Perfectly awful.

Bad news for the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos – due to positive COVID-19 cases, their Sunday game was postponed.

Worse news for the 0-5 Atlanta Falcons, their Sunday game wasn’t.

As a Saints fan, have to ask, why couldn’t the Minnesota Vikings have played the end of the last two playoff games against New Orleans like they did against the Seahawks on Sunday Night Football?

For that matter, why couldn’t the Seahawks, who scored an improbable TD at the end, have done that last season when with first and goal at the 1 against the 49ers, a TD would have given the Saints a bye?

Although is there a more schizophrenic team in the NFL in 2020 than the Raiders?

Congrats to the LA Lakers for winning an NBA Championship and surviving the bubble. Good timing too. By winning in game 6 they can get out of Orlando just before Donald Trump flies in tomorrow.

Dodgers fans will be able to watch and listen to NLCS games parked in their cars outside Dodger Stadium.With pre-pandemic traffic wasn’t that almost the way Dodgers fans had to listen at least to the first and last three innings anyway?

Since they have so much faith in Dear Leader, will Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, along with Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio meet Donald in Sanford tomorrow to shake his hand?

Donald Trump won’t release the date of his last negative COVID-19 test before he was diagnosed, won’t say now if he’s actually been tested since he was diagnosed, and he wants Joe Biden to debate him in person in 4 days? Two words. Yeah. Right.

All of this talk about her emails again. So will the Senate Judiciary Committee consider taking a break in their efforts to confirm Barrett so they can impeach President Clinton?

Trump reportedly will skip inaugural ceremony if Biden wins the Presidency. But will Donald leave Joe a note in the resolute desk….angrily scrawled in Sharpie?

If Trump went full Jim Jones and told his supporters actually to drink the Kool-Aid anyone but me increasingly thinking they’d go along with it?

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz on Meet the Press suggested testing Senate Judiciary Committee members for COVID 19 before Barrett’s confirmation hearings is just a “procedural game” & Democratic delay tactic. Wonder what Herman Cain thinks?

All eyes on Kamala Harris as the Senate confirmation hearings start tomorrow. But remember, Harris got Kavanaugh upset in his hearings, Amy Klobuchar got him to APOLOGIZE.

Maybe we as Democrats don’t focus enough on good things President Biden & a Democratic Senate will do. And there will be good things. But as great as your remodeling plans may be, when house is on fire, your first focus is putting the fire out.

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