World serious?

So as World Series starts Tuesday night, thanks to Fox not showing the playoffs on until game seven of the NLCS, and no Tampa Bay games that I can remember all year, can anyone name a Tampa Bay Ray?

(And no, Evan Longoria doesn’t count. He’s now on the Giants)

Two Michigan State football players were arrested for alleged misdemeanor assault in September, and one also had a misdemeanor “drunk-and-disorderly” charge. Yeah, can’t imagine why any of these young men might engage in risky behavior during a pandemic.

If you were watching Monday Night Football and were unaware, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is one of Donald Trump’s biggest NFL supporters.Who knew karma might be a football fan?Carry on.

As bad as the COVID-19 death tolls might be, remember after 9-11 when we had no idea how many first-responders and others in NY would end up with fatal illnesses years later? Not that Donald would take responsibility for those deaths either.

Apparently stung by reports Joe Biden is raising more $$$ than him, Trump today said “I’d be greatest fundraiser in history- all I’d have to do is call up every Wall Street firm & major company in U.S…. but if I do that I’m totally compromised.”

Besides Vlad would be jealous.

As Trump campaigns in Arizona thinking not only did Cindy McCain endorse Joe Biden, even Barry Goldwater would probably have endorsed Joe Biden.

Now Fox News is gleefully headlining the story about Jeffrey Toobin and his zoom dick call. Stupid indeed not to be more careful on a video call. But I’d rather have a man touching himself at work than doing the same to female coworkers. #RogerAiles

Lost in tales from the swamp: Donald Trump, after Orange County fundraiser flew BACK to Las Vegas rather than staying in California, just so he could bill taxpayers for his entourage staying 2nd night at his Vegas hotel. Grifters gonna grift.

Rachel Maddow with the gold standard of advice on polls, “if you do care strongly about what’s going to happen” with election “Prognosticate less, speculate less, vote and volunteer and donate more. Do the things you can do.” Pass it on. And do what you can.

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