Weakly through the weekend.

So I missed it, did the Vikings win or at least cover the spread against Bye Week?

Wisconsin’s new star QB tests positive for COVID-19 . Sigh. Starting Big Ten football during the biggest COVID-19 spike in parts of the Midwest ever.

I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.


World Series will at least last six games.

“I need to think something lasts forever, and it might as well be that state of being that is a game; it might as well be that, in a green field, in the sun.” A. Bartlett Giamatti.

Washington Post Headline “After bruising campaign, Biden emerges more popular.” Good for Joe, but compared to Donald, George W. Bush has emerged as more popular.

Washington State Department of Agriculture destroyed the first nest of “murder hornets,” by vacuuming the insects out of a tree.

Is that how we’re going to have to get the Trump family out of the White House?

So what is Trump’s fascination with suburban women?

Average age of Senators – 61.8 years. And Mike Pence, with at least 5 staffers positive for COVID-19 will be in Senate tomorrow. Can someone do a citizen’s arrest for reckless endangerment?

Of course in a perfect world we vote out Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. But just a net gain of four seats means taking away their gavels.

CNN actually compared Trump to Jimmy Carter. Not even close. Jimmy is a good and decent man, and has been a great ex-president. Can anyone imagine Donald doing ANYTHING good after he leaves office?

If you knew NOTHING about two candidates & parties in another country’s election, but you knew one was trying to encourage a record turnout & the other wanted to suppress as many votes as possible… choice would be easy. That’s OUR choice.

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