Fly on the wall?

Side note. Good night for Yankees to have most Americans watching VP debate instead of ALDS game against Rays.

Rough night for Fox. Pence at best had a draw in debate which won’t move the needle much in the election. And worse the Yankees are now one game from elimination. #Ratings.

Once again why does ANYONE care what Rick Santorum thinks? (ICYMI, he lost his Senate re-election bid by 18 points.)

Really love the GOP theory that Hillary conspired with Russia to lose the election so Democrats could smear Donald Trump. Are they all delusional on steroids?

Look who cracked the top 10 in COVID-19 case increases for the past week – District of Columbia + 47%

I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

Three GOP Senators w/ COVID-19, several others in quarantine. Mitch McConnell on DC now “I do think there have been risky behaviors, but not in the Senate.” Fixed it for him “but not on the Democratic side of the Senate.” Which is soon to be the majority side.

Legendary former Seminoles coach Bobby Bowden, 90, has COVID. Also, FSU said university president John Thrasher, who attended Oct 3 football game against Jacksonville State, has tested positive. I missed Governor Ron DeSantis tweet taking credit.

Susan Collins complained Sara Gideon is “trying to convince the people of Maine that somehow I am no longer the same person.” Well, maybe because since Trump got into office, Collins IS no longer the same person.

Same Trump campaign that figured they could get suburban women’s votes by “threatening” them with visits by Beto O’Rourke and Cory Booker probably figureed that having a man interrupt & talk down to his female opponent was a good VP debate strategy.

“I will not sit here and be lectured by the Vice President.” Kamala Harris.

How much will we all be glad not to be lectured any more by this Vice President?

But so a week from now will anyone remember anything from #VPDebate except the fly?

Great idea, the fly swatter, already sold out. Hey, maybe unlike Trump signature the fly swatters could be sold on Ebay for big $$$. (How jealous would that make Donald?)

In all seriousness, we know COVID-19 is airborne. The fly had no trouble getting around the plexiglass. Kamala Harris needs to be tested again, regularly, and probably distanced for a while from Joe Biden.

And now VP Pence plans to hold in-person campaign event at Central Florida’s Villages, largest 55 & over community in US, largely white, and traditionally conservative. In a state expected to be close, is it really good idea to try to kill off your supporters?

US death toll now over 211,000, as Trump now calls COVID-19 a “blessing from God.” You know, I remember when we thought only primitive societies believed in the myth of human sacrifice.

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