Bang the trash can slowly?

Houston Astros thinking… okay, so we stole signs, we didn’t risk infecting people with a life-threatening disease.

Mookie Betts on Justin Turner disobeying an order and returning to World Series celebration on the field AFTER a 2nd confirmed COVID-19 test “Forget all that. He’s part of the team. We’re not excluding him.” This may age well. Whatever Dodgers say, science always bats last.

A COVID-19 surge, which has affected Wisconsin’s coach, top QB and 3rd string QB, among others, has forced the cancellation of this weekend’s Wisconsin-Nebraska game.

I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

Just started wondering, how much of Trump’s trying to suppress COVID-19 testing is to keep U.S. official cases under 10,000,000 by election day?

Even if Senators in YOUR state aren’t up for re-election, just imagine Senate where Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio are in minority, and Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, and Sherrod Brown are committee chairs!

Amy Klobuchar on CNN points out Barrett did NOT recuse herself on SCOTUS election decision, but said she hadn’t had time to review files. Which means Barrett still is leaving open option to do what Trump put her on court to do.

How much do we long for a day when CNN will have NO “Breaking News?

As stock market has fallen precipitously this week, reminder House passed Heroes Act months ago & Senate Democrats BEGGED Mitch McConnell to focus on COVID-19 relief instead of court packing. A blue Senate won’t magically fix everything. But it will be a start.

Not a paid campaign strategist but…. Thinking that a Presidential re-election strategy of telling people to die for the stock market loses some of its potency when that President’s failures tank the stock market.

So the real reason Trump is campaigning in Arizona today? It allowed him to funnel more taxpayer $$$$ to his money losing Las Vegas hotel by staying there last night. While his own supporters spent hours out in the Nebraska cold.

It gets worse. After billing taxpayers for a stay in his Las Vegas hotel last night, Donald Trump is spending tonight at his Doral resort in Miami. So has Donald given up on the election in favor of just lining his pockets as much as he can while he still can?

Since Donald Trump seems so hellbent on making as much money as he can before leaving office, perhaps President-Elect Biden could make him a deal…. leave in mid-November, let Joe take over, and taxpayers will cover his Mar-A-Lago expenses until January 20, 2021?

Pretty sure Joe Biden won’t bill taxpayers $3 for a glass of water at his hotels. Oh that’s right, Biden doesn’t HAVE hotels.

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