Extra innings.

Si.Com today on baseball postseason “Depending on your perspective, it’s set to be either gloriously chaotic, or a total mess.”

Uh, couldn’t it be both?

Again, so while we keep getting the top 25 college football polls every week, can we get a top 25 college football COVID-19 list? Today 19 Buffalo football players test positive for virus.

Apparently the 18 Notre Dame football team positive cases were the result of a pre-game meal together a player who threw up on the sidelines. Well, good thing college students don’t eat, drink and throw up at parties.

Amy Klobuchar tweeted today “Donald Trump. Are you a President on the debate stage or a heckler at a ballgame? Our country needs a leader we respect. Not a guy we need to shout over to be heard.”

Uh, I’ve been to about 45 different Major League ballparks, I know good people who work for SF Giants. If any heckler behaved like Donald Trump did tonight and disregarded ushers repeatedly they’d be thrown out of the stadium. Permanently.

Warning for Kamala Harris: Especially after tonight when Donald Trump acted like a petulant bully, Mike Pence will get a boost in VP debate if he simply acts like a civil human being.

Such a small lie in the grand scheme of things but Trump said the evening of Sept 22. “I’m getting very close to having a final decision made. ” And Amy Coney Barrett said in her formal questionnaire to the Senate that Donald offered her the seat on Sept 21!

September 21, in case you remember, was MONDAY, RBG died Friday night.

All anyone who’s never watched Fox and Friends needs to know about the show – today their guest making accusations about Joe Biden’s mental state was…. Rudy Giuliani.

Whatever you think about Chris Wallace, he gave Donald Trump easy chances tonight to act Presidential, to display an understanding of issues facing our country, even to act like a decent human being. And Donald failed on all counts.

In a normal world, it would be bad enough that a US President couldn’t disavow White Supremacists. In a worse abnormal 2020 world, we’ve got a US President who responds by telling Proud Boys to “stand down, stand by.”

Okay, all future debates involving Trump must have a mute button for moderator to use when Donald is not supposed to talk. Either or they need a strong woman capable of b*tch slapping him into submission.

Andrew Yang makes a great point, the people who should be really upset tonight are down ballot Republicans. If only they had remembered they took an oath to our country and not to Donald Trump.

Heckuva strategy for Donald to try to appeal to suburban women by reminding them of their tantrum-throwing children, along with abusive bosses and ex-boyfriends/husbands.

So what excuse will Trump give for skipping the next two debates?

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