No game…

Since NLDS series were both sweeps, no MLB baseball today, a foreshadowing of winter. Those gaps in postseason always remind me of A. Bartlett Giamatti. “It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart.”

I miss the days when sports were our regular biggest “heartbreak.”

Florida football coach Dan Mullen now wants a full stadium for the Gators game next week in Gainesville against LSU. 90,000 fans.

If Mullen gets his wish can we call it the COVID bowl?

After Mississippi State lost 24-2 (not a typo) to Kentucky, coach Mike Leach said “We’re going to have to check some of our group and figure out who really wants to play here, because any malcontents, we’re going to have to purge a couple of those.”

Watching COVID-19 cases spike in South, and considering that next week’s opponent, Texas A & M, just knocked off #4 Florida, guessing the number who “really want to play here” now, might make filling a roster difficult.

Georgia WR George Pickens got an unsportsmanlike penalty today for squirting water from a bottle on Tennessee QB Jarrett Guarantano. And college athletes are the young men we expect to be grownup enough to take precautions against spreading COVID?

Reports that people attending Trump’s Evita balcony impersonation today at the White House got reimbursed for travel and hotel costs. The real question – will they get reimbursed for their future medical costs?

Profiles in smarmy cowardice: John Bolton attacking Donald Trump on CNN as “dangerous,” but adds that he’s not endorsing Joe Biden, he’s going to “write in the name of another Republican.” And this man supposedly was making really tough decisions on behalf of our country?

If there’s any truth at all hidden in Trump doctor’s statement that Donald is no longer contagious, it’s that White House is admitting Trump was infected far earlier than admitted and hadn’t been tested- probably for a while, before his debate with Joe Biden.

Ever considered visiting Massachusetts for fall foliage? This year you can’t do it without a proof of valid & recent COVID-19 test. Of course, without such a test you could come to DC as Senator to confirm SCOTUS judge or be a President & travel for big unmasked rallies.

Negative COVID-19 tests required to get on some planes, travel to many countries, even travel w/o quarantine to some states. Negative test also required to play college or professional sports. But GOP doesn’t think negative test is required to show up for Senate SCOTUS hearings?

Now a report that George W. Bush will endorse Joe Biden. So what nasty nickname will Donald come up with for W?

Colin Jost on SNL talking about Donald Trump being one of the only people to have have a near death experience and learn nothing from it. Colin Jost clearly knows nothing about Steve Scalise.

As the media tries to “both sides” with this court packing question, why don’t they go after Mitch McConnell who actually HAS been court packing since Obama was President?

Donald’s balcony speech was supposed to be 30 minutes. It lasted less than 20. Most of Trump’s speeches go long. Challenge even a MAGA supporter to come up with a plausible excuse why if he were healthy Donald would give up free airtime.

So when mothers have to put their children to bed hungry because there’s no COVID relief bill, GOP expects they can just comfort the kids with a bedtime story about a new SCOTUS judge? If you already didn’t KNOW we need to Flip the Senate.

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