Sign sign, everywhere a sign.

Today Florida Gators coach Dan Mullins apologized for yesterday’s statement where he wanted 90,000 fans in attendance this weekend in Gainesville against LSU, and said he really wasn’t trying to demand increased attendance.

“I certainly apologize if I offended people.”

Later today the Gators had to cancel the game due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Does mean bitch Karma count as a person?

Also today, coach Nick Saban and the Alabama athletic director tested positive for COVID-19 We are about nine days away from the proposed start of Big-10 football.

NFL has canceled this year’s Pro Bowl. Gosh, I’ll really miss playing in a meaningless game in Las Vegas during a pandemic said absolutely no one in the league.

Who knew Braves pitchers might have an harder time getting outs from Dodgers in the first inning than Democratic senators had getting answers out of Amy Coney Barrett in SCOTUS hearings?

(Dodgers scored 11 runs in the first.)

Senator Ben Sasse gets Coney Barrett to agree it’d be “inappropriate” for “cheating” Houston Astros to get umpire to change rules just for them in elimination game. Except GOP did cheat Merrick Garland, IS now losing & trying to change SCOTUS confirmation rules just for their team.

“I want to start out again by reminding people at home that this isn’t normal.” Amy Klobuchar at SCOTUS hearings. Evergreen statement in Trump world.


Questions Barrett wouldn’t answer. Is voter intimidation a crime? (Klobuchar) Is it wrong to separate children from their parents? (Booker) Is climate change real? (Harris)

Question she does answer – Who does the laundry in your house? (Kennedy)

So what is Amy Coney Barrett going to tell her children tonight if they ask her about why she thinks it’s okay to take other children from THEIR mother?

Cory Booker references the discussion Barrett had with Klobuchar, asking if Barrett has ever waited 5 hours to vote, or even 1 hour. And actually answered, she has not. Heck, Barrett probably waits longer at Starbucks than she does to vote.

Not that it matters in the end, but again, RBG died Sept 18. Trump said Sept 22 he was getting close to a decision, but Barrett said in her Senate questionnaire Donald offered & she accepted job the day they met – Sept 21. Why didn’t someone ask Barrett which of them was lying?

So I assume reporters are keeping video clips of Trump supporters at these rallies saying things like “If I die, I die,” or “I might as well get it and get it over with.” They can be played at some of these folks’ memorial services.

Anyone who has ever had a child knows you cannot give into tantrums. Ever. Velveeta Voldemort threw a tantrum because debate commission wouldn’t allow him to risk Joe Biden’s life, again. And NBC told him “It’s okay Donnie, you can have your own uninterrupted hour.”

Apparently Maddow asked Harris “Are you as mad as everybody else is that NBC is doing a town hall with President Trump tomorrow instead of the debate at the same time that Vice President Biden’s going to be on ABC?” Kamala should have asked Rachel if SHE was mad.

Any way we can get a list of the sponsors who are buying ad time for NBC’s tantrum town hall with Donald Trump? I’d be more than happy to share it. Guessing a lot of us would be.

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