Down for the count?

Well, at least Dodgers fans can’t blame tonight’s loss on Kershaw.

In the #smallmercies category, SF Giants barely missing the playoffs does mean while I can multitask I don’t have to decide between obsessed with politics and the MLB postseason on days like this.

Meanwhile, former SF Giants relief pitcher Mark Melancon, now with Atlanta Braves, came in tonight in 9th, after Braves had already blown 3 runs of five run lead, and after an error, gave up a triple that was nearly a home run to cut the lead to 1 but got out of it to preserve an 8-7 Atlanta win.

Guess Melancon, a good guy who never did that well with SF, did at least bring part of Giants baseball to Atlanta – Torture.

ESPN reports that four days before the Gators were scheduled to play LSU, and coach Dan Mullen said he wanted 90,000 people in the stands in Gainesville, Florida has had to pause football operations, after 19 positive tests.

Gosh, if only God could send them a sign.

These senators who insist they are safe to be in Senate hearing room without masks for SCOTUS hearings, less that two weeks after being diagnosed with COVID-19, are NOT considered to be virus free.

In fact, based on their timing and admitted positive tests Oct 1-2, none of them would be allowed to spend a weekend in Massachusetts looking at fall foliage.

Marsha Blackburn gushes with praise for Amy Coney Barrett putting up with over 11 hours of questioning.Somehow I missed her and others giving the same praise to Hillary Clinton.

Mike Lee, who actually was diagnosed with COVID-19, about 11 days ago, is pontificating, loudly, without a mask, sending countless respiratory droplets into the air of the Senate chamber. Once again, four words, Pro Life My Ass.

Merrick Garland has two children. Not that Judge Garland got a chance for a hearing, but why do I think if he had, that praising Merrick for his parenting might not have been part of GOP line of questioning?

If GOP were as convinced that Amy Coney Barrett were as impartial as they are trying to convince Americans that she is, they wouldn’t be moving heaven & earth to try to confirm her before the election. Period.

Also, to me, it’s not whether we believe Barrett or not. Not whether she wouldn’t have been OK pick for conservative President. But by GOP’s OWN precedent of 2016, this nomination is illegitimate. Period. I’d feel differently if she were joining a court w/ Merrick Garland.

Rachel Maddow reports 97% (not a typo) of the 850,000 eligible voters in Travis County Texas, where Austin is located, have registered to vote this year. Maybe Trump shouldn’t have messed with Texas.

Donald Trump today to suburban women “Will you please like me?” Wow. Might be the first time Donald has asked any women for consent.

Amy Klobuchar just got Amy Coney Barrett to say publicly that she doesn’t believe Roe v. Wade is a super precedent.

But maybe even more surprising, Klobuchar gave Barrett a softball question on voter intimidation being illegal. Which I’m guessing was to lead into a tougher question. But sometimes in baseball and politics, the “waste” pitch turns out to be the one where you get that big strikeout.

(As in, how hard is it to say “voter intimidation is illegal?)

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