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September 3, 2020

Daniel Dale, the intrepid fact-checker for CNN, who stays very calm despite what is often a deluge of “alternative facts” from Donald Trump, tweeted “AHHHHH WHATTTT” this evening.

Dale is from Toronto and a big Raptors fan. The Raptors beat the Celtics on a miracle shot at the buzzer. But maybe for all our sanity he needs to hashtag sports tweets with a hashtag so we don’t think Donald finally said or did something that pushed him over the edge.

First FBS college football game tonight between Southern Mississippi and South Alabama in Hattiesburg, MS., before 10,000 fans – who were allowed to take off their masks while seated. So when you’re wondering where that Southern spike comes from in a couple weeks?

So if Senators Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris & Amy Klobuchar all get their hair blow dried in public while holding up a copy of the Senate Intelligence report on Russian interference will the media finally pay major attention to it?

To add to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s insanity on pushing tourism while the state still is in the midst of a COVID-19 spike, DeSantis is pushing to allow tourists from BRAZIL? Guess which country is almost as bad as the US in dealing with the virus -over 4 million cases!

Trump, maskless at today’s vanity rally, mocked Biden for wearing one so often. “Did you ever see a man who likes a mask as much as him… It gives him a feeling of security.” Next thing you know Donald will mock Joe for not being man enough to look directly at a solar eclipse.

As we passed 6 million COVID-19 cases in US, over 180,000 deaths, almost 30 million Americans unemployed… This is a REAL Fox News website front page headline “Republicans want AG to determine whether Pelosi committed criminal act for ripping up Trump speech.”

Press Secretary Barbie ran the secretly recorded salon video of Pelosi with her mask around her neck on a loop during WH Press conference today. She thinks we care more about Nancy Pelosi’s hair than RUSSIAN BOUNTIES ON US TROOPS.

And since media wants to play the “Do as I say not as I do” card,” over a blow-dry, why aren’t they talking about Donald saying most COVID-19 testing is unnecessary at the same time he and his White House cronies are tested daily?

Trump can’t even keep his lies straight. On canceling visit to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery from Paris: “I couldn’t fly because it was raining about as hard as I’ve ever seen. On top of that it was very very foggy.”

Donald was staying at the US Ambassador’s Residence in Paris, 41 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. It’s less than 100 km from the cemetery – about an hour to and hour and a half by car according to Google. And Presidential motorcades don’t get stuck in traffic.

Ted Cruz tweeted, trying to ban the abortion pill – “Pregnancy is not a life-threatening illness, and the abortion pill does not cure or prevent any disease. Make no mistake, Mifeprex is a dangerous pill. “

Well, Ted while we’re at it, many men have undiagnosed heart and other conditions. So why don’t we ban Viagra? Since sex does not cure or prevent any disease, and so the little blue pill could be equally if not more dangerous.

The heat is off?

September 3, 2020

As hard as it must be to lose NBA playoff game seven, have to think that this year the disappointment and frustration must at least be tempered a bit by being able to get out of Orlando in what is still summer – 90 + degrees, 90+ % humidity.

Damn. RIP Tom Seaver. Was I a Mets fan, no. But it was hard to root against him. And the 1969 Miracle Mets were one of the first just pure fun sports stories I remember. (Apologies to Orioles and Cubs fans.)

With the sad death of Tom Seaver, a good time to remember that Casey Stengel always said the Mets would win when they put a man on the Moon. They did. 1969.

In hopes of appealing to swing state sports fans, Trump is whining over the cancellation of Big Ten football, but crickets on Pac 12 football. Well, we all know Donald hates California but has he given up on Colorado and Arizona too?

CDC reportedly telling some health officials to be ready to start distributing a vaccine before November. And then presumably on November 4 to be ready to tell the public they don’t have enough vaccine and/or it doesn’t work.

Trump won’t condemn the poisoning of Alexey Navalny. Trump won’t condemn Russian bounties on US troops. Trump won’t condemn Russian election interference. The only loyalty Trump has is to his boss, Putin.

Don’t forget, foreign countries don’t need to push a candidate to influence an election. All they need to do is discredit the most viable opposition. Or get people disillusioned enough not to vote at all.

Tonight Rachel Maddow talks about Trump’s new pet COVID-19 doctor, Scott Atlas being a radiologist with no infectious disease experience. Add to that, can tell you as someone living near Stanford University, Atlas hasn’t even been at the Med School since 2012!

Martha McSally is down about 17 points to Mark Kelly in Arizona. So wonder if CNN will invite Rick Santorum on to talk about her chances? (Santorum lost his re-election to the Senate by 18 points in 2006.)

As Iowa and South Dakota have become two of USA’s worst COVID-19 hot spots, have to wonder, how many attendees of Trump’s Hatch Act violation RNC last week will get tested if they get sick, since it would mean admitting they were wrong.

As much of an upgrade as Joe Biden is going to be on Donald Trump, imagine how much of an upgrade President Biden’s AG, whoever she or he may be, is going to be on Bill Barr.

Motto of the Sturgis Motorcyle Rally was “Stay, Play, Ride.” In 2020 maybe it should have been “Stay, Play, Ride, Die.”

Asked how he’d deal with civil unrest, Joe Biden responds. “First of all I wouldn’t incite violence.”

As Trump tried to pretend he gave acceptance speech on the White House lawn to save $$$$ compared to him going to Charlotte, this is your reminder that not only did Donald make a 1 day trip to Charlotte last week, but also he’s in North Carolina again, today. On taxpayer dime.

Fox News now headlining Nancy Pelosi’s blowdry. For some reason I missed their outrage over Melania Antoinette’s redoing the Rose Garden in the middle of a pandemic.