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October 2, 2020

Anderson Cooper is live now on CNN. Having a five month baby probably at least has him in the habit of being up at 3am.

Scary thought. So how close did potential super spreader COVIDiot Donald Trump get to Joe Biden Tuesday night?

Fully expect that Joe Biden as soon as he hears, will tweet serious well wishes to Donald and Melania Trump. It is who Joe is.

Have to ask, would this have happened if Trump listened more to Dr. Fauci than to Dr. Atlas?

She’s relatively young and presumably in a low-risk group. But how many people who have met with Trump this week have also met with Amy Coney Barrett? Another reason to shut this charade of a SCOTUS nomination process down.

Just realized, Donald was so rattled tonight in his tweet he didn’t call it the “China Virus.”

Oddly enough Donald Trump was heading to Florida tomorrow, where Governor Ron DeSantis has opened all bars and restaurant, and eliminated mask mandates.

And then Donald was going to Wisconsin Saturday, which has already become one of the biggest COVID-19 hotspots.

So for those states, small mercies.

How quickly things change. Earlier Thursday this was the big news: Even after a GOP state legislator got COVID-19 in late May, Republicans in Pennsylvania have been fighting Gov. Tom Wolf on masks. And now, PA House voting session cancelled because another GOP State Rep. tested positive this morning.

And it was about 12 hours before I wrote this that we were all worked about because Kayleigh McEnany referred to Rhodes College in Memphis graduate Amy Coney Barrett as a “Rhodes” scholar?

I miss slow news days.