Over the fence and out.

Okay, was never a Yankees fan and especially not an Aroldis Chapman fan. But if you need another reason to be happy about the Rays winning – Imagine how happy FOX will be about losing even the possibility of Yankees in World Series…. #Ratings

Mike Brousseau, who hit the game-winning home run off Chapman, was buzzed by a 101 MPH Aroldis threw near his head on on Sept 1. Mike said “it’s not about revenge.”

The best revenge includes saying it wasn’t about revenge.

NY Jets players & coaches sent home this morning after a presumptive positive player test for COVID-19, but it turned out to be false positive.

I suppose I shouldn’t make a joke about well, who really thought Jets players could catch anything?

Second Presidential debate originally scheduled for Miami next week has been canceled. So how many flies had to cancel vacation travel plans to Florida?

If Trump has found the cure to COVID-19 why hasn’t he given it to Chris Christie so his friend can get well and out of the hospital?

Headline that “Nine people who attended Trump rally in Minnesota contracted coronavirus.” Uh, after “Minnesota” and before “contracted” insert “admitted.”

Remember, Dear Leader said “if you don’t have a test, you don’t have a case.”

Meanwhile Trump is hosting a White House event Saturday.

I didn’t know the Masque of the Red Death had a sequel.

I like Senators and Presidents who aren’t afraid of taking COVID-19 tests.

Rumors are flying that Lindsey Graham has COVID-19. Lindsey got his debate canceled tonight when Jaime Harrison simply asked him to take a rapid test before going on stage, and Graham refused.

A wise journalist friend once responded when asked why a politician was repeatedly dodging a question – “Because he must feel the truth is more damaging than any speculation.”

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sent good wishes and prayers last week to Trump when he was in the hospital. Now Donald, who never acknowledged those kind words, is back to the insults. Build Back Better isn’t just for our economy. It’s for our nation’s soul.

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