So when we get to a point of convincing ourselves 2020 never happened will that mean we can vacate Dodgers World Series title?

Yeah, I admit, I don’t like the Dodgers. But let’s hope tonight’s World Series game doesn’t go down in history as the biggest super spreader event in sports.

But think back to SF Giants vs Padres in San Diego when Alex Dickerson had a presumptive positive test. They postponed two games until another test came back negative. Pretty darn sure they didn’t want to postpone the World Series. And had the Rays won game 6, game 7 wouldn’t have happened for a while.

(Another reminder, they’ve been closing the damn roof in Texas for no necessary reason except comfort. )

On other hand…. 72 pitches, 2 hits, 0 runs, & Rays pulled Snell in Game 6 of World Series. I don’t think Bruce Bochy would have dared even TALK to Madison Bumgarner on the mound in that situation. I love baseball. I hate analytics.

(and yes, I was mad BEFORE the next pitcher gave up the lead. I have witnesses!)

QB Trevor Lawrence now says he MIGHT stay at Clemson for his senior season rather than opting for NFL draft. Especially if Trevor thinks this year he might be drafted by the NY Jets?

Six days until election. And EVERYTHING Trump and his sycophant Postmaster General Dejoy will do until Nov 3 will be to destroy every bit of the reputation of USPS. If you haven’t voted by mail, vote in person.

Barack Obama said Donald Trump is “jealous of COVID’s media coverage.” Sadly, I think Obama is right.

There’s so little good news in 2020. But here’s a thought – if we just #VOTE in seven days we may never have to turn on TV to see one of Trump’s rally speeches again.

Melania Trump returned to the campaign trail today for a solo trip to Pennsylvania. So which one of Michelle’s speeches did she give?

Trump claims “It would be very, very proper & very nice if winner were declared on Nov. 3 instead of counting ballots for 2 wks, which is totally inappropriate.” Unless Joe Biden is leading on the night of Nov 3 in which case Donald will demand ballots be counted for weeks.

Trump says Kamala Harris won’t be the first woman President. Donald may or may not be right. But it sure as hell WON’T be Ivanka.

If Donald Trump really thought he was winning he wouldn’t be campaigning a week before the election in Nebraska. Period.

When you’ve failed at everything, when you’ve gone from bankrupting casinos to bankrupting the country the only closing message you know is a “closing down” message. Let’s close down this failed Trump show.

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