No touchdowns….Jeezus

After Notre Dame canceled their Saturday game yesterday, the Fighting Irish’s last opponent, USF, has canceled THEIR next game against Florida Atlantic because of positive cases on USF Bulls team Wednesday.

Meanwhile the University of Houston has canceled their 4th game in a row, after games against Rice, Memphis and Baylor have all been postponed or canceled due to COVID-19 cases. This time it’s North Texas with some number of players testing postive.

If only God could send college football a sign, or two, or three, or four.

Since the reality show host in White House says he hates NFL & professes to love college football, why schedule photo-op SCOTUS show Saturday at 5pm (instead of Sun.) Right in middle of many games including those of Cincinnati, Georgia and Texas.

Not like Donald needs votes from any of those states.

Damn, now Gale Sayers. RIP 2020 just s*cks. But if you want a good cry that has nothing to do with 2020, watch “Brian’s Song.”

Apparently it’s now going to be illegal to defecate on MTA subways and buses in New York. So until now it’s BEEN legal? I miss when this would have been the craziest story of the day.

You know, if we’d elected Hillary Clinton USA COVID-19 deaths would be a fraction of our 200,000 total. And GOP would probably have tried to impeach her when we hit the first 1,000.

If Kentucky had a Democratic AG wonder if the charges against the officers who killed Breonna Taylor might have been very different. Your reminder, state and local elections MATTER!

Dr. Birx reportedly says she is “distressed” about the White House task force & might have to leave. Would it be churlish to tell Dr. Birx to put a scarf in it?

So how long until Donald starts sending his stormtroopers into liberal “weapons” shops like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s? And will tuna fish and canned soup become the new Sufafed? One per customer and you need ID?

Uh, whatever your definition of normal is, this isn’t it: A president saying “We want to get rid of the ballots, and you’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly, there’ll be a continuation.”

Reporter who asked Donald about “peaceful transfer” of power & got him to admit his plan is to “get rid of the ballots” is Brian Karem of Playboy magazine, (now online only.) Redemption for millions of men over years who’ve said “I only read it for the articles.”

Fox News quotes Rand Paul trying to go after Hunter Biden “I think riding on Air Force Two and doing business is illegal … and probably a felony.” So when is Paul calling for the indictment of regular Air Force One riders Jared and Ivanka?

Fox News also trying to attack Joe Biden for his largely virtual campaign, saying the campaign is trying to “reach voters without actually seeing them.” Right, because unlike Donald, Joe is trying not to kill his supporters.

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