Lesser options?

If you’re not excited about either candidate winning in some political races , there’s always the distraction of Sunday Night Football – the 2-5 Dallas Cowboys are playing the 2-4-1 Philadelphia Eagles.

And they’re playing to take the lead in the NFC East.

At the end of the first half, an all-out physical brawl erupted at midfield between Florida & Missouri football players. But sure, these young men are mature and disciplined enough to play football during a pandemic.

So as Trump ignores Dr. Fauci and relies almost completely on Scott Atlas, would really love to ask Donald’s supporters – if you have a heart attack, would you turn down surgery from a cardiac specialist in favor having it done by a nonpracticing former radiologist?

2 days before the election and Donald Trump is up late rant tweeting and supporting Maxine Waters’ GOP opponent in her California congressional race ??! Rep. Waters won in 2018 with only 77.7% of the vote. #Sad

Joe Biden at a speech in Detroit calls Donald Trump “Putin’s puppy.” Now that’s insulting. To puppies.

Love “no f*cks to give” Barack Obama. At a rally for Joe Biden, while castigating Trump for his obsession with crowds sizes, Obama asks “did nobody come to his birthday parties or something?”

Yea, it shouldn’t have to be so hard. But someday, if our grandchildren ask what we did to help America survive 2020, part of the answer should be “I voted.”

Donald Trump in today’s speech claims we’re going to put a woman on the moon. Even as a woman who was a space junkie as a little girl, thinking yeah THAT’s going to matter to suburban women in the middle of a pandemic….

Trump late night tweet “Suburban Women are trending strongly to our campaign because they want SAFETY, SECURITY & love the fact I terminated the REGULATION that would destroy their neighborhood..” “Siri, what is the largest Presidential election voting gender gap in US history?”

As we set clocks back tonight wishing we could postpone it one week. Because I’d really like that extra hour to be able to say President-Elect Joe Biden.

Melania Trump today campaigning for her husband “The United States is a shining city upon a hill.” Wow, someone snuck a Reagan speech into her speechwriter’s stack of Michelle Obama notes?

Trump loves to tout his pet doctor Scott Atlas’s Stanford credentials, even though the former radiologist’s former colleagues at University largely disown him. But now survey saying Donald’s rallies cause COVID-19 cases & death is from…Stanford. Pass the tainted popcorn?

Silly limerick time, because… why not?

We’re mostly now way beyond tired.

So long in Trump’s mess we’ve been mired

But there’s light through the haze.

In a couple of days.

As our votes will tell Donald “You’re Fired.”

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