Hanging on.

SF Giants had a 14-2 lead going to the bottom of the 9th in Oakland.

Think this was the one time in a month I felt pretty sure SF Giants bullpen might be able to hold this one.

SF 49ers lost QB Jimmy Garappolo, , defensive end Nick Bosa, and RB Raheem Mostert to injury Sunday. And they still beat the New York Jets 31-13.

At this week the best bright spot ahead for Jets on the schedule might be in Week 11 when they take on Bye Week.

Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder is in quarantine after being exposed to someone with coronavirus.

And a whole lot of people on a bipartisan basis held their tongues today to avoid being kicked off Twitter.

EBay now has a plan to shift more business to UPS and away from the US Postal Service because of mail delays.

I sold a book and mailed it Sept 8 from California to a town near Newark, NJ It’s still in transit on Sept 20, though has finally made it to New Jersey.

So do we need to mail our Christmas cards by Halloween?

So apparently a Canadian woman has been arrested and charged with sending that letter with ricin to Trump. Will Donald use this as an excuse to declare war on Canada?

Trump hasn’t announced his SCOTUS pick and I’m a long way from giving up on stopping whoever it is. But to all those who think “well, a woman can’t be THAT bad” – and don’t remember already, consider watching Mrs. America or googling Phyllis Schlafly.

More from “Rage” interviews. Bob Woodward noted to Trump that Jimmy Carter never got the chance to nominate a Supreme Court judge during his presidency. Donald replied: ‘He deserved none.’ This should play real well in Georgia.

Eric Trump mocked Biden for saying of COVID-19 – “It’s estimated 200 million people will die, probably by time I finish this talk.” Except that Biden corrected his gaffe a few minutes later. Eric’s daddy still talks about 1917 flu pandemic because he can’t admit making that first mistake.

Did I expect Trump to use every chance he could to bash California after he lost the state by over 4 MILLION votes? Yes. Did I have “exploding trees” on my bingo card, No.

If Trump is so sure he’s going to win then he should have no worries about waiting to pick RBG’s replacement until after November 3. Period.

Considering how many people Trump has hired but then fired as “losers,” “overrated,” and “embarrassments,” etc, how can anyone say with a straight face Donald should be given another lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court?

And a favorite old joke I first heard on 1970 BBC Series “The Six Wives of Henry VIII ” – seems appropriate on delaying SCOTUS nomination vote until after November 3:

A man entenced to be executed won a reprieve from the King by promising, within a year, he could get King’s favorite horse to talk.

His friend said, “are you crazy?”

And the man replied “Be silent fool, In a year the King may die. Or I may die. Or the horse MAY talk.”

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