While I realize there are FAR more important things to worry about right now, WTF was Dubon doing trying to steal third base down with his team down three runs with the SF Giants’ best player this year, Mike Yazstremski at plate as tying run? Okay, back to worrying about the death of democracy.

Haven’t been able to bring myself to watch college football this year, but noticed K.J. Costello threw for 623 passing yards against LSU. Gosh, how much would Stanford have loved to have a QB who could pass like that. Oh wait, never mind.

Also saw that Florida State lost 52-10 to Miami today. Well, for my old friends from high school who remember those Seminoles-Hurricane games, at least the game didn’t end with a FG miss wide-right.

And Florida State coach Mike Norvell, who couldn’t be at the game due to testing positive for COVID-19, took the blame – “Tonight was extremely challenging.Those are my guys, and to be sitting at home and not being able to have an impact throughout the course of the game, it was a tough night.”

So what lesson will no doubt many football folks take from that? Don’t get tested.

So along with the college football polls after this week’s games, can media also publish a list of the top five universities for COVID-19 cases?

Do try to check my tweets and other posts before posting. One I thought surely was satire was story that Trump complained tonight media didn’t cover his 2 “Noble” prizes. Nope. Yeah, media didn’t cover the prizes he didn’t win….

Trying to wrap my head around what would have happened if Obama had nominated Merrick Garland before Antonin Scalia was buried.

I’ll concede Amy Coney Barrett is a smart congenial woman who’s a good mom. That’s NOT the point.

The point – In precedent set by Abraham Lincoln & expanded by Mitch McConnell, NO candidate should go through SCOTUS confirmation process, while people are ALREADY voting.

Does anyone believe the man who doesn’t even read his intelligence briefings actually “studied” about Amy Coney Barrett?

Over-under on the number of “Amy Coney Barrett is a great carpool mom who shows up with good cupcakes for bake sales” stories from media this week?

So much talk of Amy Coney Barrett being an originalist – “all statements in constitution must be interpreted based on original understanding of authors or people at time it was ratified.” If that’s true then she knows authors never intended women to vote, let alone be judges.

Amy Coney Barrett, a mother of seven, including a special-needs child, if confirmed on Supreme Court, will have healthcare for life And if confirmed, she is likely to be the deciding vote to strip healthcare from millions of Americans.

How nice for Judge Barrett that her husband, a partner in a South Bend law firm, helps around the house and does much of the cooking. Can anyone remember a male appointee praising his wife for both having a job and helping raise their children?

Again, WTAF? Trump is trying to use the Iowa “primary” mess as an example of the problems with mail in ballots. So did no one tell Donald, or did he forget that Iowa was CAUCUSES?

The only legitimate pick Donald Trump could have made for RBG’s SCOTUS seat before the election is Merrick Garland. Period.

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