Cup holders.

Congrats to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Who won the Stanley Cup after almost two months in the NHL bubble.

The league managed to get through the whole two months without a single COVID-19 case….so credit to all involved for good behavior.

Oh, and a bit of geographic help. The NHL did their entire end of season and post season in CANADA. (Toronto and Edmonton.)

Now of course the really scary part begins for the team…. if any of them are heading back to Florida.

Not saying ice hockey isn’t really Florida’s thing. But have to wonder how it would if folks in the Tampa area were asked if they had seen the Lightning.

Guessing most of them would respond, we didn’t even hear the Thunder.

If only God could send us a sign about playing college football? – ESPN reports “Notre Dame football team announces 18 positive cases in latest round of COVID-19 testing.”

As I watch some of these Big Ten football players opt back into the season, sad realization that for some, heart issues from COVID-19 may kill them years after most of us have forgotten about the pandemic. And their college careers.

Remember, if we vote in Joe Biden and we don’t like the job he’s doing we can vote him out. If we re-elect Donald Trump we may never have another election again.

Really sad when you see people interviewed on local news about the Presidential Debate Tuesday and you already know who they’re supporting for based on whether or not they are wearing a mask.

WTAF? Now The Daily Show reports that Donald’s mini-me Florida Governor Ron De Santis wants to implement a “College Bill of Rights” for Florida students to be able to party with no restrictions and no masks.

Again, GOP motto really is, people are dying to re-elect Trump.

We know Joe Biden will chose a SCOTUS nominee who supports Roe V. Wade. We know Trump’s handlers gave him list of nominees who would overturn it. Not the point. Point is based even on 2016 precedent, nomination is illegitimate. Unless Donald chose Merrick Garland.

I remember bumper stickers “We survived Clinton – you’ll survive Bush, ” & then “We survived Bush – you’ll survive Obama.” Oddly, haven’t seen any of them saying “We survived Trump…” Probably because we haven’t, and over 205,000 Americans (so far) won’t.

If Trump is so sure he will be re-elected why is he pushing so hard for his nominee to be confirmed before the election? And if he thinks he can’t win without her on the Supreme Court that alone should be reason for Coney Barrett to recuse herself.

Fox News was more upset by Nancy Pelosi’s blowdry than they are about Donald claiming a $70K tax deduction for hairstyling.

Donald tweeted “Joe Biden just announced that he will not agree to a Drug Test. Gee, I wonder why? Donald himself will not agree to give his DNA to E Jean Carroll’s lawyers, Gee, I wonder why?

Rachel Maddow points out that Donald claims his hotel lost $55 million dollars….how do you charge almost $1,000 a night in DC for hotel room plus inflated prices for events that are charged to taxpayers & still LOSE MONEY? If that were true every hotel in town would be going broke.

Just saying, Donald Trump spending $70,000 on his hair to look like it does might be reason itself for the 25th Amendment.

Dear Donald Trump. It doesn’t really count as job creation if you keep firing the people you hired and thus creating new openings.

Also doesn’t count if some jobs are open because previous people who held them are like, you know, dead.

Sincerely, America.

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