Quitting time?

With a 16 point LA Clippers halftime lead over Denver Nuggets in a potential closeout game 6 for Los Angeles, I thought the game was over. So apparently did the Clippers.

(Denver came back to win 111 to 98.)

Meanwhile SF Giants and San Diego Padres returned to play a double header after two games were canceled due to a false positive test involving one Giants player. Subsequent tests, along with tests on the remainder of the team came back negative.

Then in two seven-inning games against the Padres, the Giants bats tested negative for hits.

(They scored 1 run on five hits in two games..)

Okay, so much about 2020 seems surreal – But then seeing the score at the bottom of Raiders-Panthers game and it says “LV” and “CAR.”

A story today said that if Drew Brees had retired, New Orleans was interested in signing Tom Brady. WTF? You’re telling me 2020 could have been WORSE?

Saw some random sports guy on Twitter bitching. “NFL players all over the league are kneeling during the national anthem. We simply aren’t allowed to enjoy sports anymore without politics being shoved down our throats.”

Uh, some people would like to be able to go out and say, enjoy watching sports without worrying about being shot during a traffic stop on the way home. #BlackLivesMatter

It’s not just attending games. As frequent traveler & SF Bay Area Saints fan, I’ve seen Drew Brees play on TV in more sports bars than I can count, locally, DC, Vegas, Key West-as far away as Munich. Trump’s ignoring COVID took that ability away from me, from all of us.

So just ICYMI, real reason Trump is visiting California tomorrow is that he wanted to squeeze in another rally in Arizona tomorrow AM & perhaps more importantly, another taxpayer funded night for him & dozens of Secret Service, staff etc at his money losing Las Vegas hotel.

Meanwhile, if a couple wants to get married in Las Vegas, indoors or out, they can now have no more than 48 guests, masked & socially distanced, attend their wedding. Meanwhile, Donald Trump just had his 2nd rally in 2 days w/ thousands of unmasked, unsocially distanced people.

So I’m a bit of a luddite, can all these pictures of Trump’s packed-in, unmasked rallies be zoomed in or analyzed enough to used in future for COVID-19 contact tracing?

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