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In the lead.

October 18, 2020

SI.Com headline “Nick Saban Adds to His Legacy With Victories Over No. 3 Georgia, and COVID-19 in Same Week

So as bettors look at the odds for CFB Playoff winner, does Las Vegas have an option to bet on COVID-19?

Florida football coach Dan Mullen just he has tested positive for COVID-19. Today’s game against LSU had already been postponed. But last week Dan Mullen called for 90,000 fans in the stadium.

I guess mean b*tch karma was listening.

(Assist to Florida Governor Ron De Santis.)

Baseball digression. Watching NLCS and ALCS where managers regularly change pitchers who are doing well because of pitch counts and analytics makes me grateful again that I got to be an SF Giants fan during Bruce Bochy and Madison Bumgarner era.

Random pandemic thought: After several months cooking still can be interesting and fun some of the time – but there is absolutely positively nothing interesting and fun about laundry.

Now that Donald Trump is talking about leaving the country if he loses, dare we hope he will pack up and slink out of town like the Baltimore Colts in the middle of the night?

As Trump talks about leaving the country, suppose it hasn’t occurred to him that Putin is as kind to those who are no longer useful to him as Donald himself has been to former staff and supporters.

Trump on National Guard attacking protesters in Minneapolis “When you’re watching everybody getting pushed around, there’s something very beautiful about it.” Let’s be honest – Donald would have approved of National Guard doing to protesters what Chauvin did to George Floyd.

Quote obtained by @MollyBeck of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel before Trump rally. “This entire pandemic is a hoax,” said Brandon Rice of Eau Claire. Is someone keeping a file of these quotes to use at people’s memorial services?

ICYMI – Donald Trump’s next hate rally is tomorrow in Carson City, Nevada. The reason… so Donald can bill taxpayers one more time for an expensive stay for himself and entourage at money losing Trump Las Vegas hotel.

Dammit, Minnesota, you better vote for me,” Trump told his supporters in Muskegon.” Muskegon is in Michigan.