Hard count?

So who had “Tom Brady losing track of downs at the end of the game” on their 2020 batsh*t bingo card?

Although he clearly held up 4 fingers for what would have been “5th down,” Tom Brady denies he lost track of downs on Tampa Bay’s last possession Thursday night against Bears. Wonder if just to be sure, Sean Payton buys a pocket counting device before MNF for Drew Brees?

As Miami Marlins were embarrassingly swept out of the NLDS, only good news for team might be that with all their postseason games in afternoon, many sports fans probably won’t even realize they were playing.

I know it’s not currently cool to root for the Astros after the cheating scandal. But if anyone in baseball deserves a ring, it’s Dusty Baker. Life is complicated.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ruled Harris County w/ 4.7 million can have ONE ballot drop box. To put this in perspective, Palo Alto, California, where I live, has a population of 66,000, & FOUR ballot drop boxes. And Santa Clara County, population 1.9 million has about 90 drop boxes.

Trump thinks a doctor’s note will make it okay for Joe Biden to debate him in person. The same doctor who says Donald is 6’3″ and 244 lbs? Two words. Yeah. Right.

Open note to GOP Senators who might be having 2nd thoughts about Trump / McConnell’s efforts to ram through SCOTUS pick: Hearings should have been no sooner than after election BEFORE WH COVID-19 outbreak. But if you want to use health over conscience as an excuse, fine by me.

Lindsay Graham apparently doesn’t want to take a COVID-19 test before debating Jaime Harrison tomorrow night. Bad enough that Graham plays golf with Trump, now he’s emulating Dear Leader in playing with people’s lives.

Fox News asks Donald Trump Thursday “Do you feel contagious?’ This is like cops pulling people over who are weaving all over the road and asking “Do you feel drunk?”

Trump also told Fox’s Maria Bartiromo “I’ll be tested very soon.” As soon as he releases his beautiful health plan?

So the suspects who allegedly wanted to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitman met in… a hidden basement? The only way it would be more perfect is if it were the basement of a pizza parlor.

Let’s see, attacking Gov. of Michigan after plot was revealed to try to kidnap & maybe kill her, then blaming Gold Star families for his COVID-19. So Donald Trump now plans to win without votes of either women or military?

You know who wouldn’t condemn a plot to kidnap and potentially kill a rival? Vladimir Putin.’

So let me get this straight. Since next Presidential Debate has been turned to a virtual format, Donald Trump won’t do it because it’s a “joke.”

But Donald has no problem having Senators question his SCOTUS nominee in a virtual format for a lifetime appointment?

Reports are that vulnerable Senate Republicans are now trying to hold onto their seats by distancing themselves from Trump. Too late. To paraphrase Colin Powell, it’s time to apply Pottery Barn rule of democracy – You break it, you own it.

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