No shot clock.

As we approach the MLB playoffs, will baseball get their entire postseason done before NBA finishes their finals?

Now Notre Dame has 7 CONFIRMED COVID-19 cases and is canceling Saturday’s game. But sure, we’re going to have Big Ten football.

Fox is LITERALLY advertising on their chyron “Trump Supreme Court Pick at 5p Saturday.” Leaving aside the ghoulish nature of doing this before RBG is buried, so Donald doesn’t mind competing with his supposedly beloved college football?

I suppose it would be churlish to say that Amy Comey Barrett is Donald’s possible first choice because he thinks she’s pretty?

Cindy McCain is endorsing Joe Biden.

John would have done the same.

Trump gives himself an A+ on COVID 19 response. Does Donald think he had someone else take that test for him too?

1. 65% of Floridians voted to let former felons vote.

2. Gov Ron DeSantis & GOP legislature hatched plan demanding fees & restitution be paid first.

3. Bloomberg offers to pay fees.

4. Matt Gaetz wants to charge Bloomberg w/ bribery.

I miss when Florida jokes were funny.

RA now saying if Biden wins Beto O’Rourke is going to be “knocking on your door for your AR-15.” And millions of suburban women are thinking “Cool, can he bring Cory Booker with him?”

Trump tonight lamenting social distancing “You can’t meet. You can’t congregate. You can’t look at each other. You can’t give your wife…a kiss goodnight…” So is COVID-19 Melania’s latest excuse?

Four percent of world’s population Twenty percent of world’s COVID-19 deaths. Imagine what it would have taken for Trump to have given himself a B instead of an A+?

Air Force Two with Mike Pence aboard apparently hit a bird and had to return to New Hampshire So how long until Donald calls the bird “deep state” or “Antifa?”

Tonight Rachel Maddow showed how Trump’s CDC changed their own reports safety protocols telling meatpacking plants how to combat outbreaks, to make changes “if feasible,” & “if possible.” Wonder if come next year’s tax season we try tell IRS paying them “wasn’t feasible or possible”

Say what you will about Barack Obama, he never tried to monetize his love for Dijon mustard.

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