Odds on?

So does this year’s betting on college football each week include betting on which teams are likely to postpone games due to COVID-19 outbreaks?

Not that it matters much in grand scheme of things, but it would be nice if the SF Giants would score a run this weekend. Oh yeah, and catch balls hit at them.

(Although maybe this is the Giants way of saying I should focus more on the election than postseason baseball?)

This would be a very good time for Colin Kaepernick to say he was wrong about not voting.

On Fox News, headline “SCOTUS battle sparks calls for arson, violence to block GOP from replacing Ginsburg before election.” Uh, no. Leading Dems have called for GOP Senators to remember what they’ve said in past & “moral reckoning.” But “arson & violence” sound scarier.

Reports that a letter with Ricin addressed to Trump was intercepted by law enforcement. Whether it’s a false flag or not, there is no chance any letter actually gets to Trump. Even a supportive letter. Everyone in the White House knows Donald doesn’t read.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought cancer for over 20 years. We can damn well fight Trump and Mitch McConnell trying to illegally install her replacement for 20 weeks.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was on the Supreme Court since 1993. 27 years. Open note to young people thinking of sitting election out or voting for someone more “progressive” than Biden. Do you want Trump choosing someone to make decisions for you until 2047???

Trump says his list of nominees of potential SCOTUS nominees is “the greatest list ever assembled.” Uh, Donald would call his grocery list the greatest list ever assembled.

Trump tonight announced a woman is in ‘first place’ for his nomination choice. So what does Donald think this is? “SCOTUS Apprentice? ” Or a legal version of “Miss Universe?”

Would be a nice time for Republicans like John Kasich who are supporting Biden also to say that the next President has the right to pick RBG’s replacement. Pass it on.

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