Down to the wired?

Such a small thing in the grand scheme of things. But with MLB new temporary doubleheader rules, still not used to the idea of a closer coming in to save a game in the 7th.

And twice in two days SF Giants had a lead in game late which had they won would have virtually assured them a playoff spot. And the pitcher who gave up 5 runs in a total of 1 inning over 2 days happened to be the ONLY guy who refused to kneel in unity before the anthem with the Giants and Dodgers back in July. Because Sam Coonrod said “I only kneel before God.” and that he’d heard Black Lives Matter was Marxist and anti-nuclear family.

And he said in early September he had no regrets. Maybe mean bitch karma is also a BLM supporter, or at least a fan of team unity.

So in Las Vegas now besides betting on college football is there a way to bet on which games each week will be canceled for COVID-19?

Marlins in MLB playoffs, Miami Heat going to NBA semifinal game 6 vs Celtics, & FSU-Miami college football game Saturday night w/ 13,000 fans in stands. And Florida Gov Ron DeSantis has opened restaurants/bars to 100% capacity w/no mask rules. I wish this had a funny punchline.

Also Florida Gov Ron DeSantis says he wants a full-stadium Super Bowl in Tampa on Feb 7. I thought it was supposed to be crazy socialists who wanted to “Kill the Rich.”

Facebook announced that their long delayed content oversight board will finally begin work on hate speech and misinformation… starting in “mid to late October.” Not like there’s any urgent need now… (Where is a sarcasm emoji when you need one?)

I support Joe Biden.

But if we vote him in this November & it turns out Joe is disappointing, we have midterm elections in 2022, and could vote President Biden out in 2024 election. If Donald Trump wins or steals this another term this November, we may not have another election.

Lindsay Graham “I promise you as a Republican, if the Supreme Court decides that Joe Biden wins, I will accept the result. The court will decide & if Republicans lose, we’ll accept the result.”

No Senator, this is not how it works. If you needed another reason to vote for Jaime Harrison.

Donald Trump’s so called “executive order” protecting pre-existing conditions is a bunch of malarkey. Period.

Donald Trump suddenly pretending to pay attention to Black and Latino communities is like the guy who ignores you all year and then wants a bleeping medal for buying a flower bouquet on the roadside for your birthday.

Overheard by someone in the line to pay respects to RBG last night – a mom talking to her kids “20 years from now you won’t remember the homework you missed tonight.” Go Mom!

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