Out of order, again

I blame Trump

Forgot to hit send on Thursday night jokes.

Chicago White Sox have hired 76 year old Tony LaRussa as manager. So they’re making a play to win the 2012 World Series.

It’s enough that many coaches are the age of their players’ parents. Tony is probably older than most of their grandparents.

Was rowing coxswain some years back. When it got close to end of race & everyone was exhausted, one of my favorite lines was “It will hurt less if we win.” That’s how I feel less than 100 hours until Nov 3. We’re all exhausted, but it will hurt less if we win.

Maybe for some it was funny when Trump attacked NY & Calif, while threatening to withhold funding from Blue States. But now clear w/ his Superspreader rallies & lack of concern for natural disasters that Donald doesn’t give a damn about Red States either.

Trump postpones his North Carolina rally this afternoon due to high winds. But still, after not tweeting a warning can’t be bothered to send good wishes to RED states affected by Zeta.

Not saying Joe Biden will be perfect, he won’t be. But he will be a President for all 50 states.

Just once I’d like to get an email from a campaign saying… we’re doing great on fundraising, thanks for your support, so please donate to someone else.

Not that I miss him but anyone seen Bill Barr?

Commercial tonight falsely accusing Democrats of being “far left:” “Republicans aren’t perfect but they’re the only ones who can bring America back.” Uh, remind me who’s running the country?

Weather might be a factor. But just wondering, as Trump has been pushing Republicans to vote in person, if this results in actual lines might some of them give up and go home on Election Day?

Melania campaigns w/ Donald, says Trump “focusing on creating ways for people to safely stop isolating & safely gathering w/ friends at safe distance.’ In front of “about 6,000 unmasked people packed so tightly they were sprayed w/ water to keep them cool.” There is no satire.

Trump today claimed at his rally that “we locked down and now we’re open for business.” Well, hospitals and mortuaries for sure.

Dr. Deborah Birx reportedly decided in late summer that she wouldn’t sit in meetings any more with Dr. Scott Atlas and went out on her own to try to fight COVID-19 Good for her I suppose, but why didn’t Dr. Birx speak out?

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  1. Paul Moertl Says:

    Love your column Keep up the good work!pmo

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