so sure he will be re-elected why is he pushing so hard for his nominee to be confirmed before the election? And if he thinks he can’t win without her on the Supreme Court that alone should be reason for Coney Barrett to recuse herself.

Fox News was more upset by Nancy Pelosi’s blowdry than they are about Donald claiming a $70K tax deduction for hairstyling.

Donald tweeted “Joe Biden just announced that he will not agree to a Drug Test. Gee, I wonder why? Donald himself will not agree to give his DNA to E Jean Carroll’s lawyers, Gee, I wonder why?

Rachel Maddow points out that Donald claims his hotel lost $55 million dollars….how do you charge almost $1,000 a night in DC for hotel room plus inflated prices for events that are charged to taxpayers & still LOSE MONEY? If that were true every hotel in town would be going broke.

Just saying, Donald Trump spending $70,000 on his hair to look like it does might be reason itself for the 25th Amendment.

Dear Donald Trump. It doesn’t really count as job creation if you keep firing the people you hired and thus creating new openings.

Also doesn’t count if some jobs are open because previous people who held them are like, you know, dead.

Sincerely, America.

Not with a bang but a called third.

September 28, 2020

SF Giant had plenty of chances to make the playoffs.

But Sunday, in a 5-4 the Giants went down on at least four called third strikes on pitches WELL outside the strike zone.

Now, Giants also lost two games last week due to the “runner on 2nd” in extra innings rule, and the 7 inning double headers. If MLB is going to get creative, maybe 2021 would be the year to look seriously at robot umps?

Need more reason to hate Rob Drake, umpire who helped end SF Giants season w/ his horrific strike calls? In October, 2019, ESPN reported Rob tweeted then deleted that he planned to buy AR-15 “because if you impeach my PRESIDENT this way, YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER CIVAL WAR!!! #MAGA2020,”

Back to college football, Georgia State postponed their game against Charlotte over COVID-19 tests that were apparently “read incorrectly.” -ie so-called positive tests were really negative.

Instills a lot of confidence about some of these “negative” tests….

It’s a genuinely nice thing that Amy Coney Barrett & her family say they love her youngest son with Down Syndrome so much. Does Judge Barrett realize that some health insurance plans consider Down syndrome to be a pre-existing condition?

Your reminder while Trump rants that Joe Biden should take a drug test, Donald himself has refused to give E Jean Carroll’s lawyers a sample of his DNA.

Trump ranting to his cult last night about God-given rights” in Pennsylvania. So I missed the part of the Bible where after feeding the multitudes, Jesus gives them all AR-15s.

So how many calls has Donald Trump made to Bill Barr since Sunday afternoon demanding “his” AG shut down the @NYTimes?

Reportedly after the debate Joe Biden will make a multi-day campaign train tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania. Will be a nice contrast – Joe’s train tour compared to Donald’s daily train wreck.

We don’t know all details yet on Trump tax returns, but while the GOP complains loudly about Democrats paying fines for former felons to be able to vote, Republicans are also asking us to believe man accused of current felony tax fraud should be able to put a lifetime vote on SCOTUS?

Wow. This shocking headline “Poll shows majority of Americans want vacant Supreme Court Justice seat filled after election.” Not the poll, where the headline came from “By Bradford Betz | Fox News.” Guessing Dear Leader will not be pleased with state TV tomorrow.


September 26, 2020

While I realize there are FAR more important things to worry about right now, WTF was Dubon doing trying to steal third base down with his team down three runs with the SF Giants’ best player this year, Mike Yazstremski at plate as tying run? Okay, back to worrying about the death of democracy.

Haven’t been able to bring myself to watch college football this year, but noticed K.J. Costello threw for 623 passing yards against LSU. Gosh, how much would Stanford have loved to have a QB who could pass like that. Oh wait, never mind.

Also saw that Florida State lost 52-10 to Miami today. Well, for my old friends from high school who remember those Seminoles-Hurricane games, at least the game didn’t end with a FG miss wide-right.

And Florida State coach Mike Norvell, who couldn’t be at the game due to testing positive for COVID-19, took the blame – “Tonight was extremely challenging.Those are my guys, and to be sitting at home and not being able to have an impact throughout the course of the game, it was a tough night.”

So what lesson will no doubt many football folks take from that? Don’t get tested.

So along with the college football polls after this week’s games, can media also publish a list of the top five universities for COVID-19 cases?

Do try to check my tweets and other posts before posting. One I thought surely was satire was story that Trump complained tonight media didn’t cover his 2 “Noble” prizes. Nope. Yeah, media didn’t cover the prizes he didn’t win….

Trying to wrap my head around what would have happened if Obama had nominated Merrick Garland before Antonin Scalia was buried.

I’ll concede Amy Coney Barrett is a smart congenial woman who’s a good mom. That’s NOT the point.

The point – In precedent set by Abraham Lincoln & expanded by Mitch McConnell, NO candidate should go through SCOTUS confirmation process, while people are ALREADY voting.

Does anyone believe the man who doesn’t even read his intelligence briefings actually “studied” about Amy Coney Barrett?

Over-under on the number of “Amy Coney Barrett is a great carpool mom who shows up with good cupcakes for bake sales” stories from media this week?

So much talk of Amy Coney Barrett being an originalist – “all statements in constitution must be interpreted based on original understanding of authors or people at time it was ratified.” If that’s true then she knows authors never intended women to vote, let alone be judges.

Amy Coney Barrett, a mother of seven, including a special-needs child, if confirmed on Supreme Court, will have healthcare for life And if confirmed, she is likely to be the deciding vote to strip healthcare from millions of Americans.

How nice for Judge Barrett that her husband, a partner in a South Bend law firm, helps around the house and does much of the cooking. Can anyone remember a male appointee praising his wife for both having a job and helping raise their children?

Again, WTAF? Trump is trying to use the Iowa “primary” mess as an example of the problems with mail in ballots. So did no one tell Donald, or did he forget that Iowa was CAUCUSES?

The only legitimate pick Donald Trump could have made for RBG’s SCOTUS seat before the election is Merrick Garland. Period.

Down to the wired?

September 26, 2020

Such a small thing in the grand scheme of things. But with MLB new temporary doubleheader rules, still not used to the idea of a closer coming in to save a game in the 7th.

And twice in two days SF Giants had a lead in game late which had they won would have virtually assured them a playoff spot. And the pitcher who gave up 5 runs in a total of 1 inning over 2 days happened to be the ONLY guy who refused to kneel in unity before the anthem with the Giants and Dodgers back in July. Because Sam Coonrod said “I only kneel before God.” and that he’d heard Black Lives Matter was Marxist and anti-nuclear family.

And he said in early September he had no regrets. Maybe mean bitch karma is also a BLM supporter, or at least a fan of team unity.

So in Las Vegas now besides betting on college football is there a way to bet on which games each week will be canceled for COVID-19?

Marlins in MLB playoffs, Miami Heat going to NBA semifinal game 6 vs Celtics, & FSU-Miami college football game Saturday night w/ 13,000 fans in stands. And Florida Gov Ron DeSantis has opened restaurants/bars to 100% capacity w/no mask rules. I wish this had a funny punchline.

Also Florida Gov Ron DeSantis says he wants a full-stadium Super Bowl in Tampa on Feb 7. I thought it was supposed to be crazy socialists who wanted to “Kill the Rich.”

Facebook announced that their long delayed content oversight board will finally begin work on hate speech and misinformation… starting in “mid to late October.” Not like there’s any urgent need now… (Where is a sarcasm emoji when you need one?)

I support Joe Biden.

But if we vote him in this November & it turns out Joe is disappointing, we have midterm elections in 2022, and could vote President Biden out in 2024 election. If Donald Trump wins or steals this another term this November, we may not have another election.

Lindsay Graham “I promise you as a Republican, if the Supreme Court decides that Joe Biden wins, I will accept the result. The court will decide & if Republicans lose, we’ll accept the result.”

No Senator, this is not how it works. If you needed another reason to vote for Jaime Harrison.

Donald Trump’s so called “executive order” protecting pre-existing conditions is a bunch of malarkey. Period.

Donald Trump suddenly pretending to pay attention to Black and Latino communities is like the guy who ignores you all year and then wants a bleeping medal for buying a flower bouquet on the roadside for your birthday.

Overheard by someone in the line to pay respects to RBG last night – a mom talking to her kids “20 years from now you won’t remember the homework you missed tonight.” Go Mom!

Bowled over?

September 25, 2020

NCAA considering allowing all FBS football teams playing in 2020 to play in bowl games, no matter what their records, if they meet Academic Progress Rate requirements. Translation: We really want to have Notre Dame, Ohio State & some SEC teams on national TV around New Year’s Eve.

The Cubs are already talking about capping capacity at 50% at Wrigley Field in 2021.

50% of capacity? Or as the Marlins call that “an opening day crowd.”

Apparently White House has asked Democratic & GOP members of Senate Judiciary Committee if they would like to meet personally w/ Trump’s SCOTUS nominee starting next week. Sure, can a few Dems ask for several days of meetings with her each?

Eric Trump quoted campaigning in Nevada “I think my father’s just saying listen, if he got blown out of the water, of course he’d concede.” OK, so our mission – BLOW DONALD OUT OF THE WATER!

On Rachel Maddow, Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss about Trump’s “get rid of ballots” line. “This is way dictators come to power…this is not a drill. He quotes FDR after Pearl Harbor ‘Never before has American civilization been in this kind of danger.’ We are approaching that point tonight.'”

Wow…… Rachel Maddow has Fox News poll showing Biden up 11 points over Trump in Arizona. The poll is a few days old.

So it’s a good thing Donald hasn’t done anything lately like insult a beloved Arizona hero.

Herman Cain died July 30, about 40 days after he attended Trump’s Tulsa rally. Is that why Donald is pushing absentee ballots so hard to his supporters in rally states, he just wants their votes before they die?

You know how “unwritten” rules of baseball say you stop piling on when you have big lead? This election is not that. Even without the “umpires” potentially being compromised. Even if polls are right & Joe Biden is winning big, keep piling on.

Some in GOP apoplectic over Bloomberg paying fines/poll tax for former felons in Florida, claiming he’s trying to “buy” the election. But Donald giving seniors a $200 “Trump card” for prescriptions is just fine? Hypocrisy thy name is Republican.

Pence today “We are going to have law and order in every city in every state in this nation for every American of every race and creed and color, so help us God.” Uh, did someone forget to tell Mike who’s currently President?

Trump claims “Any health care reform legislation that comes to my desk from Congress MUST protect pre-existing conditions, or I won’t sign it.” Uh, wait I thought Donald had a beautiful healthcare plan? Why don’t he give it to Congress?

Trump said he didn’t hear the boos when he and Melania showed up at SCOTUS ostensibly to pay respect to RBG. So Donald is telling us he’s losing his hearing too?

So if Trump’s little “get rid of the ballots” rant wasn’t enough what exactly WOULD it take to convince you that this election is “democracy vs dictatorship?”

No touchdowns….Jeezus

September 24, 2020

After Notre Dame canceled their Saturday game yesterday, the Fighting Irish’s last opponent, USF, has canceled THEIR next game against Florida Atlantic because of positive cases on USF Bulls team Wednesday.

Meanwhile the University of Houston has canceled their 4th game in a row, after games against Rice, Memphis and Baylor have all been postponed or canceled due to COVID-19 cases. This time it’s North Texas with some number of players testing postive.

If only God could send college football a sign, or two, or three, or four.

Since the reality show host in White House says he hates NFL & professes to love college football, why schedule photo-op SCOTUS show Saturday at 5pm (instead of Sun.) Right in middle of many games including those of Cincinnati, Georgia and Texas.

Not like Donald needs votes from any of those states.

Damn, now Gale Sayers. RIP 2020 just s*cks. But if you want a good cry that has nothing to do with 2020, watch “Brian’s Song.”

Apparently it’s now going to be illegal to defecate on MTA subways and buses in New York. So until now it’s BEEN legal? I miss when this would have been the craziest story of the day.

You know, if we’d elected Hillary Clinton USA COVID-19 deaths would be a fraction of our 200,000 total. And GOP would probably have tried to impeach her when we hit the first 1,000.

If Kentucky had a Democratic AG wonder if the charges against the officers who killed Breonna Taylor might have been very different. Your reminder, state and local elections MATTER!

Dr. Birx reportedly says she is “distressed” about the White House task force & might have to leave. Would it be churlish to tell Dr. Birx to put a scarf in it?

So how long until Donald starts sending his stormtroopers into liberal “weapons” shops like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s? And will tuna fish and canned soup become the new Sufafed? One per customer and you need ID?

Uh, whatever your definition of normal is, this isn’t it: A president saying “We want to get rid of the ballots, and you’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly, there’ll be a continuation.”

Reporter who asked Donald about “peaceful transfer” of power & got him to admit his plan is to “get rid of the ballots” is Brian Karem of Playboy magazine, (now online only.) Redemption for millions of men over years who’ve said “I only read it for the articles.”

Fox News quotes Rand Paul trying to go after Hunter Biden “I think riding on Air Force Two and doing business is illegal … and probably a felony.” So when is Paul calling for the indictment of regular Air Force One riders Jared and Ivanka?

Fox News also trying to attack Joe Biden for his largely virtual campaign, saying the campaign is trying to “reach voters without actually seeing them.” Right, because unlike Donald, Joe is trying not to kill his supporters.

No shot clock.

September 23, 2020

As we approach the MLB playoffs, will baseball get their entire postseason done before NBA finishes their finals?

Now Notre Dame has 7 CONFIRMED COVID-19 cases and is canceling Saturday’s game. But sure, we’re going to have Big Ten football.

Fox is LITERALLY advertising on their chyron “Trump Supreme Court Pick at 5p Saturday.” Leaving aside the ghoulish nature of doing this before RBG is buried, so Donald doesn’t mind competing with his supposedly beloved college football?

I suppose it would be churlish to say that Amy Comey Barrett is Donald’s possible first choice because he thinks she’s pretty?

Cindy McCain is endorsing Joe Biden.

John would have done the same.

Trump gives himself an A+ on COVID 19 response. Does Donald think he had someone else take that test for him too?

1. 65% of Floridians voted to let former felons vote.

2. Gov Ron DeSantis & GOP legislature hatched plan demanding fees & restitution be paid first.

3. Bloomberg offers to pay fees.

4. Matt Gaetz wants to charge Bloomberg w/ bribery.

I miss when Florida jokes were funny.

RA now saying if Biden wins Beto O’Rourke is going to be “knocking on your door for your AR-15.” And millions of suburban women are thinking “Cool, can he bring Cory Booker with him?”

Trump tonight lamenting social distancing “You can’t meet. You can’t congregate. You can’t look at each other. You can’t give your wife…a kiss goodnight…” So is COVID-19 Melania’s latest excuse?

Four percent of world’s population Twenty percent of world’s COVID-19 deaths. Imagine what it would have taken for Trump to have given himself a B instead of an A+?

Air Force Two with Mike Pence aboard apparently hit a bird and had to return to New Hampshire So how long until Donald calls the bird “deep state” or “Antifa?”

Tonight Rachel Maddow showed how Trump’s CDC changed their own reports safety protocols telling meatpacking plants how to combat outbreaks, to make changes “if feasible,” & “if possible.” Wonder if come next year’s tax season we try tell IRS paying them “wasn’t feasible or possible”

Say what you will about Barack Obama, he never tried to monetize his love for Dijon mustard.

Late innings.

September 22, 2020

As we enter last week of this crazy MLB season, it’s going to be hard to take this post season really seriously anyway.

But both of NL Wild card teams could quite possibly come from NL Central. And how big an advantage has it been to have all those intra-division games against the 15-39, now .278, Pittsburgh Pirates?

Only two teams in last 60 years have had worse than .278 winning percentage, and one of them was the 1962 Mets.

Trump gives himself an A+ on COVID 19 response. Does Donald think he had someone else take that test for him too?

DOJ has designated New York City, Portland and Seattle as “anarchist jurisdictions,” saying they have “refused to undertake reasonable measures to counteract criminal activities.” By that definition the real anarchist jurisdiction is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Not a lot of levity in 2020 but Georgia QAnon candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene mocking @AOC‘s intellect in a misspelled tweet -“single handily [sic]putting an end to all ‘dumb blonde’ jokes” – is one of the best dumb blonde punchlines of the year.

Florida Governor and Donald Trump mini-me Ron De Santis issued a proclamation today, which might well be unconstitutional.

But it makes it a felony to be part of any “disorderly assembly” of 7 or more that causes ANY damage. (a trampled lawn, an overturned trash can, one person with spray pain.) Or obstructing traffic….and there’s no bail until first appearance for anyone arrested.

Hey Florida. If you’re not afraid, you’re not paying attention. These are the rules of a police state.

Think Ron DeSantis’s newly declared police state doesn’t affect you because you don’t live in Florida? It’s not a stretch to say based on Florida Governor’s new rules he could go after tourists with Biden t-shirts or bumper stickers.

RBG’s dying words, dictated to her granddaughter -“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” Trump today now accused Democrats of making those words up. There is no bottom. And we keep getting deeper.

Some Republicans keep saying President is President for 4 years & should be able to choose, or at least get vote on his choice for #SCOTUS, no matter when vacancy occurs. So since Obama didn’t get even a vote on his choice let’s correct that & have Trump nominate Merrick Garland.

Did Trump order CDC to remove language on aerosol transmission of COVID-19 because someone told Donald it’s depressing attendance at his vanity rallies?

In 2016, some non-voters and third party voters thought – how bad could it be? If 2020 hasn’t answered that question enough for you yet, how about losing both healthcare AND Roe v. Wade?

Many younger people, espec. women, have no idea how much RBG had to fight. Had brief thoughts of being a vet, until it occurred to me I HATE blood. But high school guidance counselor even in late 70s said women wouldn’t get into vet schools anyway, because we’d have families.

Let’s put this a different way, if you worked at company with capricious CEO who’d fired most of the people he hired & then referred to them as “idiots” & “losers” and worse, would you allow him to make a rush pick for a lifetime appointment to the company board?

Amy Klobuchar points out that when chief justice died about a month before 1864 Presidential election, Abraham Lincoln didn’t nominate his replacement until after he had won re-election. How long until Trump calls Lincoln a “loser?”

Hanging on.

September 20, 2020

SF Giants had a 14-2 lead going to the bottom of the 9th in Oakland.

Think this was the one time in a month I felt pretty sure SF Giants bullpen might be able to hold this one.

SF 49ers lost QB Jimmy Garappolo, , defensive end Nick Bosa, and RB Raheem Mostert to injury Sunday. And they still beat the New York Jets 31-13.

At this week the best bright spot ahead for Jets on the schedule might be in Week 11 when they take on Bye Week.

Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder is in quarantine after being exposed to someone with coronavirus.

And a whole lot of people on a bipartisan basis held their tongues today to avoid being kicked off Twitter.

EBay now has a plan to shift more business to UPS and away from the US Postal Service because of mail delays.

I sold a book and mailed it Sept 8 from California to a town near Newark, NJ It’s still in transit on Sept 20, though has finally made it to New Jersey.

So do we need to mail our Christmas cards by Halloween?

So apparently a Canadian woman has been arrested and charged with sending that letter with ricin to Trump. Will Donald use this as an excuse to declare war on Canada?

Trump hasn’t announced his SCOTUS pick and I’m a long way from giving up on stopping whoever it is. But to all those who think “well, a woman can’t be THAT bad” – and don’t remember already, consider watching Mrs. America or googling Phyllis Schlafly.

More from “Rage” interviews. Bob Woodward noted to Trump that Jimmy Carter never got the chance to nominate a Supreme Court judge during his presidency. Donald replied: ‘He deserved none.’ This should play real well in Georgia.

Eric Trump mocked Biden for saying of COVID-19 – “It’s estimated 200 million people will die, probably by time I finish this talk.” Except that Biden corrected his gaffe a few minutes later. Eric’s daddy still talks about 1917 flu pandemic because he can’t admit making that first mistake.

Did I expect Trump to use every chance he could to bash California after he lost the state by over 4 MILLION votes? Yes. Did I have “exploding trees” on my bingo card, No.

If Trump is so sure he’s going to win then he should have no worries about waiting to pick RBG’s replacement until after November 3. Period.

Considering how many people Trump has hired but then fired as “losers,” “overrated,” and “embarrassments,” etc, how can anyone say with a straight face Donald should be given another lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court?

And a favorite old joke I first heard on 1970 BBC Series “The Six Wives of Henry VIII ” – seems appropriate on delaying SCOTUS nomination vote until after November 3:

A man entenced to be executed won a reprieve from the King by promising, within a year, he could get King’s favorite horse to talk.

His friend said, “are you crazy?”

And the man replied “Be silent fool, In a year the King may die. Or I may die. Or the horse MAY talk.”

Odds on?

September 20, 2020

So does this year’s betting on college football each week include betting on which teams are likely to postpone games due to COVID-19 outbreaks?

Not that it matters much in grand scheme of things, but it would be nice if the SF Giants would score a run this weekend. Oh yeah, and catch balls hit at them.

(Although maybe this is the Giants way of saying I should focus more on the election than postseason baseball?)

This would be a very good time for Colin Kaepernick to say he was wrong about not voting.

On Fox News, headline “SCOTUS battle sparks calls for arson, violence to block GOP from replacing Ginsburg before election.” Uh, no. Leading Dems have called for GOP Senators to remember what they’ve said in past & “moral reckoning.” But “arson & violence” sound scarier.

Reports that a letter with Ricin addressed to Trump was intercepted by law enforcement. Whether it’s a false flag or not, there is no chance any letter actually gets to Trump. Even a supportive letter. Everyone in the White House knows Donald doesn’t read.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought cancer for over 20 years. We can damn well fight Trump and Mitch McConnell trying to illegally install her replacement for 20 weeks.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was on the Supreme Court since 1993. 27 years. Open note to young people thinking of sitting election out or voting for someone more “progressive” than Biden. Do you want Trump choosing someone to make decisions for you until 2047???

Trump says his list of nominees of potential SCOTUS nominees is “the greatest list ever assembled.” Uh, Donald would call his grocery list the greatest list ever assembled.

Trump tonight announced a woman is in ‘first place’ for his nomination choice. So what does Donald think this is? “SCOTUS Apprentice? ” Or a legal version of “Miss Universe?”

Would be a nice time for Republicans like John Kasich who are supporting Biden also to say that the next President has the right to pick RBG’s replacement. Pass it on.

A lost Lioness.

September 19, 2020

F*ck 2020. RIP RBG. I’m gutted.

Many thousands of people showed up tonight on the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington DC to pay tribute to RBG. I know she was amused by becoming an icon. But I hope she knew how much she was loved.

Hillary Clinton tonight on Maddow, talking about Senate needing to look at “Every possible procedural obstacle…. Guessing there are several Senators carefully reading the Senate rule book tonight…

Now Amy Klobuchar on Maddow, talking about thousands of people showing up at Supreme Court because they loved RBG…it’s pretty hard to become a rock star in your 80s….she made justice cool for so many young people in this country.”

No shame – Martha McSally on Twitter “This U.S. Senate should vote on President Trump’s next nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.” Uh, Senator McSally, Arizona voters voted and you LOST.

The only reason you are in the Senate is that John McCain died in 2018, and instead of appointing his wife Cindy as a temporary replacement, Gov. Ducey chose you. Arizona voters will vote again for your opponent – Mark Kelly – in November.

Oops, Fox News said truth out loud. Much as they claim Biden is radical left puppet, Fox quoted @AOC tonight – “We need to focus on voting for Joe Biden. I don’t care if you like him or not, not about whether you agree w/ him. It’s a vote to let our democracy live another day.”

Assume anyone “progressive” who still thinks Americans should vote third party over Joe Biden would have ignored hypothetic warnings & rammed the Titanic full-speed into that iceberg, because the rich capitalist builders should have paid for their hubris?

More snark tomorrow.

Numbers game?

September 18, 2020

At halftime of tonight’s Bengals-Browns game, Joe Buck was told his announcing has landed him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. So can Joe celebrating by retiring from broadcasting baseball?


Not a poll, but ESPN’s current odds of SF Giants making the post season. After bullpen collapsed four games in a row in August and team was 8-16 exactly one month ago their odds were under 6%. Things change fast these days.

42 Wisconsin Badger football players, staff test positive for coronavirus. But sure, let’s start Big Ten football. WTAF?

It’s about 6 weeks out. But shouldn’t we already be seeing calls for Trump’s anti-mask cult members to be boycotting Halloween masks too?

A White House Conference on American History, basically a campaign event, featured Ben Carson. Uh, Ben Carson is as much of an American History expert as Scott Atlas is an expert on infectious diseases.

Some of the so-called liberal media would “both sides” a mobius strip.

Rachel Maddow reading a federal judge’s actual order against DeJoy’s Post Office changes. Basically “fix it and put it back the way it was.”

As Maddow talks about Trump administration “shredding the credibility of our public health agencies.” Are there any public agencies whose credibility Trump ISN’T shredding? Asking for a really tired country.

When asked tonight, Joe Biden says he can’t mandate mask-wearing everywhere, but he would enforce it on federal property. Now, while I’d love a national mask mandate, I even more love a President who realizes he isn’t King.

Biden, chastising the media – “Who the hell thinks you need an Ivy League degree to be President?”

It’s personal for him. In a good way.

(Waiting for Trump to defend himself… well, wait, I don’t REALLY have an Ivy League degree. I bought one.)

As a little kid living in a Midwest college town, I remember ‘Hey hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?” Looking at these vanity rallies thinking “Hey hey, Donald Trump, how much did you make COVID death toll jump?”

Since Trump wants to downplay blue state COVID-19 death since they’re not part of his base, how long until Donald demands that only U.S. millionaire and billionaire deaths be counted?

It’s his world….

September 17, 2020

In midst of a pandemic, NFL actually got through week 1 and is approaching week 2. And the lead story on ESPN is Bucs coach Bruce Arians after he criticized Brady. “Tom and I are fine. I don’t really care what other people think.”

Speaking on behalf of millions of Americans who weren’t Patriots fans, and wished Brady would just retire. “I really don’t care, do U?

Now that Big Ten has decided to reverse their decision to postpone the season, how many positive COVID tests will it take to cancel it again?

So one reason travel hasn’t rebounded is that it’s nearly impossible for most Americans to get testing with quick results before a proposed trip. But we’ve got plenty of rapid tests for kids to play football? #Priorities

As Trump keeps saying “nobody could have done more” about the COVID-19 pandemic, travel agents are getting emails from an increasing number of wonderful hotels in Europe that are now open or soon reopening. If only we Americans could go there.

Joe Biden using the word “feckless” to refer to Donald Trump. It’s a good word.

So somehow I’m not seeing all the waiters today speaking out and applauding Trump for saying they don’t want to wear masks?

“The Hill” quoted unnamed GOP senator that Republican majority could help Biden cope w/ progressives “So he’s not constantly fighting ‘Why can’t we go one step further?’ on stuff they’ll want to do. Best thing that could happen to Joe would be GOP Senate.” 2 words – Yeah, right.

Trump said Wednesday that Florida is in good shape with Hurricane Sally “The people in Florida know how to handle it.” I’m sure that’s comforting to people who have lost power and have their streets underwater.

With one briefing, Trump has now given more attention to the West Coast in telling the Pac 12 to start playing football than he ever did in expressing sympathy to victims of wildfires.

But Donald just referred to the “Pac 10.” Speaking of not knowing what day or year it is.

(The Conference became the Pac-12 and officially began competition on July 1, 2011.”)

Biden has NEVER described the police as “the enemy.” Once again, does Trump have dementia or is he evil?

Got to love it. Trump attacks Biden for reading from a teleprompter as he stumbles to read his own speech…

“If you were to put a timeline on when every person in America will be able to get a vaccine when would it be.” “Very soon.” Which is Trump for “I have no clue, I’m making this up as I do along.”

Trump when asked again on vaccine… “Under no circumstance will it be as late as Doctor Redfield….we hope October, certainly November or December…” Translation, “I just need to get enough fools to believe me on November 3.

When we do have a COVID-19 President Biden won’t distribute it based on whether or not a state voted for him. Can even Donald’s supporters say the same thing about Trump?

Twice in Trump’s press conference today he said his own CDC head, Dr. Robert Redfield was “confused” or “misunderstood” a question when Dr. Redfield said that vaccines for most Americans wouldn’t be ready until mid-late 2021 and that mask would probably save more lives than vaccines.

Time to move up Redfield in “Trump Friday Night Firing Bingo.”

Remember when George W. Bush made stupidity in a President a virtue? Now Donald Trump, in downplaying masks, social distancing and COVID-19 in general, is making stupidity in his cult members a virtue.

So can someone please ask Trump how he expects us to believe he’ll have a good vaccine distribution plan when after several months he still doesn’t have a good TESTING plan?

Trump today said CDC director “made a mistake” Thinking right about now the biggest mistake Dr. Redfield thinks he made was accepting the job under Donald Trump.

Excuses, excuses…

September 15, 2020

After having games canceled for a false positive COVID-19 test, Giants have now had games with Mariners delayed and moved from Seattle to SF due to unhealthy air. What’s next, 2020? A game delayed due to a plague of locusts?

As if Canada weren’t feeling smug enough with having their COVID-19 deaths basically down to zero under Justin Trudeau, they’d be forgiven for doing just a little gloating over Kawhi’s Leonard’s decision to see another ring with the Clippers. “Not as easy as it looks, eh?”

MLB decided with a 50 game abbreviated schedule to allow 16 out of 30 teams into the post season. And 7 AL teams basically still managed to get themselves eliminated with 2 weeks to go.

Wait, Red Lobster is advertising a (Mountain) Dewgarita? As if 2020 hasn’t been trying to kill us all enough already.

So since HHS spokesman Michael Caputo says he is asking for medical leave what other news of his nefarious activities is about to drop?

Wolf Blitzer asks Jared Kushner why Donald’s administration keeps ignoring his own social distancing guidelines…. and why Trump doesn’t set a good example. And Jared basically says people are responsible for their own health. Well, unless they are women.

FoxNews website headline “Warning to America: Refugees from socialist countries have this warning about Biden, his allies.” Picture is of AOC, Kamala, Joe & Bernie Sanders. We can argue how liberal Harris is, but wonder why Fox didn’t show her & Biden flanked by Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar & Cory Booker?

I know there have been elections where it might be possible to believe there isn’t that much difference between the candidates: 2020 is NOT one of those elections. Period.

Trump in his Town Hall says in the midst of a brag on what he thinks he’s done about COVID-19. – “I believe, George, that none of this would have happened during another administration.” When he’s right, he’s right.

Trump also in Town Hall “I’ve restored “law and order” except in Democrat-run cities? And that’s Biden…”

Biden is in charge of all Democrat run cities? I thought he was a former VP and current candidate for President. This is SO confusing.

Donald said virus will go away due to “herd mentality.” Well, some number of Trump supporters will go away permanently due to “herd mentality.”

Trump – “We’re going to be doing a healthcare plan.” You mean that healthcare plan you promised in late July would be ready in two weeks?

Thinking good thoughts for those on the Gulf Coast, but as they’re about to be hit hard by Hurricane Sally, including potentially catastrophic flooding, wonder why Trump has never once suggested states in the path of hurricanes better manage their beaches, or not allow building near the water?

Off the court.

September 15, 2020

f you’re not already inspired to work every possible hour to GOTV for Joe Biden, paraphrase of Gregg Popovich today, “If you think of how much this country has changed in the last four years….imagine what it will be like if Trump gets four more.”

No fans at Broncos home opener, a loss to the Tennessee Titans but they plan to allow a limited number of fans for the next game. Wonder if Denver had decided to play without fans the entire year if they would have come up with some automatic snow ball making and throwing machine to take their place.

Tolerance. What a concept. NY Giants co-owner John Mara “my preference is that everybody stand. But..I support your right to (take a knee) because I believe in 1st Amendment & the right of people, espec. players, to take a knee in silent protest if that’s what they want to do.”

I approve this sentence: Eight men in Indonesia who refused to wear face masks in public have been ordered to dig graves for COVID-19 victims as a punishment.

Putting this out there again -“Nearly 60 percent of California forests are under federal management, and another one-third under private control.” So will Trump blame Obama for not leaving FEMA enough rakes?

So if dry trees explode, what happens to trees that are cut down and get really dry and brought indoors and maybe covered in potentially flammable objects including electric lights? Is Trump warning us that HE will kill Christmas?

Scott Atlas, MD was a neuroradiologist, not an infectious disease specialist. And he hasn’t been at Stanford Med School in over 8 years. So if specific medical knowledge doesn’t matter next time Trump has a potential mini-stroke he can just call Dr. Atlas?

Trump told Las Vegas Review-Journal he didn’t think he was subject to Nevada’s Governor’s order about gatherings of no more than 50 people, though SCOTUS ruled in July even CHURCHES must abide by that order. So Donald thinks he’s above God. Very on brand.

Trump in interview today about COVID-19 danger at his rallies. “I’m on a stage and it’s very far away. And so I’m not at all concerned.” Translation, my cult members are on their own.

Guess it hasn’t occurred to any MAGAs that if Trump WERE elected for a second term and is able to dismantle Obamacare, that COVID-19 WILL be considered a pre-existing condition.

Now Hurricane Sally may be heading towards the panhandle, the reddest part of Florida. Wonder if Trump will try to stop the storm with a Sharpie?

Trump to Bob Woodward “But nothing more could have been done. Nothing more could have been done. I acted early. I acted early.” Meanwhile, in Justin Trudeau’s Canada, where something else WAS done, zero Covid deaths yesterday & people are living approximation of normal life.

Quitting time?

September 14, 2020

With a 16 point LA Clippers halftime lead over Denver Nuggets in a potential closeout game 6 for Los Angeles, I thought the game was over. So apparently did the Clippers.

(Denver came back to win 111 to 98.)

Meanwhile SF Giants and San Diego Padres returned to play a double header after two games were canceled due to a false positive test involving one Giants player. Subsequent tests, along with tests on the remainder of the team came back negative.

Then in two seven-inning games against the Padres, the Giants bats tested negative for hits.

(They scored 1 run on five hits in two games..)

Okay, so much about 2020 seems surreal – But then seeing the score at the bottom of Raiders-Panthers game and it says “LV” and “CAR.”

A story today said that if Drew Brees had retired, New Orleans was interested in signing Tom Brady. WTF? You’re telling me 2020 could have been WORSE?

Saw some random sports guy on Twitter bitching. “NFL players all over the league are kneeling during the national anthem. We simply aren’t allowed to enjoy sports anymore without politics being shoved down our throats.”

Uh, some people would like to be able to go out and say, enjoy watching sports without worrying about being shot during a traffic stop on the way home. #BlackLivesMatter

It’s not just attending games. As frequent traveler & SF Bay Area Saints fan, I’ve seen Drew Brees play on TV in more sports bars than I can count, locally, DC, Vegas, Key West-as far away as Munich. Trump’s ignoring COVID took that ability away from me, from all of us.

So just ICYMI, real reason Trump is visiting California tomorrow is that he wanted to squeeze in another rally in Arizona tomorrow AM & perhaps more importantly, another taxpayer funded night for him & dozens of Secret Service, staff etc at his money losing Las Vegas hotel.

Meanwhile, if a couple wants to get married in Las Vegas, indoors or out, they can now have no more than 48 guests, masked & socially distanced, attend their wedding. Meanwhile, Donald Trump just had his 2nd rally in 2 days w/ thousands of unmasked, unsocially distanced people.

So I’m a bit of a luddite, can all these pictures of Trump’s packed-in, unmasked rallies be zoomed in or analyzed enough to used in future for COVID-19 contact tracing?

Show me a sign?

September 12, 2020

Georgia Tech-Florida State football game now delayed due to lightning. Uh, number of deaths in Florida due to lightning last year? 345. Number of (reported) deaths in Florida due to COVID-19 this year – 12,500.

Okay if COVID-19 cases on campus, along with lightning delaying game, weren’t enough signs from God to convince FSU not to play their home opener in Tallahassee against Georgia State, what about Seminoles blowing a 10-0 halftime lead to lose 16-13?

Hopes now that the COVID-19 test that caused two SF Giants SD Padres games to be postponed was a false positive.

And on another positive note, a month ago most Giants fans would have thought anything that caused SF’s season to be shorter was a positive.

On the subject of college football, reminder that after 2008 season, Auburn paid Tommy Tuberville $5.1 MILLION to resign. And in 2016 he resigned after 4-8 season as head coach at Cincinnati a few days before his buyout decreased from $2.4 to $1.5 million.

Both Auburn and Cincinnati are public institutions, so your taxpayer dollars at work.

(Vote Doug Jones.)

Virginia Tech’s season opener against Virginia next Saturday just postponed because of “COVID-19 issues” at Virginia Tech. And Michigan State just quarantined their entire campus over a COVID-19 outbreak. But sure, Trump wants to start Big Ten football….

As Trump references bragged about all his events in Nevada, first in Minden – not in Reno, which banned his rally – – & three tomorrow in Las Vegas here’s the current COVID-19 count in Nevada: Nevada – Total cases – 73,234 Deaths – 1451

Let’s revisit these in a couple weeks, shall we?

Donald rants to his supporters in a small town of fewer than 50,000 people an hour from Reno “You’re my kind of people.” As if he would allow any of them into say, Mar-A-Lago or any other Trump golf club.

As MAGAs ran to get up close at Trump rally tonight to the sounds of “Macho Man,” what a shame no reporters were embedded in the crowded to ask what they thought of LGBT rights.

Just saw bit of Trump’s speech, Donald again deliberately mispronouncing Kamala’s name, & saying, if Biden’s elected “she’ll be President within a month or two….” Uh, I thought even joking about health of a Presidential candidate was grounds for a visit from Secret Service?

More Democrats condemned Bill Clinton over a blow job than Republicans are condemning Donald Trump for disparaging US troops.

Spoke too soon..

September 11, 2020

Friday was going to be the first day of MLB season with no games canceled due to COVID-19.


“SF Giants game postponed because of a positive test within the Giants organization.” Damn, who’d a thunk we’d ever miss the days of positive PED tests?

Now Memphis, scheduled to open their season Sept 19 against Houston, has stopped practices after a “significant number of individuals” inside the program were placed into quarantine due to COVID-19 protocols.

Danuel House, Jr was sent home for violating NBA quarantine rules. Presume the rest of the Houston Rockets will be following him Saturday night.

With Danuel House Jr. being booted from NBA bubble for having a guest in his room, I get how isolating it must have felt being locked up since late July. But you’ve come THIS far, and you blow it on your team’s last weekend?

Congrats to Boston Celtics on advancing to NBA Eastern Conference finals with a game 7 win over Toronto Raptors. Have to admit, since CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale is a huge Raptors fan I did have an extra rooting interest for his sake. Since Dale’s main job is fact-checking Trump I figured he needed all the fun he could get.

As Trump pretends to be like Churchill here’s another quote from Sir Winston: “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” Joe. Biden. Listens.

Those were the days. In October 2007, then Delaware Senator Joe Biden in a Presidential Debate on Rudy Giuliani “There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun, a verb and 9/11.”

On Monday, bars in Florida will be able to open at 50% capacity. What could possibly go wrong?

Remembering George W. Bush on 9-11…. “All Americans unite in our resolve for justice & peace. None of us will ever forget this day, yet we go forward to defend freedom & all that is good & just…. With Trump in WH he’d be blaming Democrats before the WTC fires were out.

A day after attacking Joe Biden for using a teleprompter, Trump is using a teleprompter at a White House Medal of Honor ceremony.

And at a 9-11 ceremony, a video showed Trump doesn’t know the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, and Melania doesn’t even try to recite it. There are so many more important things to worry about right now, but if Michelle Obama had stayed silent during the pledge GOP would want her deported, or worse.

In case anyone knows MAGAs claiming that Melania doesn’t need to know the Pledge – one part of getting U.S. citizenship is to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. And here are the questions you need to learn. Think Melania, or Donald could answer them?

I guess we should be glad at least that Trump was so consumed tonight with rage tweeting this Friday night that he forgot to fire anyone.

Trump refused permission to hold rally at Reno Airport so will have it at private Minden-Tahoe Airport. County spokeswoman says adequate social distancing will be in place at event, but adds “no one from Douglas County will be enforcing anything.” What could possibly go wrong?

At Minden Airport in Nevada tonight, local air quality index there tonight was 162 – unhealthy. Wonder how smoke interacts with Adderall. Asking hypothetically.

(End note: Had thought of taking a day off from serious snark for 9-11. But when you wake up to rage tweets from White House…)

Four seasons

September 11, 2020

So as every major North American pro spot, NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL plays simultaneously, the question is – which is most surreal?

Booed by KC fans – players from Chiefs and Texans locking arms in a show of unity before the game, not during the anthem. Not booed by KC fans – Chiefs players credibly accused of domestic violence and/or child abuse. #Priorities

Baylor canceled their Saturday college football game against Louisiana Tech. Wonder why Trump doesn’t demand THEY play?

Maybe it’s simple, maybe the reason Trump sat down with Bob Woodward for 18 interviews is that Woodward was the only person, including WH staff, who’d act interested in what Trump was saying for 18 whole interviews.

Pretty sure today’s GOP would blame Bob Woodward for Watergate.

So if you’re angry at Bob Woodward for not revealing what Trump told him he learned in an intelligence briefing about COVID-19, what about the other people in that briefing?

And seems like a lot of people are madder at Bob Woodward for not speaking up than they are at GOP Senators.

Before someone reminds Trump to tweet about 9-11, remember, 2,977 Americans died that day because of terrorists who hated our country. Between Friday & Sunday of this weekend, over 3,000 Americans will die because of a President who just doesn’t give a damn about our country.

As much as Trump downplays Coronavirus, notice, he has these big rallies at airports where he has almost no time on the ground and no chance to interact with his own supporters.

Trump supporter in Michigan asked on CNN why he isn’t wearing a mask – “The good Lord takes care of me, if I die, I die.” Fine, will he head home, and risk dying there without risking anyone else?

And at today’s airport rally, Trump , AFTER he’s been credibly accused of disrespecting our troops, played CCR’s “Fortunate Son” today in Michigan. How long until he has a Midwest rally playing Neil Young’s “Ohio?”

if you don’t know the song, google it – first verse.

“Some folks are born, made to wave the flag
Ooh, their red, white and blue
And when the band plays “Hail to the Chief”
Ooh, they point the cannon at you, Lord

Authorities in Oregon saying more than 500,000 people statewide forced to evacuate because of wildfires… And suddenly, Donald Trump, who has been obsessed with Portland, seems to have forgotten that the state exists. #Coincidence?

If Trump told his cult members that the sky was red they would boo it for being blue.

Trump comparing himself to Churchill during WWII.

Seriously? If Donald were in London during the Blitz he’d be downplaying the need for a blackout and telling his cult members to keep lights on to illuminate their Trump flags.

RIP, Diana Rigg, 82. Younger generation may know her from Game of Thrones. But forget Princess or even President, as a little kid, I thought one of the coolest things a woman could possibly be was Emma Peel…