Walking on empty…

There were 19(!) walks in Yankees-Indians game tonight. Tied postseason record. And how many of us who used to be youth baseball parents had painful little league flashbacks?

Meanwhile not honestly sure what’s worse…being an SF Giants fan and watching team miss out on playoffs by losing three very winnable games in a row the last weekend of season. Or being a Twins fan and watching team make playoffs and then set a record for consecutive losses in the postseason. (18)

No runner on 2nd and nobody out rule in extra innings in the playoffs. Although as Reds-Braves ending up 0-0 going into 13th MLB might be rethinking that decision.

As Trump said he ‘brought back Big Ten football,’ can we remind him of this – IF the season actually gets starts, and WHEN the COVID-19 cases in the Midwest get even worse?

Washington Post reports a Rand study found “U.S. alcohol consumption has increased strikingly during pandemic.” Uh, they needed a “study” for that?

Mississippi with COVID-19 cases increasing, is eliminating mask mandate. Gov. Reeves “believes masks work” But “we have to trust people to look after themselves & make wise decisions.” So is GOP Gov. getting rid of speed limits & DUI laws too?

More I think about it, more I think Amy Klobuchar nailed it with comparison of Donald Trump to a heckler at a ballgame: Because it’s not just being loud & annoying – a heckler only knows how to criticize – without the ability or a real plan how to do anything better.

Anyone who’s been on a Zoom call knows a simple solution for the next debate. The host mutes everyone who isn’t supposed to be talking. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

One thing I learned with last night’s debate: Not that it was on my list, but I now have absolutely, positively no interest in ever attending a cage match.

If Donald really doesn’t know who the Proud Boys are, then why would he think he needs to tell them to stand down? Asking for a really tired country.

Trump told “Proud Boys” to “stand back and stand by.” And if after listening to Donald for years, Tim Scott really thinks he “misspoke” then maybe Senator Scott needs a cognitive test.

Donald Trump tweeting today about debate – “HIGHEST CABLE TELEVISION RATINGS OF ALL TIME. SECOND HIGHEST OVERALL TELEVISION RATINGS OF ALL TIME.” Well yes, highest rated parts of NASCAR races sadly are usually the wrecks.

For those who remember Sister Mary Elephant, and Cheech and Chong, (and records) … Chris Wallace last night in the debate was as if the record got stuck and we just kept hearing “class, class, class, class, class, class, class, class…..

If Donald Trump is bound and determined not to let Joe Biden be heard in the next debate, maybe Katie Porter could loan Joe her white board?

Donald thinks he won the debate, “every poll I saw, I won the debate.” Did Trump use his map Sharpie on polls too?

CNN reports a source says that Donald thinks he did well last night. Can we start calling Trump the “Participation Trophy President?”

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