Worse and worser?

In a year where nothing feels normal, suppose there is some comforting consistency in realizing that the 2020 NY Jets ALWAYS suck.

(Marc Ragovin – I’m not saying NY Jets coach Adam Gase is desperate, but he just proposed injecting all the players with hydroxychloroquine”.)

Meanwhile, on the other hand, in their sixth game of the year, the NY Giants won their first game of the season. And they are only now one game in the win column out of first place in the NFC East.

So while they’re working on their analytics in the offseason perhaps the Atlanta Braves could find time for baserunning drills?

Late-career Aaron Rodgers did a serious late-career Brett Favre impersonation today.

Non-political/sports post. Made hard-boiled eggs with great Anthony Bourdain recipe where you put eggs in water, bring water to a boil, immediately remove from heat, cover pot & let it sit 10 minutes before putting eggs in ice water (or adding ice to the water.)

Can confirm a watched pot DOES boil. But too damn slowly.

Carry on.

NY Times reports “Some midlevel aides on (Trump) campaign have begun inquiring about employment on Capitol Hill after election, apparently under assumption that there will not be a second Trump administration for them to serve in.” Well, Starbucks is probably hiring.

So I realize this was several outrages ago. But whatever happened to all those dismantled and discarded mail sorting machines?

Trump today referred to the Paris Climate Accord and “Prime Minister Macron.” Emmanuel Macron is PRESIDENT of France. Maybe Donald thinks Macron is also Prime Minister of Paris?

Too little too late…. but if GOP Senators really want to distance themselves from Trump, a nice start would be to say they don’t think they can vote before the election to confirm his sham SCOTUS pick.

Republican Party really needs a John McCain right now. At least Cindy McCain has more cojones than all the GOP in the Senate.

For example, GOP Senator John Cornyn said his relationship with Trump is “like women who think they’re going to change their spouse & that doesn’t usually work out very well.”

But as Amy Klobuchar said last week “enough is enough.”

Hey, GOP cowards, in a bad marriage, divorce IS an option.

In Trump’s America, 2 sitting governors are subjects of kidnapping plots. Most respected man in US regarding COVID-19, Dr. Fauci, has been getting death threats. Donald won’t denounce any of it. We’re better than this. But to prove it we need to #VOTE

On Fox News, Pete Buttigieg said Donald Trump is a “destabilizing force” and “president who is incapable” of handling COVID-19 pandemic. Pete, you had me at “a president who is incapable.

Does Donald Trump realize every time he deliberately mispronounces Kamala’s name – (it’s comma-la) he not only isn’t helping his own cause, he’s making women angry, even those who aren’t big Harris fans?

Headline in conservative UK Daily Mail “Generous Trump puts wad of cash into collection box at mask-free church service in Vegas before California fundraiser.” “Generous?” Donald just had an expensive stay at his own hotel paid for by taxpayers & he gives $100 or so to a church?

Trump had Mike Love’s band, which licensed the Beach Boys name, for a fundraiser. Despite Brian Wilson objecting.

So sharing lyrics 15 days from Nov 3.

“You know it seems the more we talk about it.

It only makes it worse to live without it

But let’s talk about it Wouldn’t it be nice?

President Joe Biden WILL be so nice.

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