Show me a sign?

Georgia Tech-Florida State football game now delayed due to lightning. Uh, number of deaths in Florida due to lightning last year? 345. Number of (reported) deaths in Florida due to COVID-19 this year – 12,500.

Okay if COVID-19 cases on campus, along with lightning delaying game, weren’t enough signs from God to convince FSU not to play their home opener in Tallahassee against Georgia State, what about Seminoles blowing a 10-0 halftime lead to lose 16-13?

Hopes now that the COVID-19 test that caused two SF Giants SD Padres games to be postponed was a false positive.

And on another positive note, a month ago most Giants fans would have thought anything that caused SF’s season to be shorter was a positive.

On the subject of college football, reminder that after 2008 season, Auburn paid Tommy Tuberville $5.1 MILLION to resign. And in 2016 he resigned after 4-8 season as head coach at Cincinnati a few days before his buyout decreased from $2.4 to $1.5 million.

Both Auburn and Cincinnati are public institutions, so your taxpayer dollars at work.

(Vote Doug Jones.)

Virginia Tech’s season opener against Virginia next Saturday just postponed because of “COVID-19 issues” at Virginia Tech. And Michigan State just quarantined their entire campus over a COVID-19 outbreak. But sure, Trump wants to start Big Ten football….

As Trump references bragged about all his events in Nevada, first in Minden – not in Reno, which banned his rally – – & three tomorrow in Las Vegas here’s the current COVID-19 count in Nevada: Nevada – Total cases – 73,234 Deaths – 1451

Let’s revisit these in a couple weeks, shall we?

Donald rants to his supporters in a small town of fewer than 50,000 people an hour from Reno “You’re my kind of people.” As if he would allow any of them into say, Mar-A-Lago or any other Trump golf club.

As MAGAs ran to get up close at Trump rally tonight to the sounds of “Macho Man,” what a shame no reporters were embedded in the crowded to ask what they thought of LGBT rights.

Just saw bit of Trump’s speech, Donald again deliberately mispronouncing Kamala’s name, & saying, if Biden’s elected “she’ll be President within a month or two….” Uh, I thought even joking about health of a Presidential candidate was grounds for a visit from Secret Service?

More Democrats condemned Bill Clinton over a blow job than Republicans are condemning Donald Trump for disparaging US troops.

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