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Vanderbilt-Missouri game is 1st SEC football game postponed by COVID-19, because Vandy won’t have enough scholarship players due to positive tests/contact tracing. Vanderbilt considered Ivy League school of SEC, so were players being stupid, or more honest about tests?

As a height-challenged person, 5’3″, I’ve been a fan of Jose Altuve. But he was implicated in Astros sign-stealing scandal. And if the baseball gods were trying to send a message…well, zero errors in the regular season and three in the postseason, one that led to three unearned runs, well, the message might look a lot like that.

Drew Brees started out with a really tough start, with about 32 yards in the middle of 2nd quarter, and Saints down 20-3 points. Then New Orleans came back and won for the 2nd time out of 48 with Brees at QB when they were down 17 points or more.

But both amusing and painful that when asked, Drew too remembered the “Minnesota Miracle,’ where Saints also came back 17 point points to have the lead with a few seconds left.” (I have other words I’ve used and would use. other than “miracle.)

We often joke that that a player is so old he could almost be his opponent’s father. Tonight 19 years between Drew Brees & Justin Hebert. (And note to Tom Brady, Justin Hebert, 21 years younger than you, already knows this is how it’s done after a close tough loss…)

Civic lesson after Trump speech in Florida – “I’m just about best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico. You better vote for me, Puerto Rico. Residents of Puerto Rico do not have voting representation in the US Congress & are not entitled to electoral votes for president.

Kayleigh McEnany sent out a press release of a letter from Sean Conley saying the “President has tested negative on consecutive days.” It didn’t say “which” consecutive days.

Or even which month.

“They say I’m immune. I feel so powerful. I’ll watch into that audience, I’ll walk in there, kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women.” President P*ssy Grabber at his finest.

Trump tweets “Republicans should be strongly focused on completing a wonderful stimulus package for the American People!

First can we fire idiot in White House who tweeted this? “I have instructed my representatives to stop negotiating until after the election.”

So what is it with GOP and tests? Brett Kavanaugh wouldn’t take a lie detector test. Now Senate Judiciary Committee won’t take COVID-19 tests. The only reason to be afraid of tests is when you’re afraid of the results.

In 2018 if two Democratic Senators out of Bill Nelson, Claire McCaskill, Heidi Heitkamp, or Joe Donnelly had held onto their seats, we would not have this SCOTUS farce today. Your reminder how important it is we get it right this time.

I’m happy to concede that Amy Coney Barrett has a nice big family and that she has a happy marriage. THAT IS NOT THE POINT! This is a SCOTUS hearing, not a proposed remake of “Jon and Kate plus eight.”

It’s not that Amy Coney Barrett has been publicly against abortion & ACA in the past. Or even that she instantly accepted Donald Trump’s offer of SCOTUS nomination on Sept 21, less than 72 hours after RBG died. But she has lied about all three. That matters. Truth matters.

(Seriously. Amy Coney Barrett says being on SCOTUS “not a position I sought out & I thought carefully before accepting. Uh, Barrett already said Donald offered her position on Sep 21 & she accepted same day. So she’s starting out being as honest as Kayleigh McEnany)

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