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Out of order, again

October 31, 2020

I blame Trump

Forgot to hit send on Thursday night jokes.

Chicago White Sox have hired 76 year old Tony LaRussa as manager. So they’re making a play to win the 2012 World Series.

It’s enough that many coaches are the age of their players’ parents. Tony is probably older than most of their grandparents.

Was rowing coxswain some years back. When it got close to end of race & everyone was exhausted, one of my favorite lines was “It will hurt less if we win.” That’s how I feel less than 100 hours until Nov 3. We’re all exhausted, but it will hurt less if we win.

Maybe for some it was funny when Trump attacked NY & Calif, while threatening to withhold funding from Blue States. But now clear w/ his Superspreader rallies & lack of concern for natural disasters that Donald doesn’t give a damn about Red States either.

Trump postpones his North Carolina rally this afternoon due to high winds. But still, after not tweeting a warning can’t be bothered to send good wishes to RED states affected by Zeta.

Not saying Joe Biden will be perfect, he won’t be. But he will be a President for all 50 states.

Just once I’d like to get an email from a campaign saying… we’re doing great on fundraising, thanks for your support, so please donate to someone else.

Not that I miss him but anyone seen Bill Barr?

Commercial tonight falsely accusing Democrats of being “far left:” “Republicans aren’t perfect but they’re the only ones who can bring America back.” Uh, remind me who’s running the country?

Weather might be a factor. But just wondering, as Trump has been pushing Republicans to vote in person, if this results in actual lines might some of them give up and go home on Election Day?

Melania campaigns w/ Donald, says Trump “focusing on creating ways for people to safely stop isolating & safely gathering w/ friends at safe distance.’ In front of “about 6,000 unmasked people packed so tightly they were sprayed w/ water to keep them cool.” There is no satire.

Trump today claimed at his rally that “we locked down and now we’re open for business.” Well, hospitals and mortuaries for sure.

Dr. Deborah Birx reportedly decided in late summer that she wouldn’t sit in meetings any more with Dr. Scott Atlas and went out on her own to try to fight COVID-19 Good for her I suppose, but why didn’t Dr. Birx speak out?

Cheaters sometime prosper?

October 31, 2020

We’ll never know for sure, but AJ Hinch, who received a one year suspension this year as the Astros skipper, probably wasn’t the guiltiest person in Houston.

But today, as he was announced as manager of the Tigers, Hinch said his phone rang “About 30 minutes after the last out of the World Series.”

30 minutes after it was legal for any team to call him. Any questions on white male privilege?

-Trump RTing Praise from Brett Favre today. I’m so old I remember when Saints were criticized for hitting Favre too hard in the NFC championship game. Now….? You’re welcome.

A friend points out that maybe it was possible Brett Favre meant to endorse Biden, but it was intercepted.

True of both football & politics; few leads are really safe & the prevent defense often prevents you winning. In tonight’s University of Minnesot vs Maryland game the Golden Gophers blew 17 point 4th quarter lead and then lost in OT when they missed a PAT kick.

While I feel bad for Amy Klobuchar, who’s a big University of Minnesota football fan, it’s a good reminder, with election in less than 3 days – NEVER LET UP. – #WinBig

Lindsey Graham tonight claimed Barrett “was 1 of most qualified nominees to ever be nominated to Supreme Court.” Uh, nothing personal against Coney Barrett. But privileged upbringing, expensive small liberal arts college in Memphis, good law degree from Notre Dame -ranked 22nd in country – & less than 3 years on bench…. not exactly RBG territory.

Trump only spoke for 21 minutes in Rochester, MN tonight. That’s barely enough time for Donald to contradict himself in the same speech.

Sure, not everyone who attends a Trump superspreader event gets sick. People have been known to survive playing Russian Roulette too.

Melania Trump “I was shocked to discover that some of these powerful people have tried to paint my husband as anti-gay or against equality.”Did she also say she was shocked to discover there was gambling in Las Vegas?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump wished Ivanka a happy birthday on Twitter. He didn’t wish Melania a happy birthday on Twitter. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

At all Trump rallies Donald attacks rivals, his own administration officials, media etc.

But Fox News headline? “Biden rips ‘ugly’ Trump supporters”

Joe’s quote-“Dr. Fauci called for mask mandate. This isn’t poltical statement like those ugly folks over there beeping horns. This is a patriotic duty, for God’s sake.”

Trump hotel already sold out election week for $1000 a night & up. With nonrefundable rates. Now Trump plans to move his election night party to the… WHITE HOUSE? Because he says “I don’t know if you’re allowed to use (the hotel) or not.” As if rules matter to Donald.

So did Trump move his Election Night Party from his hotel, where he can’t ban anyone who paid for a room, to the White House because this way he can keep reporters from seeing him cry?

Saw a Trump rally goer saying if Joe Biden wins the election she is leaving the country. Wait until she finds out Donald’s incompetence with COVID-19 has made it so that most other countries have banned us!

If only Donald Trump had fought half as hard against COVID-19 as he is fighting now to take away your vote!

The pen is mightier than the sword. Especially when it’s a blue or black ink pen used to fill in your ballot.

Bang the trash can slowly?

October 29, 2020

Houston Astros thinking… okay, so we stole signs, we didn’t risk infecting people with a life-threatening disease.

Mookie Betts on Justin Turner disobeying an order and returning to World Series celebration on the field AFTER a 2nd confirmed COVID-19 test “Forget all that. He’s part of the team. We’re not excluding him.” This may age well. Whatever Dodgers say, science always bats last.

A COVID-19 surge, which has affected Wisconsin’s coach, top QB and 3rd string QB, among others, has forced the cancellation of this weekend’s Wisconsin-Nebraska game.

I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

Just started wondering, how much of Trump’s trying to suppress COVID-19 testing is to keep U.S. official cases under 10,000,000 by election day?

Even if Senators in YOUR state aren’t up for re-election, just imagine Senate where Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio are in minority, and Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, and Sherrod Brown are committee chairs!

Amy Klobuchar on CNN points out Barrett did NOT recuse herself on SCOTUS election decision, but said she hadn’t had time to review files. Which means Barrett still is leaving open option to do what Trump put her on court to do.

How much do we long for a day when CNN will have NO “Breaking News?

As stock market has fallen precipitously this week, reminder House passed Heroes Act months ago & Senate Democrats BEGGED Mitch McConnell to focus on COVID-19 relief instead of court packing. A blue Senate won’t magically fix everything. But it will be a start.

Not a paid campaign strategist but…. Thinking that a Presidential re-election strategy of telling people to die for the stock market loses some of its potency when that President’s failures tank the stock market.

So the real reason Trump is campaigning in Arizona today? It allowed him to funnel more taxpayer $$$$ to his money losing Las Vegas hotel by staying there last night. While his own supporters spent hours out in the Nebraska cold.

It gets worse. After billing taxpayers for a stay in his Las Vegas hotel last night, Donald Trump is spending tonight at his Doral resort in Miami. So has Donald given up on the election in favor of just lining his pockets as much as he can while he still can?

Since Donald Trump seems so hellbent on making as much money as he can before leaving office, perhaps President-Elect Biden could make him a deal…. leave in mid-November, let Joe take over, and taxpayers will cover his Mar-A-Lago expenses until January 20, 2021?

Pretty sure Joe Biden won’t bill taxpayers $3 for a glass of water at his hotels. Oh that’s right, Biden doesn’t HAVE hotels.


October 28, 2020

So when we get to a point of convincing ourselves 2020 never happened will that mean we can vacate Dodgers World Series title?

Yeah, I admit, I don’t like the Dodgers. But let’s hope tonight’s World Series game doesn’t go down in history as the biggest super spreader event in sports.

But think back to SF Giants vs Padres in San Diego when Alex Dickerson had a presumptive positive test. They postponed two games until another test came back negative. Pretty darn sure they didn’t want to postpone the World Series. And had the Rays won game 6, game 7 wouldn’t have happened for a while.

(Another reminder, they’ve been closing the damn roof in Texas for no necessary reason except comfort. )

On other hand…. 72 pitches, 2 hits, 0 runs, & Rays pulled Snell in Game 6 of World Series. I don’t think Bruce Bochy would have dared even TALK to Madison Bumgarner on the mound in that situation. I love baseball. I hate analytics.

(and yes, I was mad BEFORE the next pitcher gave up the lead. I have witnesses!)

QB Trevor Lawrence now says he MIGHT stay at Clemson for his senior season rather than opting for NFL draft. Especially if Trevor thinks this year he might be drafted by the NY Jets?

Six days until election. And EVERYTHING Trump and his sycophant Postmaster General Dejoy will do until Nov 3 will be to destroy every bit of the reputation of USPS. If you haven’t voted by mail, vote in person.

Barack Obama said Donald Trump is “jealous of COVID’s media coverage.” Sadly, I think Obama is right.

There’s so little good news in 2020. But here’s a thought – if we just #VOTE in seven days we may never have to turn on TV to see one of Trump’s rally speeches again.

Melania Trump returned to the campaign trail today for a solo trip to Pennsylvania. So which one of Michelle’s speeches did she give?

Trump claims “It would be very, very proper & very nice if winner were declared on Nov. 3 instead of counting ballots for 2 wks, which is totally inappropriate.” Unless Joe Biden is leading on the night of Nov 3 in which case Donald will demand ballots be counted for weeks.

Trump says Kamala Harris won’t be the first woman President. Donald may or may not be right. But it sure as hell WON’T be Ivanka.

If Donald Trump really thought he was winning he wouldn’t be campaigning a week before the election in Nebraska. Period.

When you’ve failed at everything, when you’ve gone from bankrupting casinos to bankrupting the country the only closing message you know is a “closing down” message. Let’s close down this failed Trump show.


October 26, 2020

Need another reason as a Californian to root against the Dodgers. Los Angeles public health department says that fans celebrating Lakers and Dodgers in the postseason have probably continued to a rise in covid-19 cases.

Meanwhile, about Trump’s beloved Big Ten football…. Per ESPN “No. 9 Wisconsin might be down to its fourth-string quarterback after Chase Wolf tested positive for COVID-19, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Monday night.”

-Jared on Pence not quarantining despite staffers getting COVID “VP obviously has great knowledge about disease & pandemic, he knows right protocols & I have every confidence that he’s following those protocols.” Translation “he has access to same care as Trump so who cares?

If GOP thought most people in Wisconsin approve of what they are doing, they wouldn’t make it so hard for people who aren’t big cheeses to vote.

Amy Coney Barrett tonight “This was a rigorous confirmation process.” If Barrett really believes that then she should be impeached as too stupid to sit on the Supreme Court.

Nothing against Coney Barrett personally, but ABC takes longer for due diligence on the Bachelorette than GOP has done on this SCOTUS seat.

In case you had any doubt about GOP being complete and total wankers. (British term, very appropriate)

This tweet tonight from the House Judiciary GOP

@JudiciaryGOP · 6hAmy Coney Barrett, confirmed. Happy Birthday, @HillaryClinton!

Sad thought, if Hillary Clinton were President, GOP would probably would have been trying to impeach her over even 10,000 COVID-19 deaths.

Think it’s just Coney Barrett? No. Example – Justin Walker, nominated as Kentucky judge in June 2019, rated “not qualified” by ABA, but confirmed in Oct. This Sept. Trump nominated Walker to DC Court of Appeals & GOP Senate confirmed him for that too. We NEED to #FlipTheSenate

So what does Amy Coney Barrett tell her children when they come home complaining from school that “life is unfair?”

2020 – my 11th time voting in Presidential Election. In FIVE of them was my 1st choice from primary at top of ticket & 3 of those elections they were incumbent POTUS. But as Democrat I suck it up & vote Blue.

To all those who would rather lose than compromise, enjoy your Supreme Court.

Remember when we believed in “checks and balances?” “We the people” are now the checks and balances.

Weakly through the weekend.

October 25, 2020

So I missed it, did the Vikings win or at least cover the spread against Bye Week?

Wisconsin’s new star QB tests positive for COVID-19 . Sigh. Starting Big Ten football during the biggest COVID-19 spike in parts of the Midwest ever.

I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.


World Series will at least last six games.

“I need to think something lasts forever, and it might as well be that state of being that is a game; it might as well be that, in a green field, in the sun.” A. Bartlett Giamatti.

Washington Post Headline “After bruising campaign, Biden emerges more popular.” Good for Joe, but compared to Donald, George W. Bush has emerged as more popular.

Washington State Department of Agriculture destroyed the first nest of “murder hornets,” by vacuuming the insects out of a tree.

Is that how we’re going to have to get the Trump family out of the White House?

So what is Trump’s fascination with suburban women?

Average age of Senators – 61.8 years. And Mike Pence, with at least 5 staffers positive for COVID-19 will be in Senate tomorrow. Can someone do a citizen’s arrest for reckless endangerment?

Of course in a perfect world we vote out Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. But just a net gain of four seats means taking away their gavels.

CNN actually compared Trump to Jimmy Carter. Not even close. Jimmy is a good and decent man, and has been a great ex-president. Can anyone imagine Donald doing ANYTHING good after he leaves office?

If you knew NOTHING about two candidates & parties in another country’s election, but you knew one was trying to encourage a record turnout & the other wanted to suppress as many votes as possible… choice would be easy. That’s OUR choice.

Baseball is boring, right?

October 24, 2020

Not tonight.

Today would be a good day for Colin Kaepernick to say he was wrong not to vote.

If you needed one more reason to root against Tom Brady, I give you the Buccaneers signing Antonio Brown. Who will not be eligible to play until the Saints game Nov 8. “Don’t forget the eight-game suspension Brown is currently serving, based in part on intimidating texts he sent to one of the women accusing him of sexual misconduct.”

Trump on GOP Senate races, “There are are couple senators I can’t really get involved in… You lose your soul if you do. I can’t help some of them. I don’t want to help some of them.”

Translation, I’ve made them so unpopular they don’t want me anywhere near them.

Who knew that Donald Trump trying to make it so hard for people to vote might have become one of the most motivating parts of Joe Biden’s GOTV campaign?

You may think your single vote doesn’t count for much. If each vote didn’t count, GOP wouldn’t try so hard to keep each of us from voting.

If you don’t already love Dr. Biden – Jill today on campaign trail “I know Pennsylvanians won’t agree on everything but we agree on 2 things. 1- we all want the Patriots to lose & we all want Joe Biden as President.”

Early voting in 2020 has now equaled 2016 totals. So for all that Mitch McConnell wants to pretend GOP controls the Senate in ramming through Amy Coney Barrett nomination, if we counted those votes, Republicans might have already lost control.

Breaking Saturday night news – Pence thinks he can get away with having five aides test positive for COVID-19 and keep campaigning. Maybe because we are too close to the election for any MAGA voters to get sick and die before voting?

Trump attacked the idea of a female president last night at his rally. I do hope Donald lives long enough not only to see a woman VP, but to see a winning future Democratic ticket with TWO women on it.

Back to back.

October 23, 2020

oops, didn’t hit “publish” last night… so

Antonio Brown has signed with Tampa Bay. As if Tom Brady weren’t reason enough to hate the Buccaneers.

As strong as Dodgers offense has looked so far in World Series, your reminder that Los Angeles might not even be in the Series if the Atlanta Braves had paid attention to baserunning drills.

Remember when the worst thing we could say about our President on average weekend nights was that he would go on date nights with his wife?

Another thing to look forward to in a Joe Biden Presidency…. . Joe won’t spend Friday nights retweeting fringe talk show hosts.

Fox News headline with Lou Dobbs “Graham sells out Americans, working on hearings for Dorsey and Zuckerberg after the elections.” Right after Lindsey REALLY sold out Americans by holding SCOTUS hearings for Barrett BEFORE the election.

Trump campaign says they and RNC raised $26 million around the final presidential debate. How much of that was in rubles?

“Learning to live with the virus?” As America careens towards 10,000,000 cases before Thanksgiving, not only will over a quarter of a million of us be dead, millions will live with long term health conditions for decades.

Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett had internet problems and basically blamed Joe Biden.

If Joe Biden really had the power to crash anyone’s internet capability don’t you think instead of going after Gregg Jarrett he’d have tried to knock Donald Trump off Twitter?

As Donald sends his oldest daughter out as a surrogate…. All you need to know about Trump’s knowledge of suburban women is that he thinks they are scared of Cory Booker and can relate to Ivanka.

Trump tweet “I do not sound like a typical Washington politician, it’s because I’m NOT a politician. If I do not always play by the rules of the Washington Establishment, it’s because I was elected to fight for YOU.” Ok then, if YOU is Donald’s mirror.

NY State of Mind?

October 23, 2020

Yesterday, Barack Obama spoke in the parking lot for the Philadelphia Eagles. Tonight the 1-5 NY Giants come to the stadium to play the 1-4-1 Eagles. Talk about “From the sublime to the ridiculous.”

Some people may have thought the debate was a waste of time because they really didn’t find out anything new about Trump and Biden. On the other hand, in NY area, at least sports fans who turned in to Debate didn’t have to watch tonight’s latest NY Giants meltdown.

One of the lines of the night after the debate from Jake Tapper – “Trump behaved like a regular person, might, theoretically.”

Of course, how long until NY Times “both sides” the debate because Donald interrupted less. Can’t we just give him a cookie? Or two scoops?

As Lindsey Graham moved Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination out of committee without a quorum I don’t want to hear one word in 2021 from GOP about any rules a Blue Senate might break.

One of Texas Senator John Cornyn’s ads attacked combat veteran and Purple Heart medal winner MJ Hegar for swearing on the campaign trail.

Her response on Twitter. “Here’s another ad for you, John! You’re a sell-out, and Texans see through your bullshit. We’re mad as hell that you tried to gut our health care. It’s a damn shame you’ve spent so long in DC you forgot what regular Texans sound like.”

I am really beginning to like MJ Hegar.

Also Remember, no matter what state you live in, electing Jaime Harrison means never having to look at Lindsey Graham on C-Span again.

Lindsey Graham this morning on Judge Barrett.. “She will take her job on without agenda.” Uh, if that were true the GOP Senate wouldn’t have been in such a rush to ram her nomination through. Period.

Trump “I know more about wind than you do.” If wind is hot air..

Amongst many interesting comments Trump made tonight “I think we’re going to win the House.” – Maybe he meant he might win all the votes from the White House. But not sure about Melania.

Bloomberg reports Idaho is now the best U.S. economy under Trump. Idaho has 4 electoral votes. Just saying.

Donald Trump gave his unqualified daughter (& husband) security clearances. Then gave high paying jobs to children (+ spouses & girlfriends) with taxpayer & donor $$. Now Donald’s trying to make his campaign about what money Joe Biden’s son may have made off his dad’s name?

Since Donald Trump is still so obsessed w/ crowd sizes & ratings perhaps we could remind him inauguration day is all about the new President. But if Donald gives retirement speech & leaves early after Nov 3. might be best ratings ever. And DC might throw the biggest parade ever.

Numbers games…

October 22, 2020

Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 by only 44,292 votes.

To put this in perspective, Citizens Bank Park only holds 42,792. So we’re talking only about as many people who show up during a big game to boo the Phillies.

If your vote didn’t matter, Trump and Republicans wouldn’t be trying so hard to stop you?

Baseball break: Joe Buck during in game World Series interview to Clayton Kershaw “Well done last night, my friend.” Aren’t announcers supposed to at least pretend to be impartial?

This would be a really good time for Colin Kaepernick to say he was wrong to say voting doesn’t matter. Just saying.

As COVID-19 daily deaths spiked over 1,000 again and hospitalizations are rising across the country, especially in the Midwest…Trump defends himself by saying he brought back Big Ten football. Next Donald will want thanks for hospitals showing games in ICU.

Not that I miss her, but while Karen Pence, Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff are all on the campaign trail for their spouses, Melania Trump hasn’t campaigned for her husband yet. Maybe the check bounced?

San Francisco supervisors unanimously voted to pass the “CAREN Act” that makes racially-motivated phone calls to 911 illegal.

While I support this Act, on behalf of nice women I know named Karen can we somehow change the acronym in 2021 to be the “IVANKA act?”

So as COVID-19 cases spike while the Senate focuses on ramming through a SCOTUS nominee, the House GOP is trying to investigate Joe Biden’s chartering an Amtrak train

GOP claims Joe Biden PAYING to charter an Amtrak train may have resulted in service issues and delays? While Donald Trump flies Air Force One around as a campaign prop to several airports a week, thereby effectively shuttering those airports for hours.

So Donald Trump’s DNI Ratcliffe wants us to believe foreign powers are interfering with election to help Joe Biden. Right, because everyone knows the best way to help Biden is to threaten voters unless they vote Trump?

Now Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham wants an investigation into ActBlue….

I’ve donated to Jaime Harrison, but it’s not just flipping one seat; If we somehow vote Graham out but don’t get a Blue majority, thet new Judiciary Chair could be TED CRUZ. Now are you scared enough to vote?

WTAF? Donald Trump was desperate enough to have an interview with sportwriter Jason Whitlock. And Whitlock called Antifa “modern day KKK.”

No, if Antifa were the modern-day KKK Donald would be wanting their endorsement

Always try to spend a little time each day checking out Fox News website. Very educational today. Didn’t realize Hillary Clinton was running for re-election with Hunter Biden.

Trump on Wednesday night complained at his rally “For years you had a President who apologized for America…” So has Donald’s goal for last several months been to leave Joe Biden an America he has to spend much of his first term apologizing for?

Remember college deadlines? Papers were harder – needed work to get written. Tests were easier -were going to happen no matter how much work you did. Nov. 3 election will be a mix… it’s going to happen, but more work we do now, better grade for democracy.

If you watched Barack Obamaspeak today

…remember what it was like to have a President who inspired you. …remember what it was like to have a President who made you proud to be American

…remember what it was like to have a President.


Personal fouls?

October 20, 2020

At the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, students have been issued a stay-at-home order, but it will not affect varsity sports, including and especially football. (Michigan, which broke their single day COVID record yesterday, opens their college football season this weekend by traveling to Minnesota, where they broke the case record last Friday.)


The President of “the Washington Football Team, Jason Wright, said there’s a “Pretty good chance” the team has no official name in 2021.

Well, that’s okay. In 2020 Washington got the Redskins name off their football team. And soon they’ll have the Trump name off the White House.

Riddle me this. “What’s the difference between the election and Trump’s healthcare plan?

The election is actually coming in two weeks.

Going to keep saying this….. the media now would “both sides” a Möbius strip.

Dr. Fauci quoting “the Godfather” is one of those rare glorious 2020 moments: In brushing off latest Trump attack Fauci says only cares about addressing the virus “That other stuff, it’s like in ‘The Godfather’: Nothing personal, strictly business as far as I’m concerned.”

Melania Trump says she canceled her first campaign appearance in months with Donald because she has a “lingering cough”, and out of an abundance of caution, she will not be traveling today.” Lingering effects of COVID-19 might last longer than that marriage after Nov. 3.

Trump ad-libbed at his rally that if Joe Biden is elected, he will be too boring for people to even care about government. Who’s with me on dreaming of ‘boring?”

Rachel Maddow sadly points out that 31 state are in the “red zone” for COVID-19. Two states that aren’t…. New York and California. Maybe THAT’s why Trump just attacked them.

Okay, who had “Trump picking fights with 60 Minutes AND Dr. Fauci” two weeks before the election on their 2020 batshit bingo card?

So you think Donald Trump has already called Bill Barr to demand DOJ stop that 60 Minutes interview from airing?

Well, as much time as Trump is now spending talking about Hunter Biden and China, your reminder that Donald is a walking talking illustration of Freud’s theory of projection.


World serious?

October 20, 2020

So as World Series starts Tuesday night, thanks to Fox not showing the playoffs on until game seven of the NLCS, and no Tampa Bay games that I can remember all year, can anyone name a Tampa Bay Ray?

(And no, Evan Longoria doesn’t count. He’s now on the Giants)

Two Michigan State football players were arrested for alleged misdemeanor assault in September, and one also had a misdemeanor “drunk-and-disorderly” charge. Yeah, can’t imagine why any of these young men might engage in risky behavior during a pandemic.

If you were watching Monday Night Football and were unaware, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is one of Donald Trump’s biggest NFL supporters.Who knew karma might be a football fan?Carry on.

As bad as the COVID-19 death tolls might be, remember after 9-11 when we had no idea how many first-responders and others in NY would end up with fatal illnesses years later? Not that Donald would take responsibility for those deaths either.

Apparently stung by reports Joe Biden is raising more $$$ than him, Trump today said “I’d be greatest fundraiser in history- all I’d have to do is call up every Wall Street firm & major company in U.S…. but if I do that I’m totally compromised.”

Besides Vlad would be jealous.

As Trump campaigns in Arizona thinking not only did Cindy McCain endorse Joe Biden, even Barry Goldwater would probably have endorsed Joe Biden.

Now Fox News is gleefully headlining the story about Jeffrey Toobin and his zoom dick call. Stupid indeed not to be more careful on a video call. But I’d rather have a man touching himself at work than doing the same to female coworkers. #RogerAiles

Lost in tales from the swamp: Donald Trump, after Orange County fundraiser flew BACK to Las Vegas rather than staying in California, just so he could bill taxpayers for his entourage staying 2nd night at his Vegas hotel. Grifters gonna grift.

Rachel Maddow with the gold standard of advice on polls, “if you do care strongly about what’s going to happen” with election “Prognosticate less, speculate less, vote and volunteer and donate more. Do the things you can do.” Pass it on. And do what you can.

Worse and worser?

October 19, 2020

In a year where nothing feels normal, suppose there is some comforting consistency in realizing that the 2020 NY Jets ALWAYS suck.

(Marc Ragovin – I’m not saying NY Jets coach Adam Gase is desperate, but he just proposed injecting all the players with hydroxychloroquine”.)

Meanwhile, on the other hand, in their sixth game of the year, the NY Giants won their first game of the season. And they are only now one game in the win column out of first place in the NFC East.

So while they’re working on their analytics in the offseason perhaps the Atlanta Braves could find time for baserunning drills?

Late-career Aaron Rodgers did a serious late-career Brett Favre impersonation today.

Non-political/sports post. Made hard-boiled eggs with great Anthony Bourdain recipe where you put eggs in water, bring water to a boil, immediately remove from heat, cover pot & let it sit 10 minutes before putting eggs in ice water (or adding ice to the water.)

Can confirm a watched pot DOES boil. But too damn slowly.

Carry on.

NY Times reports “Some midlevel aides on (Trump) campaign have begun inquiring about employment on Capitol Hill after election, apparently under assumption that there will not be a second Trump administration for them to serve in.” Well, Starbucks is probably hiring.

So I realize this was several outrages ago. But whatever happened to all those dismantled and discarded mail sorting machines?

Trump today referred to the Paris Climate Accord and “Prime Minister Macron.” Emmanuel Macron is PRESIDENT of France. Maybe Donald thinks Macron is also Prime Minister of Paris?

Too little too late…. but if GOP Senators really want to distance themselves from Trump, a nice start would be to say they don’t think they can vote before the election to confirm his sham SCOTUS pick.

Republican Party really needs a John McCain right now. At least Cindy McCain has more cojones than all the GOP in the Senate.

For example, GOP Senator John Cornyn said his relationship with Trump is “like women who think they’re going to change their spouse & that doesn’t usually work out very well.”

But as Amy Klobuchar said last week “enough is enough.”

Hey, GOP cowards, in a bad marriage, divorce IS an option.

In Trump’s America, 2 sitting governors are subjects of kidnapping plots. Most respected man in US regarding COVID-19, Dr. Fauci, has been getting death threats. Donald won’t denounce any of it. We’re better than this. But to prove it we need to #VOTE

On Fox News, Pete Buttigieg said Donald Trump is a “destabilizing force” and “president who is incapable” of handling COVID-19 pandemic. Pete, you had me at “a president who is incapable.

Does Donald Trump realize every time he deliberately mispronounces Kamala’s name – (it’s comma-la) he not only isn’t helping his own cause, he’s making women angry, even those who aren’t big Harris fans?

Headline in conservative UK Daily Mail “Generous Trump puts wad of cash into collection box at mask-free church service in Vegas before California fundraiser.” “Generous?” Donald just had an expensive stay at his own hotel paid for by taxpayers & he gives $100 or so to a church?

Trump had Mike Love’s band, which licensed the Beach Boys name, for a fundraiser. Despite Brian Wilson objecting.

So sharing lyrics 15 days from Nov 3.

“You know it seems the more we talk about it.

It only makes it worse to live without it

But let’s talk about it Wouldn’t it be nice?

President Joe Biden WILL be so nice.

In the lead.

October 18, 2020

SI.Com headline “Nick Saban Adds to His Legacy With Victories Over No. 3 Georgia, and COVID-19 in Same Week

So as bettors look at the odds for CFB Playoff winner, does Las Vegas have an option to bet on COVID-19?

Florida football coach Dan Mullen just he has tested positive for COVID-19. Today’s game against LSU had already been postponed. But last week Dan Mullen called for 90,000 fans in the stadium.

I guess mean b*tch karma was listening.

(Assist to Florida Governor Ron De Santis.)

Baseball digression. Watching NLCS and ALCS where managers regularly change pitchers who are doing well because of pitch counts and analytics makes me grateful again that I got to be an SF Giants fan during Bruce Bochy and Madison Bumgarner era.

Random pandemic thought: After several months cooking still can be interesting and fun some of the time – but there is absolutely positively nothing interesting and fun about laundry.

Now that Donald Trump is talking about leaving the country if he loses, dare we hope he will pack up and slink out of town like the Baltimore Colts in the middle of the night?

As Trump talks about leaving the country, suppose it hasn’t occurred to him that Putin is as kind to those who are no longer useful to him as Donald himself has been to former staff and supporters.

Trump on National Guard attacking protesters in Minneapolis “When you’re watching everybody getting pushed around, there’s something very beautiful about it.” Let’s be honest – Donald would have approved of National Guard doing to protesters what Chauvin did to George Floyd.

Quote obtained by @MollyBeck of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel before Trump rally. “This entire pandemic is a hoax,” said Brandon Rice of Eau Claire. Is someone keeping a file of these quotes to use at people’s memorial services?

ICYMI – Donald Trump’s next hate rally is tomorrow in Carson City, Nevada. The reason… so Donald can bill taxpayers one more time for an expensive stay for himself and entourage at money losing Trump Las Vegas hotel.

Dammit, Minnesota, you better vote for me,” Trump told his supporters in Muskegon.” Muskegon is in Michigan.


Against the odds….

October 17, 2020

I know stopping Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS confirmation is a long shot. But what odds could you have gotten with the best in AL Rays up three games to 0 on the below .500 Astros on ALCS getting to game seven?

RBG wouldn’t give up.

Neither should we.

As SF Giants fan, was disappointed when Will Smith turned down an offer from Giants to sign with the Braves. A little less disappointed when Smith in relief melted down against the Dodgers Friday night.

University of Florida already had their football game tomorrow against LSU canceled, now SEC has postponed Oct 24 game against Missouri, as per ESPN Gators had “at least 21 players & coaches test positive for COVID-19.” I missed Governor Ron De Santis tweet taking credit.

SEC commissioner today said conference schools could be penalized up to $1 million for not following COVID-19 in-game protocols – $1 million. A drop in the bucket of the football budget. Although for academic departments that would be real money.

Looks like Joe Biden fans did to NBC ratings last night what Saints fans did to Super Bowl ratings after New Orleans got shafted in 2019.

Trump attacks Biden for mixing up “two Crime Bills,” saying Joe “didn’t have a clue.” Meanwhile Donald can’t remember COVID test, claims he doesn’t know who Q-Anon is & retweets satirical site “Babylon Bee” as fact…. Trump couldn’t BUY a clue, especially being $400 in debt.

GOP Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who is reportedly considering a 2024 Presidential run, said he “voted for Ronald Reagan” because he couldn’t support Trump or Biden. So Hogan thinks Americans would choose him as President because he can make the really tough choices?

In Florida, Trump unveiled plan to distribute vaccine to nursing homes, telling seniors “The light at the end of the tunnel is near.” Except there IS no COVID-19 vaccine & US cases are rising. So the light at the end of the tunnel is the light from an oncoming train.

But on a more optimistic note, Trump at a rally today, on what could happen if he loses to Biden – “Maybe I’ll have to leave the country. I don’t know.”

One word – promise?

Open note to media which clearly has become addicted to the Trump daily train wrecks. Perhaps someone could come up with a “Keeping up with the Trumps” reality show starting in 2021? Assuming it could be aired from prison.

The NY Post story that Biden got upset about is the equivalent of “Rudy Giuliani told me you were beating your wife, when did you stop?

Joe Biden once this week pronounced Harris’s name Camel-a instead of Comma-La. Meanwhile GOP Sen. David Perdue says “Kah-ma-la, or Kah-mah-la, or Kamala-mala-mala — I don’t know, whatever.” Fox News headline. “GOP senator, Biden both botch name – guess who media slams?”

You might see headlines California GOP removed illegal ballot drop boxes. Well, GOP says they have removed boxes labeled “official” but will continue to use dozens of other boxes without labels. On Trump claims of voter fraud, once again Freud NAILS projection. #BidenCoalition

Ivanka Trump went to a Graeter’s Ice Cream in Ohio, “where she waited in line…behind at least 2 other people” to order “cookies’n cream” cone She waited about 1% as long as some people do to vote. Oh yeah, and she didn’t even think to order one of Graeter’s amazing flavored chocolate chip ice creams? Not sure which is worse.

As these hate rallies get more deranged, how long until Trump calls for the impeachment of President Hillary Clinton?

“Getting rid of Obamacare is why they’re rushing to get this nominee through the Supreme Court.” Joe Biden is right. And it would be bad enough if GOP had a lesser plan to replace it. Trump and the GOP have NO plan.

Lastly, I’m not voting for Joe Biden because he’s an expert on everything. I’m voting for Joe Biden because he’ll LISTEN to the experts on everything.

Late innings.

October 15, 2020

Apparently before he went to bat in the bottom of the ninth in a time game, the Astros’ Carlos Correa told Houston manager Dusty Baker “walk-off.” And then he hit a game-winning home run. ESPN then reported “he and Baker enjoyed an extended embrace, during which Correa admitted that he said, “I f—ing told you.”

Great story. Except Dusty is 71 years old. Not thinking he should be hugging ANYBODY.

Can SF Giants take credit for Braves’ performance in the postseason so far now that Atlanta has picked up San Francisco’s former clubhouse ambassador of fun – Kung Fu Panda.

Am I allowed as an SF Giants fan to say I am almost beginning to feel sorry for Clayton Kershaw?

CNN reports “The Trump administration has rejected California’s request for a disaster declaration for six destructive wildfires, including a massive central California wildfire that has become the single largest in state history.”

Can Trump just run for President of the Confederacy and be done with it?

“I believe we’re rounding the corner,” Trump said of COVID tonight in Miami. Today’s COVID totals, over 64,000 new cases, the most since July, and again over 1,000 deaths. So maybe, rounding the corner – but the wrong way and straight into oncoming traffic.

Some Fox News headlines don’t even need punchlines: “Ingraham: Bidens family’s ‘get-rich-quick schemes’ should be disqualifying.”

Justin Trudeau just said the American-Canadian border will be closed indefinitely until U.S. gets coronavirus under control.

Are we tired of winning yet?

Trump on election: “We’re leading in N. Carolina. Poll just came out. Think we’re leading everywhere where people are intelligent, actually.”

Uh, recent Pew Research Poll had Biden up 10%. Up 20% w/ college graduates & 40%(!) among those w/ post graduate degrees.

Ted Cruz complained today about Democrats still making speeches trying to block Amy Coney Barrett. This is same Ted Cruz who read “Green Eggs & Ham” for over 5 hours on Senate Floor to try to block Obamacare. Cruz really needs to be part of the minority party.

Amy Klobuchar is all of us listening to Ted Cruz.

So now, instead of COVID relief, besides ramming through SCOTUS judges, GOP led Judiciary Committee will be voting on subpoenas NEXT WEEK to subpoena Jack Dorsey over Twitter blocking a questionable NY Post story. This is not normal. Or right We need to Flip The Senate

It does take a special kind of stable genius to refuse to do a virtual debate, demand an equal time Town Hall with NBC when Joe Biden accepts an invitation for a Town Hall with ABC… and then start complaining about your Town Hall as soon as you get your demand accepted.

Sometimes I love living in California – Got this email today, after registering for ballot tracking with the country “Hello Janice Hough, This is a message from County of Santa Clara Registrar of Voters. Your ballot for the 2020 General Election was received and will be counted. Thank you for voting!”

Sign sign, everywhere a sign.

October 14, 2020

Today Florida Gators coach Dan Mullins apologized for yesterday’s statement where he wanted 90,000 fans in attendance this weekend in Gainesville against LSU, and said he really wasn’t trying to demand increased attendance.

“I certainly apologize if I offended people.”

Later today the Gators had to cancel the game due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Does mean bitch Karma count as a person?

Also today, coach Nick Saban and the Alabama athletic director tested positive for COVID-19 We are about nine days away from the proposed start of Big-10 football.

NFL has canceled this year’s Pro Bowl. Gosh, I’ll really miss playing in a meaningless game in Las Vegas during a pandemic said absolutely no one in the league.

Who knew Braves pitchers might have an harder time getting outs from Dodgers in the first inning than Democratic senators had getting answers out of Amy Coney Barrett in SCOTUS hearings?

(Dodgers scored 11 runs in the first.)

Senator Ben Sasse gets Coney Barrett to agree it’d be “inappropriate” for “cheating” Houston Astros to get umpire to change rules just for them in elimination game. Except GOP did cheat Merrick Garland, IS now losing & trying to change SCOTUS confirmation rules just for their team.

“I want to start out again by reminding people at home that this isn’t normal.” Amy Klobuchar at SCOTUS hearings. Evergreen statement in Trump world.


Questions Barrett wouldn’t answer. Is voter intimidation a crime? (Klobuchar) Is it wrong to separate children from their parents? (Booker) Is climate change real? (Harris)

Question she does answer – Who does the laundry in your house? (Kennedy)

So what is Amy Coney Barrett going to tell her children tonight if they ask her about why she thinks it’s okay to take other children from THEIR mother?

Cory Booker references the discussion Barrett had with Klobuchar, asking if Barrett has ever waited 5 hours to vote, or even 1 hour. And actually answered, she has not. Heck, Barrett probably waits longer at Starbucks than she does to vote.

Not that it matters in the end, but again, RBG died Sept 18. Trump said Sept 22 he was getting close to a decision, but Barrett said in her Senate questionnaire Donald offered & she accepted job the day they met – Sept 21. Why didn’t someone ask Barrett which of them was lying?

So I assume reporters are keeping video clips of Trump supporters at these rallies saying things like “If I die, I die,” or “I might as well get it and get it over with.” They can be played at some of these folks’ memorial services.

Anyone who has ever had a child knows you cannot give into tantrums. Ever. Velveeta Voldemort threw a tantrum because debate commission wouldn’t allow him to risk Joe Biden’s life, again. And NBC told him “It’s okay Donnie, you can have your own uninterrupted hour.”

Apparently Maddow asked Harris “Are you as mad as everybody else is that NBC is doing a town hall with President Trump tomorrow instead of the debate at the same time that Vice President Biden’s going to be on ABC?” Kamala should have asked Rachel if SHE was mad.

Any way we can get a list of the sponsors who are buying ad time for NBC’s tantrum town hall with Donald Trump? I’d be more than happy to share it. Guessing a lot of us would be.

Down for the count?

October 14, 2020

Well, at least Dodgers fans can’t blame tonight’s loss on Kershaw.

In the #smallmercies category, SF Giants barely missing the playoffs does mean while I can multitask I don’t have to decide between obsessed with politics and the MLB postseason on days like this.

Meanwhile, former SF Giants relief pitcher Mark Melancon, now with Atlanta Braves, came in tonight in 9th, after Braves had already blown 3 runs of five run lead, and after an error, gave up a triple that was nearly a home run to cut the lead to 1 but got out of it to preserve an 8-7 Atlanta win.

Guess Melancon, a good guy who never did that well with SF, did at least bring part of Giants baseball to Atlanta – Torture.

ESPN reports that four days before the Gators were scheduled to play LSU, and coach Dan Mullen said he wanted 90,000 people in the stands in Gainesville, Florida has had to pause football operations, after 19 positive tests.

Gosh, if only God could send them a sign.

These senators who insist they are safe to be in Senate hearing room without masks for SCOTUS hearings, less that two weeks after being diagnosed with COVID-19, are NOT considered to be virus free.

In fact, based on their timing and admitted positive tests Oct 1-2, none of them would be allowed to spend a weekend in Massachusetts looking at fall foliage.

Marsha Blackburn gushes with praise for Amy Coney Barrett putting up with over 11 hours of questioning.Somehow I missed her and others giving the same praise to Hillary Clinton.

Mike Lee, who actually was diagnosed with COVID-19, about 11 days ago, is pontificating, loudly, without a mask, sending countless respiratory droplets into the air of the Senate chamber. Once again, four words, Pro Life My Ass.

Merrick Garland has two children. Not that Judge Garland got a chance for a hearing, but why do I think if he had, that praising Merrick for his parenting might not have been part of GOP line of questioning?

If GOP were as convinced that Amy Coney Barrett were as impartial as they are trying to convince Americans that she is, they wouldn’t be moving heaven & earth to try to confirm her before the election. Period.

Also, to me, it’s not whether we believe Barrett or not. Not whether she wouldn’t have been OK pick for conservative President. But by GOP’s OWN precedent of 2016, this nomination is illegitimate. Period. I’d feel differently if she were joining a court w/ Merrick Garland.

Rachel Maddow reports 97% (not a typo) of the 850,000 eligible voters in Travis County Texas, where Austin is located, have registered to vote this year. Maybe Trump shouldn’t have messed with Texas.

Donald Trump today to suburban women “Will you please like me?” Wow. Might be the first time Donald has asked any women for consent.

Amy Klobuchar just got Amy Coney Barrett to say publicly that she doesn’t believe Roe v. Wade is a super precedent.

But maybe even more surprising, Klobuchar gave Barrett a softball question on voter intimidation being illegal. Which I’m guessing was to lead into a tougher question. But sometimes in baseball and politics, the “waste” pitch turns out to be the one where you get that big strikeout.

(As in, how hard is it to say “voter intimidation is illegal?)

Air time…

October 13, 2020

Vanderbilt-Missouri game is 1st SEC football game postponed by COVID-19, because Vandy won’t have enough scholarship players due to positive tests/contact tracing. Vanderbilt considered Ivy League school of SEC, so were players being stupid, or more honest about tests?

As a height-challenged person, 5’3″, I’ve been a fan of Jose Altuve. But he was implicated in Astros sign-stealing scandal. And if the baseball gods were trying to send a message…well, zero errors in the regular season and three in the postseason, one that led to three unearned runs, well, the message might look a lot like that.

Drew Brees started out with a really tough start, with about 32 yards in the middle of 2nd quarter, and Saints down 20-3 points. Then New Orleans came back and won for the 2nd time out of 48 with Brees at QB when they were down 17 points or more.

But both amusing and painful that when asked, Drew too remembered the “Minnesota Miracle,’ where Saints also came back 17 point points to have the lead with a few seconds left.” (I have other words I’ve used and would use. other than “miracle.)

We often joke that that a player is so old he could almost be his opponent’s father. Tonight 19 years between Drew Brees & Justin Hebert. (And note to Tom Brady, Justin Hebert, 21 years younger than you, already knows this is how it’s done after a close tough loss…)

Civic lesson after Trump speech in Florida – “I’m just about best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico. You better vote for me, Puerto Rico. Residents of Puerto Rico do not have voting representation in the US Congress & are not entitled to electoral votes for president.

Kayleigh McEnany sent out a press release of a letter from Sean Conley saying the “President has tested negative on consecutive days.” It didn’t say “which” consecutive days.

Or even which month.

“They say I’m immune. I feel so powerful. I’ll watch into that audience, I’ll walk in there, kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women.” President P*ssy Grabber at his finest.

Trump tweets “Republicans should be strongly focused on completing a wonderful stimulus package for the American People!

First can we fire idiot in White House who tweeted this? “I have instructed my representatives to stop negotiating until after the election.”

So what is it with GOP and tests? Brett Kavanaugh wouldn’t take a lie detector test. Now Senate Judiciary Committee won’t take COVID-19 tests. The only reason to be afraid of tests is when you’re afraid of the results.

In 2018 if two Democratic Senators out of Bill Nelson, Claire McCaskill, Heidi Heitkamp, or Joe Donnelly had held onto their seats, we would not have this SCOTUS farce today. Your reminder how important it is we get it right this time.

I’m happy to concede that Amy Coney Barrett has a nice big family and that she has a happy marriage. THAT IS NOT THE POINT! This is a SCOTUS hearing, not a proposed remake of “Jon and Kate plus eight.”

It’s not that Amy Coney Barrett has been publicly against abortion & ACA in the past. Or even that she instantly accepted Donald Trump’s offer of SCOTUS nomination on Sept 21, less than 72 hours after RBG died. But she has lied about all three. That matters. Truth matters.

(Seriously. Amy Coney Barrett says being on SCOTUS “not a position I sought out & I thought carefully before accepting. Uh, Barrett already said Donald offered her position on Sep 21 & she accepted same day. So she’s starting out being as honest as Kayleigh McEnany)

Perfectly awful.

October 12, 2020

Bad news for the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos – due to positive COVID-19 cases, their Sunday game was postponed.

Worse news for the 0-5 Atlanta Falcons, their Sunday game wasn’t.

As a Saints fan, have to ask, why couldn’t the Minnesota Vikings have played the end of the last two playoff games against New Orleans like they did against the Seahawks on Sunday Night Football?

For that matter, why couldn’t the Seahawks, who scored an improbable TD at the end, have done that last season when with first and goal at the 1 against the 49ers, a TD would have given the Saints a bye?

Although is there a more schizophrenic team in the NFL in 2020 than the Raiders?

Congrats to the LA Lakers for winning an NBA Championship and surviving the bubble. Good timing too. By winning in game 6 they can get out of Orlando just before Donald Trump flies in tomorrow.

Dodgers fans will be able to watch and listen to NLCS games parked in their cars outside Dodger Stadium.With pre-pandemic traffic wasn’t that almost the way Dodgers fans had to listen at least to the first and last three innings anyway?

Since they have so much faith in Dear Leader, will Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, along with Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio meet Donald in Sanford tomorrow to shake his hand?

Donald Trump won’t release the date of his last negative COVID-19 test before he was diagnosed, won’t say now if he’s actually been tested since he was diagnosed, and he wants Joe Biden to debate him in person in 4 days? Two words. Yeah. Right.

All of this talk about her emails again. So will the Senate Judiciary Committee consider taking a break in their efforts to confirm Barrett so they can impeach President Clinton?

Trump reportedly will skip inaugural ceremony if Biden wins the Presidency. But will Donald leave Joe a note in the resolute desk….angrily scrawled in Sharpie?

If Trump went full Jim Jones and told his supporters actually to drink the Kool-Aid anyone but me increasingly thinking they’d go along with it?

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz on Meet the Press suggested testing Senate Judiciary Committee members for COVID 19 before Barrett’s confirmation hearings is just a “procedural game” & Democratic delay tactic. Wonder what Herman Cain thinks?

All eyes on Kamala Harris as the Senate confirmation hearings start tomorrow. But remember, Harris got Kavanaugh upset in his hearings, Amy Klobuchar got him to APOLOGIZE.

Maybe we as Democrats don’t focus enough on good things President Biden & a Democratic Senate will do. And there will be good things. But as great as your remodeling plans may be, when house is on fire, your first focus is putting the fire out.