Not with a bang but a called third.

SF Giant had plenty of chances to make the playoffs.

But Sunday, in a 5-4 the Giants went down on at least four called third strikes on pitches WELL outside the strike zone.

Now, Giants also lost two games last week due to the “runner on 2nd” in extra innings rule, and the 7 inning double headers. If MLB is going to get creative, maybe 2021 would be the year to look seriously at robot umps?

Need more reason to hate Rob Drake, umpire who helped end SF Giants season w/ his horrific strike calls? In October, 2019, ESPN reported Rob tweeted then deleted that he planned to buy AR-15 “because if you impeach my PRESIDENT this way, YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER CIVAL WAR!!! #MAGA2020,”

Back to college football, Georgia State postponed their game against Charlotte over COVID-19 tests that were apparently “read incorrectly.” -ie so-called positive tests were really negative.

Instills a lot of confidence about some of these “negative” tests….

It’s a genuinely nice thing that Amy Coney Barrett & her family say they love her youngest son with Down Syndrome so much. Does Judge Barrett realize that some health insurance plans consider Down syndrome to be a pre-existing condition?

Your reminder while Trump rants that Joe Biden should take a drug test, Donald himself has refused to give E Jean Carroll’s lawyers a sample of his DNA.

Trump ranting to his cult last night about God-given rights” in Pennsylvania. So I missed the part of the Bible where after feeding the multitudes, Jesus gives them all AR-15s.

So how many calls has Donald Trump made to Bill Barr since Sunday afternoon demanding “his” AG shut down the @NYTimes?

Reportedly after the debate Joe Biden will make a multi-day campaign train tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania. Will be a nice contrast – Joe’s train tour compared to Donald’s daily train wreck.

We don’t know all details yet on Trump tax returns, but while the GOP complains loudly about Democrats paying fines for former felons to be able to vote, Republicans are also asking us to believe man accused of current felony tax fraud should be able to put a lifetime vote on SCOTUS?

Wow. This shocking headline “Poll shows majority of Americans want vacant Supreme Court Justice seat filled after election.” Not the poll, where the headline came from “By Bradford Betz | Fox News.” Guessing Dear Leader will not be pleased with state TV tomorrow.

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