Need another reason as a Californian to root against the Dodgers. Los Angeles public health department says that fans celebrating Lakers and Dodgers in the postseason have probably continued to a rise in covid-19 cases.

Meanwhile, about Trump’s beloved Big Ten football…. Per ESPN “No. 9 Wisconsin might be down to its fourth-string quarterback after Chase Wolf tested positive for COVID-19, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Monday night.”

-Jared on Pence not quarantining despite staffers getting COVID “VP obviously has great knowledge about disease & pandemic, he knows right protocols & I have every confidence that he’s following those protocols.” Translation “he has access to same care as Trump so who cares?

If GOP thought most people in Wisconsin approve of what they are doing, they wouldn’t make it so hard for people who aren’t big cheeses to vote.

Amy Coney Barrett tonight “This was a rigorous confirmation process.” If Barrett really believes that then she should be impeached as too stupid to sit on the Supreme Court.

Nothing against Coney Barrett personally, but ABC takes longer for due diligence on the Bachelorette than GOP has done on this SCOTUS seat.

In case you had any doubt about GOP being complete and total wankers. (British term, very appropriate)

This tweet tonight from the House Judiciary GOP

@JudiciaryGOP · 6hAmy Coney Barrett, confirmed. Happy Birthday, @HillaryClinton!

Sad thought, if Hillary Clinton were President, GOP would probably would have been trying to impeach her over even 10,000 COVID-19 deaths.

Think it’s just Coney Barrett? No. Example – Justin Walker, nominated as Kentucky judge in June 2019, rated “not qualified” by ABA, but confirmed in Oct. This Sept. Trump nominated Walker to DC Court of Appeals & GOP Senate confirmed him for that too. We NEED to #FlipTheSenate

So what does Amy Coney Barrett tell her children when they come home complaining from school that “life is unfair?”

2020 – my 11th time voting in Presidential Election. In FIVE of them was my 1st choice from primary at top of ticket & 3 of those elections they were incumbent POTUS. But as Democrat I suck it up & vote Blue.

To all those who would rather lose than compromise, enjoy your Supreme Court.

Remember when we believed in “checks and balances?” “We the people” are now the checks and balances.

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4 Comments on “Courted.”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    The NY Jets Fan Hall of Fame is accepting nominations for the class of 2020. And most experts agree that this year the Paper Bag will finally get the nod.

  2. Marc Ragovin Says:

    The NY Jets Fan Hall of Fame is accepting nominations for this year’s class. And this year’s inductees will get to choose the brand of paper bag to appear on their plaques

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